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  1. Aaww yis... CM3: Gulda Fap with ray tracing, dynamic operational campaigns, coop, ingame oob editor, and visible aircraft -- bring it ON! On a more attainable note, I'd like packs for minor combatants. Ie. A lapland war/continuation pack for the Finns, a siege of Budapest for Hungarians, or Turkey for cm:sf2. On a less attainable note, it'd be cool if the CM3 engine would host all the different families. So you can mix and match all the content, that you own. Maybe make version control a bit easier? Archie Wavel & the Italians do deserve more spotlight.
  2. There is some haze kicked up around the left-most Sherman. It is the same kind of vanilla effect, as in the CMRT screenshot. The only difference is the camera is looking at it, as opposed to through it.
  3. Nope! These screenshots have not been edited in post, with the exception of cropping. In addition, all but one of these pics are 100% vanilla. The exception is my recent Black Sea screenshot, which was taken with Reshade enabled (inspired by HerrTom). What's with the haze, then? Notice the shell craters and rubble, around the field gun. This urban area was pristine before the Germans responded to the battery with artillery, mortars, STuG and Panther fire. What you are seeing is the cloud of debris that was lingering around the field gun. Its own desperate fire on a defiant Panther adding to the fog of war.
  4. It just occurred to me, that I didn't really answer OP's question. My apologies. Here's a good video on what folks did before RPGs: In short: Don't engage tanks head-on -- circumvent as much as possible. Mitigate situational awareness with fire or smoke. Sneak in on the rear. Throw anything you got on the engine, tracks and other weak spots. This is very true. Each cannon is worth its weight in gold. Sounds fun! I've been looking forward to the more unconventional, Red-Dawn-esque, type stuff in the new module -- and Seelow Heights trench warfare.
  5. Yeah, me too. I've had success using their AT guns, field guns and AAA against Panthers. Too bad those things are a nightmare and a half to relocate. I'm guessing that would be a rare scenario, as a Panzer Division was more mobile than a Rifle Division. There's no better scenario for the Panzer Division, than catching a Rifle division on the move and in the open. They could pull back and/or launch a counter-attack. A tank's main armament is its tracks. Late-war Soviet offensives usually involved hundreds of tanks, following an ungodly barrage of every caliber imaginable and, possibly, IL-2 CAS. A Panzer Division would probably be ordered to plug the gaps in infantry divisions' lines, to counter the most dire Soviet break-through attempts. That's a job for the T-70! Maybe, the BA-10/11 armoured cars, as they packed a 45mm AT, too. They got rarer as the war went on, but were still in service until the end. So, as much as I'd like to see them -- I doubt they'd be added in the new module. Recon units were often equipped with lend-lease goodies like the M3 Stuarts and Valentines -- and those we may still see.
  6. Love this guy's content! I've had only minor successes with AT-rifles in Red Thunder. They can reliably penetrate lighter AFVs like Marders, half-tracks and armoured cars. However, it takes a good couple of rounds to put them out of action. Nowhere as much "stopping power" as a shaped charge, giving the ambushed vehicle time to inflict casualties. Maybe they were more relevant in the early war, but in RT -- they are a desperate last resort.
  7. Woah! A new AAR comic! I recently finished the 16 Days in Berlin documentary, and I think I heard a quote that was identical to the speech bubble. They also covered the hasty civilian/military retreat into the forests -- fleeing the Battle of Berlin. Gotta love the authenticity.
  8. I don't use any automated driver updater, either. I generally use drivers that shipped with the device, unless there are problems with it. The biggest exception are graphics card drivers, as newer games sometimes require newer drivers. For that, I use the native NVidia companion app -- I actually perfered the AMD one (when I used AMD). These companion apps ship with your graphics card. They'll let you know that there is a new version and give you an option to update. To check all your driver versions, status and options: go to Device Manager (it's native to Win 7, 10, etc.). From there you can even manually install drivers. No disrespect to CCleaner, I have fond memories of using that one.
  9. The schwimmwagen is on fire! Oh, the humanity! I cant watch.
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