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  1. I hope folks are more careful in the future, regarding scammers and phishing (fake websites). Keep an eye out for Soviet-levels of deception, they can make their website (email or phone number) look exactly like your bank's (let alone a game distributor). Older people being their target audience, so to speak. Most security breaches (even for businesses) happen due to people giving up their info, unwittingly. Recently, a lot of new high profile game releases have been moving away from Steam. Some REALLY big ones are now going to be Epic Store exclusives. Others are being pulled back into Publisher's own platforms (Uplay, Origin). The industry is moving away from Steam, for the same reason BFC is -- the hefty Valve tax. As a Steam user, I am not happy with it -- and many others are not, either. This being said, I can't blame them -- it's a free market.
  2. It's a more question of quantity, than quality. BFC supports 6 standalone games -- each with their own DLC. Graviteam supports only 2: Mius Front and Tunisia 1943 (a recent branch). However, they do not support Achtung Panzer (some campaigns are sold as DLC, though), Steel Armour or Steel Fury. So, a great deal of their content is left obsolete. CM may benefit from convenient automated patching (not necessarily Steam). But, the main issue is the plethora of wide ranging standalone titles that we know and love. I hope BFC manages to synchronize and standardize all the titles, in one form or another.
  3. Are all the revamped campaigns out for SF 2, yet?
  4. My apologies, friend. I forgot memes were a touchy subject in the EU, right now.
  5. You do not need to reduce the entire building to rubble, just deliver an effective eviction notice to the residents. BLAST xD
  6. Yeah, it's a fairly common camo -- at least, in the West. I'm guessing it would be what the Allies would be seeing in France, circa 1944. Or a variant of such: "Ausf.H of the IInd Panzerdivision, France, June 1944." -- Tank Encyclopedia. I remember reading that German AFVs shipped with buckets of paint (seasonal) -- so, it was up to the crew's artistic skill to paint them. At once, Lord Protector Cromwell: The Hun Mark 4 is the most bombastic, fabulous, ponce water-carrier throughout the realm.
  7. The Zimmerit looks cool. That's its primary function, btw. The P. 4 is the most tricked out, styling, pimp tank ever.
  8. Sehr gut! We need them to reinforce the depleted pixeltruppen! The allies have suffered a series of critical mechanical failures that have crippled the firepower of their squads! Now is the time for a counter attack -- Oh, no. The're not in their trenches -- they panicked!
  9. Hollywood loves their explosions. In reality, cars do not get blown sky high after being hit by small arms fire. This being said, I suppose it is possible that a tracer round somehow gets stuck inside a fuel tank (most likely, it'd go straight through). It can set off the petrol -- but it'll burn rather than explode. Most flamethrowers had separate pressure tanks, for propelling the petrol out of the fuel tank: So, if the pressure tank is hit by a bullet -- it could burst. So you may get a small non-fiery explosion. Assuming the operator is being shot from the back, the pressure tank bursting and a fuel leak igniting would be in the direction of the bullet's entry hole -- away from the operator. So, you won't get a fireworks display from one of these -- and if you're being shot at by tracer ammunition, you got bigger problems.
  10. An interesting symposium, but very vague and unfocused. I don't agree with his analysis that maneuver warfare is distinctly Asiatic. The means of waging war depend on the target terrain. Maneuver warfare makes sense in wide open fields of Ukraine or the steppes of Mongolia. If you are an island nation, like Britain or Japan -- what's the use of a large, mechanized, land army? The ocean is your domain, and space is a premium -- it makes more sense to invest in professional naval infantry (SNLF or Royal Marines). Same applies to the U.S.A., as their most important means of defense are the two massive oceans separating it from Europe and Asia. However, if they are defending rural Germany -- maneuver warfare is a must.
  11. Yeah, this series would benefit from a proper AI. If we're all around the wishing well, about now... It'd be cool if you could purchase delayed reinforcements for cheaper, in QB. It would be a tactical decision, how you want to schedule your units.
  12. I am curious what our European compatriots think about this. To me, it looks bizarrely unnecessary -- what's the point?
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