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  1. DerKommissar

    Mord's Mods: Red Thunder Edition

    Great icons, cheers! However, I am slightly confused. Where's the cat memes?
  2. DerKommissar

    Mine flails

    My man, you hit the nail on the head. Recently, I lost a lot of modern and ww2 vehicles to mines while attacking. Infantry identify a mine, and I try to circumvent it with my vehicles. Even going backwards -- boom! Nothing I can do. There are so many tools that both WW2 and modern armies have for breaching minefields, and other obstructions. I've seen line charges even being used by the SAA. Vehicle packs with combat engineering vehicles would be worth their weight in gold.
  3. DerKommissar

    Russian army under equipped?

    How do you know his grandsons won't inherit the throne? Seems like a logical extension of his Tsarist dream. Here in Canada, we currently have a Junior in power. xD
  4. DerKommissar

    Module 1 Scope Ponderings

    Home Army was actually quite well organized/equipped by partisan standards. They even had a few of their own armoured cars as well a handful of captured AT guns. I can imagine they had plenty of experience with explosives. One of their major strategic goals was the demolition of German infrastructure, such as bridges and railways. They received PIATs, as well as plastic explosives from Allied air-drops. A big difference with CMSF, instead of getting points for preserving buildings -- the Germans would get points for reducing them to rubble. Scorched earth was the name of the game. Interestingly enough, various nationalist militias (the infamous RONA being one of them) saw service in the Uprising, Germans' own Uncons.
  5. I've recently been reading about the Warsaw Uprising. It occurred to me that quite a lot of things happened between the conclusion of Bagration and the Battle for Berlin. Which of these will Module 1 cover? Steve did mention that Module 1 would pick up in Poland. I am guessing the Arctic front is out of the question, it'd be cool though. Same goes for the Budapest Offensive, and the latter Vienna Offensive. Yugoslavia is quite away. I am guessing the Vistual-Oder offensive will be featured. As such, I am hoping to see Eastern Polish Armed Forces. The 1st Polish Army saw action in Berlin, as well. I hope we get a glimpse of the Warsaw Uprising, some good ol' fashioned 20th century COIN. No sign of a Warsaw master-map though, xD. What do you guys think we'll see in Module 1? What do you hope to see?
  6. DerKommissar

    Combat Mission Commander (Campaign Tool)

    Did this thing die off? I'd love a campaign generator.
  7. DerKommissar

    Russian army under equipped?

    Slapping sanctions is counter-productive to winning over hearts and minds. The West should have encouraged economic dependence, welcomed them happily into trade and maybe even security organizations. Instead, we rebuilt the Iron Curtain -- cutting off the exchange of goods and ideas. Speaking of China -- look at the SCO. They managed to get India and Pakistan to sit at one table and even wargame together. All the while, we're still bickering over human rights, alienating our partners and extinguishing any clout pro-West groups have in the East.
  8. DerKommissar

    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    I was trying to be thematic, doing the whole Strangelove, black-white green poker table, thing. Darkest Hour and everything... 😝
  9. DerKommissar

    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    I didn't mess around with any screen settings. It's just night. This is the second Peiper mission.
  10. DerKommissar

    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    A squad of SS infantry is assaulting a building, only to be ambushed by some rear-echelon Yankees. The squad runs towards cover as the MG cannot sprint with everyone else -- the American takes pot shots at him. His assistant runs to give him a hand, while the Squad Leader takes down the immediate threat. Yet, there are still Yanks there. With a slap on the bum, he sprints to the rest of his squad -- while his assistant watches another American fall.
  11. DerKommissar

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    1! 2! 3! 4! I love Marine Corps! Extra tempted to play them now that they'll be fully amphibious.
  12. DerKommissar

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    I was playing the Highland Games campaign when CMSF2 was announced. I came into it from a kitted-out CMBN and felt like I brought my stick to a rugby game. First few battles were easy, the Syrians gave hardly any resistance. Then came the asymmetric warfare, which shook things up -- and I found that my relatively limited losses began to stack up. Just as I began to get survive better in urban COIN missions -- a counter attack by a well disciplined, well trained, and well equipped Syrian mechanized battalion almost ended me. During the campaign I got to use allied assets like US Army units and friendly militias. Not something I've experienced in other CMs. My major complaint was that I was used to all the bells and whistles of Engine 4 -- which is why CMSF2 is an easy buy from me. SF is unique, and I recommend it to Black Sea and even WW2 enthusiasts. There's lots of new content here for people who haven't played the original and most of it is entirely unlike the other entries in the series. As a hack on tele said, "And now for something completely different..." SF has many more BLUFOR than REDFOR factions (6 vs 2?). It's like a saturday morning cartoon that keeps introducing new heroes, but keeps the same old villians. Hope they introduce more REDFOR. I'll also admit I liked the COIN in Afghanistan more. Sneaking in teams and precision strikes ain't my style -- I just want to smash.
  13. DerKommissar

    Russian army under equipped?

    Funny you mention the Su-57, it was deployed to Syria, while the Armata was not (to the best of my knowledge). Mi-28s and Su-34s saw significant combat, so did various AA, EW, drones, naval and air munitions. These are practical tools that are required, and, therefore, are getting used and improved. In my recent readings, I've come to the realization that not all military hardware, especially tanks, were produced with combat in mind. Much how the colours and patterns evolved on various animals to dazzle predators, or attract mates. It's not surprising that many folks on the other side of the pond are overly enthused about it. The tank is a cultural icon. Much like the Char 2C, the Armata is a celebrity. Regardless if people like it or hate it, it was made to generate buzz.
  14. Are there going to be any units that take advantage of the anti-aircraft feature in Engine 4? Great to know that the Marines will actually become amphibious.
  15. DerKommissar

    Vehicle smoke

    I saw that Polish tank in the Chieftain/Military history visualized video: Looks like they got many old soviet vehicles lapping about. If the smoke is disorienting to the audience, I can't imagine how disorienting it is for the tankers. A curious tactic... hopefully we'll get to test it out in CM soon.