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  1. Glad to hear this thread led to a solution for you as well Erwin.
  2. No. I originally only loaded and activated CMFR and when that did not work I loaded and activated 1.03, and that did not work and then I loaded and activated the big bundle. As I completed the activations, the green success "boxes: were added onto the success screen (shown with all three in an earlier screen shot). Anyway it seems to be working so not going to fret over this. Hopefully this helps out Erwin with his situation.
  3. Set up anti-virus not to load up during boot and that did not work. So uninstalled CMRT (via Windows Uninstall Software utility which opens up the BFC CMRT uninstall routine). Installed original version (1.03) and activated - that runs. Then installed big bundle version for CMRT. Did not activate with big-bundle key but tried opening game first. It opened. Shows 2.11, Game Engine 4 AND shows Fire and Rubble Module icon at lower left of splash screen. Checked scenarios and Fire and Rubble Scenarios are shown and loadable. Note that I uninstalled CMRT and re-installed itin sequence described above and had only used my original activation key. Did not use big bundle key or CMFR key. I am not going to activate the other two keys as I don't want to mess up something that seems to be working. Not sure why this worked out this way - maybe the uninstall CMRT process does not remove activation key in formation from somewhere deep inside Windows Registry system, or BFC has made it that my original activation key knows I have purchased everything CMRT up to CMFR.
  4. My original purchase was in Feb 2014 and is identified as CM Red Thunder - Engine 3. I downloaded the CMRT Version 2.11 Update (CMFR) in the past week and installed that on the laptop (fresh install) I entered license keys for CMFR, CMRT (3.0 engine) and Version 4 upgrade. My Purchase of CMFR in Jan. 2021 stated: CMRT Fire and Rubble Module - CMRT-M1V4 When I first tried to run this, all I had entered was the license key I received with the CMFR module purchase. Then tried it after activating the original license key from 2014 (Version 3). Then tried after activation of my version 4 upgrade (big bundle). No joy in any of the scenarios. Will be opening a ticket and see what happens.
  5. Have re-enabled Intel Graphics Card. Have updated Nvidia drivers. Have used Nvidia control panel to use the Nvidia 1050 chipset for both CMRT and CMCW. Have gone into power management and set to Max Perdformance (noting very little in way of options - none seen related to video card itself) CMRT continues to not load up - same behaviour as originally reported.
  6. Okay, it seems Intel Graphics was default. So I disabled in in device manager (attached). Tried again, got error message about needing 1024x768? (attached). Tried running Nvidia control panel and got an error message saying no NVidia display settings available? Huh?
  7. Okay - Upgrade 4 installed, but game still does not run. Checked Kaspersky and CMRT is treated as a trusted application. Now what?
  8. I downloaded the 2.11 file on Friday so thinking it was 4.0. Activated using both my original CMRT key and the CMFR key. And wasn't the version 4 upgrade to CMRT delayed as part of the CMFR package? I cannot locate a purchase of version 4 specific to CMRT but I do have version 4 big bundle. I will give that a try
  9. Installing CMRT on a laptop before a long trip. Downloaded and installed the 2.11 installer. Entered licenses for Fire and Rubble and original CMRT license. When I try to run game, I get a black screen for a second or two and then back in to Windows. Loading CMCW there were no install issues and that game appears to run. Running Kaspersky Total Security. Tried starting game with Kaspersky shut off with same result. What did I do wrong?
  10. T34/85s in first battle Road to Berlin. Turrets on vehicles 1 and 3 are green, tank treads vehicle 2 not snow covered.
  11. Just completed Between the Two Farbahns. One of my Dragon teams was 3 for 3 on Soviet Tanks. At end of battle, when looking over map, they were not credited with any kills. Another team was 1/3 and they too received no credit for their kill. Did not notice anything out of place with the kill totals for the other units on the map, admittedly I did not look them over as critically.
  12. Follow up to my earlier post. I think darkness starts falling at about 2 minutes into the scenario (quite abruptly I might add) and the darker snow I saw is due to "night-time" conditions starting. The screen shot below shows a portion of the map under normal lighting conditions (at top), and then with enhanced night brightness (ALT-B at bottom). It looks better with ALT-B engaged and it appears that there may besome sort of issue with some of the roof and building wall textures under night conditions (and possibly the high stone walls) that makes them look quite bright (maybe staying at daylight brightness?) while everything else is darkened, but then becomes okay when ALT-B is toggled.
  13. This happened near start of second battle in the To Berlin campaign, partway during second turn (1:58 - 1:57). Snow changed from white to grey as if covered in coal dust.
  14. I just installed over the original installation. And then activated using my license code. Game loads up fine though I have not played a scenario yet. Nice westher and wife wants me to do some spring yard work.
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