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  1. That first scenario was beyond my skill level. Played on elite. After a couple of false starts, I finally completed it to a tactical defeat. (I save-scumed a couple of times out of frustration, but I always feel bit dirty doing that so eventually I just gritted my teeth and bulled ahead.) SPOILERS: It's been a while since I commanded such a low quality and brittle force: green troops and crews. They couldn't spot for anything. Every time I moved AFVs forward then unseen AT guns would start punching holes in them. If I moved my infantry forward then unseen SMG/MG teams would send them scampering. It wasn't until I was able to get my infantry forward enough to get sound contacts on those AT guns that I able to deal with them. Since artillery ammo has to last the entire campaign, I was begrudging of its use. So, other than a couple of short barrages that knocked-out two AT guns, I had to resort to very long-distance firing with tanks/SPs: 900-1300 meter area target firing by five or six vehicles firing at one suspected AT gun position. I eventually nailed them all, but I wasted way too much time doing it. At scenario's end, I saw some of those guns had 3-4 AFV kills. (They were really well sited and very hard to detect. I remember when CMBN was first released there was a lot of complaining about how easy it was detect enemy AT guns. I know BF has made changes to that over the years and it certainly showed in this scenario.) Also, lady luck wasn't on my side: 1) One of my OBA barrages badly missed its target area and I had to call down another strike using-up precious ammo and time. 2) The 2nd Company didn't arrive until 30 minutes after its ETA. It then promptly lost two platoon commanders within minutes: one to a tree burst by friendly fire and another by a mortar strike. (Russian mortars inflicted quite a few casualties.) 3) My air support made a grand total of one appearance over the battlefield and as far as I could tell didn't do anything. 4) Didn't realize that the road was bordered by boggy terrain and lost two Stugs to immobilization. Within the first hour, my armored cars were mostly wrecks and the 1st Company a broken or rattled mess. That mostly green SS infantry was interesting: one MG 34 per squad and no platoon radio or assistant commander. C&C was tough or non-existent if the platoon commander caught it. Just a really brittle force. Also, trying to get them to spot anything was difficult despite every squad leader being equipped with binoculars. (I played the Broken Shields campaign prior to this one and the contrast between the quality of the forces in that campaign and this one is striking. It was a tough transition for me.) By the time I cleared the way of AT guns and MG nests, it was too late. I was only able to get a couple vehicles across the bridge before time ran-out. There was no extra time. As frustrating as it could be at times and despite how badly I did, I still had fun. It was a challenge. Undoubtedly, I was way too cautious about those AT guns, but I had a very difficult time trying to move anything forward without it being hit. Still, I enjoyed it. Anyway on to the next scenario.
  2. Understood. Fortunately, I've been able to cannibalize a lot of stuff from your other CMx2 UI mods. Ranks, branches, and some German vehicle silhouettes can be found in those other UI mods especially CMFB due to it having many of the late war German vehicles. There is still going to be stuff missing especially for the Soviets. However, it's good enough for now. (Plus, Mord's updated portraits for the SS and Luftwaffe made for R2V work fine in CMFR.) Hopefully, a third party will be allowed to update of your mod to include the missing equipment and vehicles like Ithikial did for R2V.
  3. It's always amusing to watch grown men acting like Veruca Salt:
  4. Hunt used to cause units using it to stop immediately upon taking any sort of fire. However, it was changed by one of the patches or upgrades to be more "robust" in that squads/teams using it would no longer immediately stop upon taking shots from unspotted enemies unless that fire really raised their suppression level. I can't say I'm a big fan of the change. It's been annoying watching scout teams on hunt keep moving forward despite bullets kicking-up around them.
  5. When CMBN was first released there was a lot of complaining about bailed-out AFV crews acting like John Rambos upon exiting their vehicles. Usually armed with several automatic weapons, it was not uncommon for a bailed-out AFV crew to immediately turn the tables on nearby opposing infantry. BF listened to the complaints and agreed that a likely disoriented and shocked AFV crew would not go into hero mode upon fleeing its vehicle. So, they upped both the chances of a crew being panicked upon bailing-out and the length of time to recover from that panic. Personally, I felt both changes were a big improvement over the earlier AFV crew behavior.
  6. That does sound great. More than I anticipated. I was very pleased when Steve told us that partisans made the cut which wasn't the case when this module's possible contents were first hinted. I am bit surprised that minor nationalities were even considered. Weren't we told years ago that BF had no inclination to go down the research rabbit-hole that those nations' TO&E would require? Further, after the apparent coding nightmare that was including various "minor" nation formations into Rome to Victory, I would think BF wouldn't dare want to touch the Finns, Romanians, or Hungarians. However, that they even considered it does make one hope of a possible pack including one or more of them someday, but I certainly would not hold my breath waiting on such a thing.
