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  1. most of them do, just in french- tho i'm sure i saw a few english captions as well. cheers, rob
  2. the key to making them open full-window is to open image in new tab and then click to expand. at least it's working for me in firefox. cheers, rob
  3. i think i've read somewhere (wish i could be more specific...) that u.s. gi's who first saw the stg called it the 'ray gun' because of it's almost sci-fi looks. cheers, rob
  4. falaise- really loving this foliage mod, it brings the normandy maps to life more than just about any mod i've seen. it doesn't look too out of place in the market-garden maps, either. thanks for your work on this! cheers, rob
  5. do you mean the 'the year ahead bone post' in the r.t. forum or is there a new (from today) thread that give even more new info...(please....?) . loving the looks of the huge new berlin map! cheers, rob
  6. i,i,r,c, j.r.r.t. had a doctorate in icelandic epics, and worked quite a bit of norse lore and language into his writing. just sayin..... cheers, rob
  7. can rubble be added to the terrain, craters, mounds of debris? cheer5s, rob
  8. or was this done 'in-game', via an actual bombing/shelling campaign? i'm not sure how a lot of the mechanics work.... cheers, rob
  9. can that be done to any map, or is it one of your own? that's the only reservation i have about the new march25th cassino master map- it's not a bombed-out moonscape! lol cheers, rob
  10. wow- didn't know about these...beautiful work and very much needed. big thanks to sburke, htese must have taken a huge ammount of work. cheers, rob
  11. ok, got 'em working- thanks to umlaut, w.a.a ('ollie'), and everyone for the help, thanks to falaise for this mod- it really 'fills out' a lot of my favorite maps and makes woods, bocage, etc. that much more immersive. this game and its community are both pretty damned amazing! cheers, rob
  12. it would probably be simpler to ask if anyone knows of maps with a lot of 'brush' to try this with- huh? lol. cheers, rob
  13. thanks, umlaut. i've downloaded and unzipped it, but when i opened up the 'drive on the drei jensweg' ( i didn't even try to spell that, but you know what i mean...) and dont see any change. what am i missing? does that map just not have any brush tiles? please be patient with a poor noob with his questions, etc. i love seeing stuff like this that helps the game look its best. cheers, rob
  14. these really are beautiful, would really improve bocage maps as well as some of the wooded m.g. maps. nice
  15. would these drop into already created maps or are for scenario designers only? cheers, rob
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