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  1. Combat Mission: FIFA confirmed? Why do I feel there are at least 5 Der Untergang parodies about the Germany/Mexico game, already? Also, does anyone remember the Micheal Bay Pearl Harbour movie?
  2. 90s Stalingrad movie was superb and thoroughly entertaining, except the obligational morality tale. As Eastern Front films go: I absolutely adore the Liberation series. I have never seen combined arms battle scenes like that. The ATG sequence was fantastic. Valkyrie nicked the Schtaufenberg bit from this series, scene for scene. Except Valkyrie much longer and filled with silly Tom Cruise shenanigans (Tom wasn't too bad in this one). Is it historically accurate? I doubt it, a bit too much of "the national spirit" that's akin to Hollywood films. It does feel authentic, though -- even if it had a bunch of cold war tanks cosplaying as panzers. The Soviet film industry took a lot of these movies seriously. At War as at War and Only Old Men Go To Battle are fantastic, and you can see them on youtube with english subtitles! It's also important to note that I enjoyed Patton, Der Untergang and A Bridge too Far. I can overlook glaring historical inaccuracies, if the filmakers do their best to make it feel authentic. Also, a good story and great casting help!
  3. What is this? Is this proof that Shock Force is set in an alternate timeline where Assad allied with space aliens?
  4. I felt like the tanks were ashamed to be in "White Tiger". They cried tears of lubricant.
  5. Hollywood movies don't care about historical (or any other kind, really) accuracy? Colour me purple and call me Grimace! Truly changes how I feel about Hollywood. Who knew that they were disingenuous hacks? All jokes aside, I do agree with Beevor on Darkest Hour. Amazing performance by Gary Oldman, but super-hero Churchill. *shudders in disgust* Enemy at the Gates....
  6. DerKommissar

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    I am curious as to how precise this detection is. Would airborne or ground sensors be able to pin-point the source or get the general area (city block). I take it APS radars are low to the ground and lower power. SNR is nothing like one would expect from a conventional ground-based radar. I'm sure APS can be turned off like conventional ground-based radar when not in use, potentially alleviating this issue. SEAD-like strike possible? I'd surely think so. However it would require more precise sensors, for sure. Maybe mount a passive radar on a drone?
  7. DerKommissar

    A long delayed update

    The numbers represent a trend of interest in tactical wargames. Which happens to be minimal. A good counter-point would be that players playing the game doesn't equal to players buying the game. Steam is full of archivists. Also here's the stats for the Close Combat games: Gateway to Caen: 17.6 (players per day, average of 30 days) Panthers in the Fog: 8.9 (players per day, average of 30 days) Men of War: Assault Squad 2: 1311.3 A little bit higher than the others in our tactical wargames genre -- still, considerably small compared to more "arcade-y" titles. Not a perfect stat analysis -- I do welcome better ones. I like Steam, especially the sales. I am just saying that if I was BFC, I'd probably focus on my core audience or make a game geared towards Steam, and its systems. Something like MoW:AS 2 or Steel Division/Wargame is designed for Steam users, and is therefore, moderately successful on Steam. Also, I didn't see the strawpoll and didn't vote.
  8. DerKommissar

    What will the next CM be?

    Depends if it's set in the Arctic.
  9. DerKommissar

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    I was playing the first mission of the UKR campaign in BS. I had an Oplot-M's APS destroy an RPG aimed at a BTR-4. It detected the infantry and shot a bunch of MGs at them, they vanished. I moved the tank up, a bit -- boom! BTR-4 was hit by an RPG from the assumed clear area. Driver being the only KIA for that mission. After that, I brought the infantry in...
  10. DerKommissar

    A long delayed update

    As someone who has worked in IT, let me tell you that there is no bottom limit on computer literacy. I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe. On Steam: I think BFC has good reason to keep off Steam. Besides the issue of licensing and Valve's cut, the main issue is the Steam user base. How many customers would Steam bring? I think significantly less than one thinks. Let's take a look at some stats from Steam Charts ( http://steamcharts.com ) Theatre of War 2: Kursk -- Monthly Average Players per Day: 2.3 Theatre of War -- Monthly Average Players per Day: 2.2 Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front -- Monthly Average Players per Day: 15.9 Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 -- Monthly Average Players per Day: 6.5 Steel Division: Normandy 44 -- Monthly Average Players per Day: 395.5 Wargame: Red Dragon -- 699.7 Arma 3: 16,329.6 Tactics games aren't really popular, even when compared to related genres. I seriously doubt the move to Steam would offer a significant increase in users. This being said, I'd love to see the older CM games on GOG! I think GOG is a much more friendly platform to old-ish tactics games.
  11. DerKommissar

    Apple deprecates OpenGL

    Like DCS or Graviteam Tactics? That would be awfully convenient, wouldn't it? The only issue is that the overall complexity of the software would increase. Which means potentially more hard-to-fix bugs. I'd still like to see that, but it would take a lot of man hours to implement/maintain. How do you play CM with only one mouse button? Speaking of OpenGL and Unix-based stuff... Debian CM? I would very much like that. Maybe even re-purchase a few titles.
  12. DerKommissar

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Aye, so would I. The arctic front is often forgotten and there are few, if any, games that explore it. Continuation War, Lapland War, battles of Finnmark and Petsamo, would make neat campaigns. Not a Finn, but my great grandmother was.
  13. DerKommissar

    AFV Show & Tell

    Looking for pakwagen oddities. I found this: Description is: "SdKfz.250 - Sfl 5cm Pak 38 L/60, Belgrade Military Museum, Serbia." Was this a last ditch frankenstein or a post-war invention? Some more oddities:
  14. DerKommissar

    Post Cool RCs Here!

    Know where I can get an RC Zippo? It's at 7:40. A more convincing flamethrower than most Hollywood movies.