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  1. Wonderful equipment and especially foliage! Thanks for the status update -- eagerly awaiting preorders.
  2. Yeah, I know. I have interest in military history, and that may make me a horrible person. I'm sorry that systematic rape, genocide, torture, slavery, child soldiers, destruction and death on a massive scale are a part of human history. I'm not a moral philosopher, I just like big guns -- sincere apologies for causing you discomfort.
  3. I'm guessing that's an SU-100, from the hit Hollywood film At War as at War (1969). Love the camo, and the iconic stowage bin!
  4. Aww... I want Hungarians in CM:RT so bad, they have a lot of funky toys.
  5. Considering the German constitution forbids invasions, they'd probably have to do it under the auspices of peacekeeping. A conscript army would contradict that, and create more logistics headaches. A large footprint would probably make the voters/taxpayers unhappy. I'm guessing, it's reflecting similar level of training and experience. I know in CMRT, a Typical Red Guard squad is more likely to be Veteran, but a Typical Red Army squad is more likely to be Green. I am wondering, if the Syrian Arab Army/Uncons would have a more varied range of Typical soft factors?
  6. Yeah, both screenshots are top notch. They somehow evoked The Doors' Riders on the Storm lyrics into my head: I guess the dog doesn't check this forum.
  7. The English close captioning killed me. xD I'm more a fan of VMF naval infantry, myself. Hopefully we'll get Ukranian Naval Infantry too. But hey -- they don't have their own hip-hop videos (to the best of my knowledge).
  8. Just realized my picture of Model was a broken link.
  9. Ironically enough, I liked the Warhammer Fantasy mod for Medieval 2 more than the official standalone title. There's games like Arma 3 and Men of War, that I never play vanilla. Bethesda games often feel incomplete without mods. All the while, I haven't ever modded CM. Arma, old Total War, Men of War and Elder Scrolls are franchises that are built from the ground up for modularity. New games still carry over the old scripting systems, that the community, and devs, are familiar with. Current CM engines are quite unique, and fairly monolithic -- from what I understand. The big question is how feasible it is to start from scratch on a script-based system. Build their niche game on a completely new and foreign foundation?
  10. Awesome to see you guys constantly improving, can't wait for the preorder.
  11. I hope this means the Siege of Budapest is featured in the module. Fingers crossed for Hungarian or Romanian units.
  12. I'm guessing by "discounted 100$" you mean one of the bigger bundles. It's some of the best value on the market. - There's no game on the market that models as many units or equipment, with as much fidelity as CM2. All infantry are highly detailed, and all vehicles have interiors (with realistic damage modelling). Every unit is well researched, and reflects a plethora of soft factors. All weapons are faithfully available, with their appropriate ammo types and quantities. - There is no shortage of campaigns, and scenarios. Each game comes with a couple of full campaigns, and each module features a few full campaigns, on top. So, with a bundle, you should have 5 or so, full campaigns. There's also dozens of standalone scenarios coupled with a Quick Battle Generator (build your own force). - There is a huge database of community campaigns and scenarios for every title, if that's not enough. 100% completion is pretty much impossible. There's also multiplayer, if you're into that. - The devs are incredibly dedicated to maintaining CM2 games. Each title is updated to the latest engine version, with the tragic exception of CM:Afghanistan. They even remade the first one: Shock Force 2. Last module was released in December, and another is currently on the way. The devs post status updates on this forum, when they can. - The games are fairly accessible, compared to most of its competitors. Just place waypoints, and your troops will do the rest. You can also manage inventories, place troops in different rooms/levels of a building, instruct tanks to assume defilade positions and direct artillery. Easy to learn -- difficult to master. I started collecting these games, while I was still in university. At first, the price tag was daunting. I started out with the Black Sea base game. Once I got into it, I realized that it's more bang for your buck than most games on the market. With today's 80$ games, pre-order dlc and season passes, that's even more true.
  13. Couldn't have said it better, myself. The L7 was designed to take on T-55s, T-62s, and maybe early/export T-72s. Any 3-rd generation MBT, should shrug it off (provided its not flanked). The MGS was simply not designed to engage modern tanks. It was fashionable to ignore conventional peer-opponent requirements, at the time.
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