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  1. ok, got 'em working- thanks to umlaut, w.a.a ('ollie'), and everyone for the help, thanks to falaise for this mod- it really 'fills out' a lot of my favorite maps and makes woods, bocage, etc. that much more immersive. this game and its community are both pretty damned amazing! cheers, rob
  2. it would probably be simpler to ask if anyone knows of maps with a lot of 'brush' to try this with- huh? lol. cheers, rob
  3. thanks, umlaut. i've downloaded and unzipped it, but when i opened up the 'drive on the drei jensweg' ( i didn't even try to spell that, but you know what i mean...) and dont see any change. what am i missing? does that map just not have any brush tiles? please be patient with a poor noob with his questions, etc. i love seeing stuff like this that helps the game look its best. cheers, rob
  4. these really are beautiful, would really improve bocage maps as well as some of the wooded m.g. maps. nice
  5. would these drop into already created maps or are for scenario designers only? cheers, rob
  6. could it have something to do with northern europe sas jeeps having armor glass shields for the driver and gun mounts, with possible inadvertent in-game crossover to normal jeeps ? ( not sure if that makes sense, but it's a thought...) cheers, rob
  7. 'cropped' mod might work too, considering steve's (and the other 3) lack of erm...stature. cheers, rob
  8. yeah, i read his thread yesterday and already have the mod downloaded. glad he fixed that, looked strange in an otherwise excellent mod. cheers, rob
  9. just out of curiosity, were green smle's a polish thing? cheers, rob
  10. now down to $7.99 at the above link for anyone who might be interested- just ordered mine. cheers, rob
  11. g.l. has been out- i believe this refers to a further italian module . also, although there are scenarios covering the fighting on the mountain, there are no accurate detailed scenarios available covering the third battle, which centered on cassino town and castle hill. i thought i saw mention that the new it. module would be containing at least one cassino scenario, which is why i commented on this thread. cheers, rob
  12. cool! not quite sure how the whole 'dropbox' thing works, though (and if the messages my pc keeps giving me are anything to go by mine (dropbox) hasn't got enough room in it and i need to buy more space). sorry- just not too tech savvy, and new to the gaming world. cheers, rob
  13. thanks, rocketman, i'll have to give these a close look and see if i can figure them out. t.b.h., totally new to mapreading, etc, not to mention tactical wargaming, so kinda figuring everything out as i go along... glad this forum is here to help! also, do you know if there's any maps available showing the locations of the main german strongholds in the town, and which fj units (or fragments) were holding each one ( as close as possible- i don't imagine anyone was keeping detailed records on march 15 or for a while afterwards). i've always been fascinated by the photos and footage of the fallschirmjager occupying the ruins of cassino town, and would love to see the 3rd battle -especially in the area of the 'hotel continental- done as a detailed map/scenario in cmfi/gl. again, thanks for the links and i look forward to going over them. cheers, rob
  14. hi, was wondering if anyone knew of ( was working on/ would be interested in making...) a map/scenario of the west arnhem area around the museum and st. elizabeth's hospital where the parachute battalions met their fates? the layout of the fighting (paras advancing down 2 parallel roads toward german defensive line and stugs, fire from high ground on left flank, also flak fire from the right flank across the river) would make for an interesting game, i think, though i'm not sure the tommys stand much of a chance . also wondering if it would be possible to have a mod made to provide some brit para pixeltruppen with maroon berets, and a glider pilot mod - 'belt order' webbing with just a pistol holster and also green bergan rucksacks- to visually i.d. them as glider pilots? if anyone would be interested in trying these projects i'd like to hear from them. cheers, rob
  15. off topic, i know, but does anyone have a similar resource for italy? looking for any detailed pre-war or wartime maps and images of cassino town before the bombing, but no luck so far. maybe this is why there's no sign of cassino town maps and scenarios in cmfi/gl? any help is much appreciated. cheers, rob
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