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  1. sure but a halftrack doesn't have hatches... nuttin' but blue sky above...
  2. So I have an M3A2 with a driver only. There are no target commands available. I put two more guys in the vehicle and I then get the target commands. I set a red target line. But the MGs don't fire!? What am I doing wrong? The orientation of the vehicle seems OK at least for the front ring mounted MG. The target is valid since the red line sticks. What animation (if any) should I be seeing? Do the ptruppen stand up and operate the MGs? My guys just stay seated in the vehicle.
  3. I've got Reshade working nicely with the GOG version of CMBB. Is there anybody else who has ventured down this path and has a good configuration that they'd like to share? There's a *lot* of options to tweak...
  4. Let me know if I can help. We have a moderately full Christmas agenda but some spare time too... I need to look at all the different maps one way or another.
  5. I see from other forums that people have made pdf compilations of the set of available QB maps for some CM2 games. Eg this post: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/126849-qb-map-pdfs/ Does such a pdf exist for CMBN? It seems like a useful thing to have. I take it that there is no *quick* way to look through all the maps? Loading each *.btt file in the scenario editor and rendering the map by previewing is the only option?
  6. Wow, yes... "Combat Mission Normandy - the Missing Manual". With a convenient Executive Summary on page 41. Mind you, the part about using light aircraft to forward-observe artillery would be good to have in the game. The amount of pain needed to get my FOs into positions that have both i) cover and ii) LOS might be reduced by that.
  7. I believe I did wait a while, but I'll have another go and observe the results more carefully. That game is still going on and that mortar team is currently sitting somewhere in the rear, having a... um... smoko... because they've run out of HE. I wanted Smoke of War but seem to have ended up with Fog of War...
  8. There's a couple of threads about this so I'll just note that the problem of getting "Out of Range" messages when trying to fire smoke from 2" mortars is still there. See the attached picture .
  9. Excellent! Like that backbone of the internet, the Apache web server, so-called because it is a patchy server... http://xahlee.info/UnixResource_dir/open_source_rewrite_history.html
  10. This behaviour is definitely still in CMBN 4.01. I saw it last night on two occasions when teams who were pinned, but as safe behind soft terrain as they were ever likely to get, proceeded on the next wego turn to a) run out in front of the cover and b) move *towards* the enemy. Needless to say they were Mentioned in Dispatches... under the f***wit section...
  11. I'd like to be able to create a little table that told me what I could expect from the various move commands when the move-ee encounters opposition. The general advice I've picked up from this forum, for example, is that scout movement orders should usually end with a short hunt 'n' hide command so that if they get fired on they will stop and go to ground. I've understood that to imply that units will generally try to fulfil 'quick' and 'move' commands. This matches my experience so far - units moving with quick or move always *seem* to want to go to their destination when fired on although they can pause and return fire too unless the short target arc trick is used to prevent them from engaging. Units that are pinned don't keep moving and units whose morale completely cracks when fired on retreat - I've seen that too. Also is the thing that matters whether the unit has identified who is shooting at them as opposed to just receiving fire from an unknown location? It is possible AFAIK for my unit to a) receive fire from a completely unspotted enemy b) receive fire from a question mark c) receive fire from a spotted unit. Sounds like this makes a real difference? Just how smart is the tac AI when fired on?
  12. This discussion of the characteristics of the various move orders is great stuff. I might start a separate topic on it as I have a few more questions. On the MG42 my so-far limited experience in the game suggests that when set up on the sustained fire tripod, LOFs are easier to find.
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