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  1. is this campaign still available anywhere? looks interesting. cheers, rob
  2. thank you, m.j.k., these look great! love the striped djellabas and the mix of gear.my wife saw them and remarked "wow- they look fierce!". if she only knew.... cheers, rob
  3. wow! seriously- when will this be available, please? i was just gloating to self and wife how good the game was looking with all the mods and shaders i've collected. now i can't stand looking at my cmbn screen until i have this. i think i hate you, or something. amazing work and really incredible looking-thank you for doing this when will this be available, again? cheers, rob
  4. ahhh...i get it. well, glad to have the berets, then, lol. cheers, rob
  5. wow- this is nice! my favorite part is seeing paras with maroon berets, it actually gave me a bit of a lift in morale, having them. i do wonder, though, would it be possible to have a mix of 'cherry berrys' and airborne helmets on the paras? it looks as though some of the other 'rifle' units have a mix of berets and helmets, and one beret for every 3 or five paras, the rest wearing helmets, would look more realistic, i.m.h.o.. also very happy to see commandos actually dressed as commandos (battledress and green berets) rather thn wearing airborne uniforms, although later in the war denisson smocks were frequently worn by -commandos in holland and germany. once again, incredible work. thank you for the time and effort that you and all the other modders put into this game- it makes a big difference! cheers, rob
  6. never mind- i see it's 4 gb. cheers, rob rob
  7. downloading now- can't wait to see it! it must have been a hell of a job,. thank you! cheers, rob
  8. i think it's the soviet 'portable' 2way radio- they're a lot bigger than the allied or german equivalents . cheers, rob
  9. w&a- you're right about the 'matte' finish on the jerkins, they're supposed to be leather but they really dont look it. i've been thinking aout getting rid of the jerkins at least on the airborne troops in the mod- they really look out of place there. cheers, rob
  10. wow- this is really nice to see, not to mention the work that went into both the pdf and the original game maps. a big 'thank you' to both lt. bull and the individuals who made the mapwork for the game- top quality all round! cheers, rob
  11. most of them do, just in french- tho i'm sure i saw a few english captions as well. cheers, rob
  12. the key to making them open full-window is to open image in new tab and then click to expand. at least it's working for me in firefox. cheers, rob
  13. i think i've read somewhere (wish i could be more specific...) that u.s. gi's who first saw the stg called it the 'ray gun' because of it's almost sci-fi looks. cheers, rob
  14. falaise- really loving this foliage mod, it brings the normandy maps to life more than just about any mod i've seen. it doesn't look too out of place in the market-garden maps, either. thanks for your work on this! cheers, rob
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