  7. I don't know when BF did that change to the US armored infantry platoons, but it did cause some problems with older scenarios. I remember playing "Carbide Carbide" as the Americans after that change was done. The result was that American armored infantry platoons now had platoon commanders embedded in their 1st squads, but also still retained the individual platoon HQ teams. In other words, each platoon had two commanders! I hope we don't see stuff like that in older CMRT scenarios and campaigns when they release F&R.
  8. I've had that happen a few times. The workaround is to bring the rest of the squad/team back to the location of the "stuck" individual and then plot another movement order away from the hedgerow. That usually "unshakes" the stuck pixeltruppen. And the "retreat through the hedgerow towards the enemy" issue is still present in CMBN and will make itself noticed in any scenario featuring bocage. BF did have success in limiting that behavior with the 02 patch, but it still occurs enough to be frustrating. As for whether to buy or not? As others have stated: check-out the demos. That's the best way to determine whether this game is for you.
  9. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battle-for-normandy-campaigns/the-lions-of-carpiquet/ This is a terrifically made player made campaign featuring historic missions about the Canadians attacking dug-in SS positions at Carpriquet airfield. It does feature some of Hobart's funnies most notably flail tanks in its 2nd scenario.
  10. It's a mistake with that scenario. If you have a green check then you control that objective and should get the points for it, but the campaign creator missed adding the points for that objective when he made it. So you get nothing for your efforts to take it. As shown by the attached thread, I reported this issue nearly four years ago. The campaign creator acknowledged it and said he'd upload a fixed version. Sadly, there were other niggling issues with that campaign: a scenario in which the OOB for an infantry platoon can change every time you play it. Sometimes it will have an attached 51mm mortar team and other times it won't. (It was as tough scenario that I restarted several times in order to win it, but also had to restart numerous other times just to get that mortar which I found to be very important to having any chance to win.) And another scenario that has flamethrower teams without flamethrowers. When I saw that I threw in the towel. That was four years ago. Maybe those issues have been fixed in one of the patches/upgrades.
  11. A bit surprised and disappointed that this bug, which I thought was received and acknowledged by BF months ago, apparently fell through the cracks and, as a result, nothing has been done about it. Yeah, it's not as bad as it was with the "01" patch, but play any CMBN scenario that has bocage and you'll probably still see this very undesirable TacAI behavior with the 02 patch. (I'm playing a CMBN campaign right now and I've run into it a number of times already.) So, I'm joining the chorus: Please fix....
  12. If a CMBN scenario/campaign has significant amounts of bocage then you will see that "retreat towards the enemy" behavior. BF did have some success limiting it with the "02" patch, but obviously they have not been able to eliminate it. It's a problem with bocage and the retreat logic code. So, no bocage, no problem. All the other CMx2 games don't have it because they don't have bocage. It's strictly a CMBN problem. The 4.0 upgrade introduced the TacAI displacing from cover when under off-map artillery bug and zapped the effectiveness of the Bren/BAR/Breda. The "01" patch fixed those issues, but introduced the retreat towards the enemy bug to CMBN. Not good. As for the Churchill not firing HE at a bunker. I have not experienced that issue. So, no clue.
  13. From its last page, it got shelved due to time constraints. Also, I remember another one of its creators saying in a different thread that he stepped away due to frustrations caused by single-player TacAI problems introduced by the 4.0 upgrade. Those problems did not get resolved until 2.5 years later by a patch that introduced additional TacAI problems. (The 4.0 upgrade and its ridiculously delayed and flawed "01" patch do NOT rank among BF's finer moments.) By then, though, this project appeared to have been abandoned. A shame.
  14. A known issue introduced by the 4.0 upgrade's "01" patch with much discussion about it on the CMBN forums. It's caused by a conflict between the retreat logic code and certain type of bocoage. BF is aware of the issue, but have so far only succeeded in limiting it with the "02" patch. It was far worse with the 01 patch. It's strictly a CMBN issue because it's the only CMx2 game that has bocage. There has been no word as to when it will be completely fixed.
  15. Are you upgraded to 4.0? If so, then are you using the "01" patch for that upgrade? The CMFI "01" patch for the 4.0 upgrade inadvertently zapped the Fallschirmjaeger uniforms. That issue was fixed with the 02 patch. Here is the announcement link:
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