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  1. T34/85s in first battle Road to Berlin. Turrets on vehicles 1 and 3 are green, tank treads vehicle 2 not snow covered.
  2. Just completed Between the Two Farbahns. One of my Dragon teams was 3 for 3 on Soviet Tanks. At end of battle, when looking over map, they were not credited with any kills. Another team was 1/3 and they too received no credit for their kill. Did not notice anything out of place with the kill totals for the other units on the map, admittedly I did not look them over as critically.
  3. Follow up to my earlier post. I think darkness starts falling at about 2 minutes into the scenario (quite abruptly I might add) and the darker snow I saw is due to "night-time" conditions starting. The screen shot below shows a portion of the map under normal lighting conditions (at top), and then with enhanced night brightness (ALT-B at bottom). It looks better with ALT-B engaged and it appears that there may besome sort of issue with some of the roof and building wall textures under night conditions (and possibly the high stone walls) that makes them look quite bright (maybe staying a
  4. This happened near start of second battle in the To Berlin campaign, partway during second turn (1:58 - 1:57). Snow changed from white to grey as if covered in coal dust.
  5. I just installed over the original installation. And then activated using my license code. Game loads up fine though I have not played a scenario yet. Nice westher and wife wants me to do some spring yard work.
  6. I get the following error message when I try to unzip the downloaded installer using WinZip. So I downloaded the file again this morning with the same error message (though I noticed the name of the zip file had changed overnight). I tried unzipping with another program and it would not open the file. In total I have completed three downloads all with the same end result. Running a PC with WIN 10/64 fully up to date. Seems no else has reported the same issue, so what could possibly be going on at my PC?
  7. Can be uploaded via the FGM. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-final-blitzkrieg/cm-final-blitzkrieg-scenarios/rittersprung-h2h/
  8. Chuckdyke. Then if that is the case, I should never have been able to get that gun to fire, but on occasion, my passengers did man the gun and shoot with it (on other vehicles, not the one shown). And in those cases, when the passenger squad was highlighted, the GUI showed one of the passengers armed with a big 50 cal. MG. So it can be done, but it seems pretty random,like hitting a bunch of keys haphazardly until something works.
  9. I ws given about 6 of these things, 4 in one isolated area that woould need tobe defended by them.And I cannot say now after the scenario is ended, but Ithink it safe to say they all would have had various experience levels and varied leadership modifiers. And I did load up passemgers to man the gone with mostly no effect (i.e.,never firing). And when I was targeting things, it was infantry at a 200-300 m distance, or greater. I just could not figure out what I nneded to do to get them to shoot.
  10. I just finished a CMBS scenario as the Americans and I had about a half-dozen of these small armored cars. My question is how do you get them to actually fire their machine gun at anything? The driver does not fire it obviously, and while I loaded passengers into the AC (HQs, ammo teams, half squads, etc.). Getting anyone to fire the 50 cal. MG was next to impossible. I tried opening up the vehicle, opening up the passengers, not opening them up, and seemed to get some of them to maybe fire, sometimes (I would estimate 10% or less of the time when I tried to get these things to shoot).
  11. That is what I was going to suggest as well. If you double click on an HQ, all the teams under their command are highlighted. If you give a movement order to the HQ, or any member of the command (while all remain highlighted), that movement order gets added to everyone's existing movement orders. So if you select on any squad and tell them to move quickly 20 m east, that 20 m east quick command is added onto all the highlighted units movement orders. You need to make sure that if you highlight a bunch of teams that you unhighlight the group (click on open ground or a non-highlighted u
  12. Thank you. The drop box folders had already been deleted previously. But there were orphaned game files in the respective incoming/outgoing e-mail folders. Removing those files has cleaned things up. Thanks,
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