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  1. Can be uploaded via the FGM. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-final-blitzkrieg/cm-final-blitzkrieg-scenarios/rittersprung-h2h/
  2. Chuckdyke. Then if that is the case, I should never have been able to get that gun to fire, but on occasion, my passengers did man the gun and shoot with it (on other vehicles, not the one shown). And in those cases, when the passenger squad was highlighted, the GUI showed one of the passengers armed with a big 50 cal. MG. So it can be done, but it seems pretty random,like hitting a bunch of keys haphazardly until something works.
  3. I ws given about 6 of these things, 4 in one isolated area that woould need tobe defended by them.And I cannot say now after the scenario is ended, but Ithink it safe to say they all would have had various experience levels and varied leadership modifiers. And I did load up passemgers to man the gone with mostly no effect (i.e.,never firing). And when I was targeting things, it was infantry at a 200-300 m distance, or greater. I just could not figure out what I nneded to do to get them to shoot.
  4. I just finished a CMBS scenario as the Americans and I had about a half-dozen of these small armored cars. My question is how do you get them to actually fire their machine gun at anything? The driver does not fire it obviously, and while I loaded passengers into the AC (HQs, ammo teams, half squads, etc.). Getting anyone to fire the 50 cal. MG was next to impossible. I tried opening up the vehicle, opening up the passengers, not opening them up, and seemed to get some of them to maybe fire, sometimes (I would estimate 10% or less of the time when I tried to get these things to shoot).
  5. That is what I was going to suggest as well. If you double click on an HQ, all the teams under their command are highlighted. If you give a movement order to the HQ, or any member of the command (while all remain highlighted), that movement order gets added to everyone's existing movement orders. So if you select on any squad and tell them to move quickly 20 m east, that 20 m east quick command is added onto all the highlighted units movement orders. You need to make sure that if you highlight a bunch of teams that you unhighlight the group (click on open ground or a non-highlighted u
  6. Thank you. The drop box folders had already been deleted previously. But there were orphaned game files in the respective incoming/outgoing e-mail folders. Removing those files has cleaned things up. Thanks,
  7. Ian. After deleting games being tracked by WTII they are still showing up on my main screen, with grey circles. How do I get those to disappear permanently?
  8. They would appear to be different books (see attached). I cannot comment on how much different they are from each other.
  9. My card is also compromised. By downhill skiers or snowboardersso it appears. About $1700. Thanks Canuck Gamer for posting this as it made me check my credit card statement online this morning.
  10. Ian:

    I get this message from Kaspersky when trying to install Whose Turn Is It.

    I question why there would be malware in the installer program,or at least something that Kaspersky thinks is bad, and as it has been terminated and removed, does this affect running Whose Turn Is It?  I have left the install waiting at this point


  11. Thanks Iwas able to successfully move CM off of C and cleared about 21 GB of space. The data files were already on D:since when I originally set up windows I made sure My Documents, pictures, Videos would be saved on my D:/Data drive. Just windows and some software on C: Clearing up the space still did not fix my photoshop problem which irks me because I have 64 GB of RAM and scratch disks. But that is for the Photoshop forum folks to helpme with. Thanks
  12. I need to clear up some space on my Windows boot drive (C:) as it is getting full and that may be causing me some grief with running Adobe Photoshop. I can see that I have 21.3 GB of drive space being used by Battlefront and I am asking if I can move or delete any of these files to free up some space on my c: drive. I have tons of free space on a multitude of other drives and in fact the way I originally set up Windows 7 to run was with my user account on the D: drive (My Documents, Desktop, Games, etc.). It would appear that CMBN, CMFI, and CMRT are saved onto my D: Drive (not shown h
  13. As of yesterday I am receiving this error message from CMH and don't know what to do to have it go away, nor if it actually affects the functionality of the application (see attached screen capture-which does not attach. Error message is "Oops, couldn't update my CM version catalogue, so CM 'Installation Info' might be out of date"). I loaded the CM games onto my laptop and also set up Dropbox on the laptop while continuing to return PBEM game turns on my main PC. I could see that Dropbox on my laptop was being updated with no problem as I was changing game files on my main PC. The prob
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