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  1. Well, it does certainly reduce the lag. But it also reduces the terrain texture distance significantly. Balanced is ridiculous -- there's a triangle wave that separates rendered terrain and a greenish substance that lies beyond. This being said, I've had good experiences with setting them to Better or even Excellent -- putting that threshold farther and still reducing lag to some degree. The Best setting is most certainly the issue here. I can confirm AA does affect FPS. I tried messing around with Radeon Settings and did make it look pretty good at AA:OFF, TEXTURE: BETTER, DETAIL: BETTER. I'll try yours as well. My drivers are like half a year old. I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade them as everything works. Do you think the newest driver runs smoother?
  2. Ok dude, I'll try it out! Much appreciated.
  3. I put the highest settings. So: max AA, Very High detail, High tree detail, Very High shadows I got Vsync off, Highest Priority Process and ATI mouse click fix on I'll double check when I get home. I hear people have issues with CM and AMD cards.
  4. Let's see: CPU: AMD FX 6350 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 GPU: Asus Radeon R9 270x with 4gb GDDR5 HDD: Western Digital 2 TB OS: Windows 7 64-bit I get this lag on maps with lots of buildings and/or vegetation. Toggling tree tops off only helps a very small amount. Naturally desert games run better for me. When I pan the camera to the horizon, view lots of stuff, the framerate takes a hit. When I move the camera down to the ground beneath, framerate becomes reasonable. From what I saw CM really runs on 1 core, and the FX's single-core performance is not the best. Great for newer games that are multi-threaded, though.
  5. DerKommissar

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Now, I usually try not to post in these threads. But I've recently come to a realization: America and Russia are like an old married couple. a. They like to argue, they like to misuse eachother's possessions. b. Keenly aware of eachother's flaws, and very eager to blame eachother. c. While they're happy to sabotage eachother, they always ally together when a third party steps in. d. Have a lot of common history, and even more common interests. e. Each one tries to prove they wear the pants in the relationship. Like I said, I try not to post political things. But I think people have more in common than they realize.
  6. DerKommissar

    Operation Trident Juncture 2018

    I'm guessing they're still in their very early production and adoption. New designs like that will no doubt go through a few revisions before being greenlit to replace a current design. And that's only in the German army -- no doubt the MG3s in other armies, such as the Portuguese, will hit the century and maybe even exceed it. Some info in the air assets that participated: I didn't know COBHAM was a country...
  7. JK is a national treasure. Don't pester the man and let him post absurd nonsense. I find it amusing, and you do too. In the words of Hunter S Thomson: "Buy the ticket, take the ride." They're invisible, man...
  8. Yeah, I think CMSF really lacks an SAA campaign.
  9. I got an AMD. Haven't messed around with their settings -- perhaps I should. I'm currently playing FB, which is beautiful -- but barely runs (lags badly when I move the camera). Thanks for the tip!
  10. I was just about to ask that. Never have I seen my Combat Mission looking so well, and running so smoothly. What's your secret? An interesting experiment, none the less. I can see an anti-material rifle being preferable to an ATGM against wheeled armour.
  11. Yeah, the graph is certainly "use at your own risk". Not all HEAT missile weapons are made equal, and neither are all tank cannons or auto-cannons. It is important to note that armour estimates are more likely to overestimate protection than underestimate it. This is a huge problem in real life (just as relevant now as it was in WW2), that tankers are aware of and train for. Maneuver and terrain features are your AFV's main protection -- armour is a last resort and I would not really rely on it. The graph can be useful for comparing AFV's side, top, and back armour to the front. Just to get a sense of its vulnerabilities. My advice is to take any threat to armour VERY seriously. An autocannon will destroy your optics, weapons and tracks -- so will an RPG hit. A NATO supertank with meters of effective HEAT and kinetic protection is utterly useless if it is immobile, blind or weaponless. IFVs and APCs are similarly vulnerable to HMGs, especially the AP-focused 14.5mms. Oh -- and heavy artillery and IEDs can pretty much render any crewman to jelly.
  12. DerKommissar

    120mm Mortar Not Showing in Artillery

    Awwwww, that's a shame. Off-map ones were too pricey. Guess I'll have to push them up to the front and use them as direct fire! 😈 Hope a patch comes soon!
  13. DerKommissar

    The Best Battlefield Simulator Ever Made

    His campaign in Egypt was a disaster, and was a clear indication of what kind of man Nappi was. He executed thousands of PoWs, and when the situation got hairy -- he left to France and abandoned his army to their doom. Luckily they managed to hammer out an agreement with Britain and managed to be repatriated after the siege. I am guessing the British thought they'd seen the last of him. Nappi was a neurotic ego-maniacal sadist, I think these days he gets too often romanticized.
  14. I am playing as the SAA and I bought a T-62 company and parts of a mechanized infantry battalion. This includes A Company, B Company, FO section and the Heavy Mortar battery. The battery came in Ural trucks and I dropped them off, hoping to use them as a support against those pesky UNCONs. The 6 mortars were deployed in proximity to their trucks and their officers -- I think an officer had a radio and pretty sure the trucks had radios. The problem is that I could not open the artillery support tab (greyed out), let alone see the mortars in the tab. Sad that I couldn't use smoke for my mechanized assault or general purpose town levelers. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? I was recently playing Final Blitzkrieg, and I know that even un-deployed and out-of-contact mortars show up in the artillery support tab.