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  1. So I don't know what the issue is but after completing the mission 7 "The Rat Catchers" with a total victory the next mission fails to load. It loads up to about 78% and then the game crashes to the desktop.
  2. Idk if this is a bug or not but the update and module deleted all the user created scenarios and campaigns from my copy of CMRT. None of the updates/modules for the other games ever did this. It's not a huge deal as I can find most of them again but just wanted to put it out there. Other than that, great job!
  3. Unlike Ukraine the Baltic states are NATO members and a Russian attack on them would trigger Article 5.
  4. I'll buy anything you guys make. Your games are probably my favorite games of all time.
  5. Russia blaming Ukraine for provocation after invading Donbass and annexing Crimea is some Orwellian ****.
  6. You're Ukrainian? Stay safe dude. I truly hope nothing happens, though my I&W senses are tingling off the charts about this.
  7. If you want good Indian food in the US go to New Jersey. There is a large Indian population in North Jersey and the Indian food there is great. Also, strangely enough the best Indian food I've ever had was in South Korea. There is a restaurant in a side alley in Pyeongtaek, ROK (the closest city to the US bases Camp Humphreys and Osan AFB) run by an Indian immigrant family that made absolutely delicious food. I'm from NJ so I was used to getting good Indian food but that place blew me away. Back on topic somewhat I bought CMBN for my first CM game simply because it had the most content (both official and fan made). Over the next couple of years I slowly bought the remaining games.
  8. So, early 30s? Me too bro. I have actually convinced a couple other NCOs in my unit to start playing the game with me but it was easy because they both already played tabletop wargames.
  9. For me it was the Close Combat games. I played all of them when I was younger and liked them immensely. I always wondered what they would be like in a 3D engine and with competent AI and then in 2017 I found CMBN and my questions were answered. I only wish that CM had the same kind of operational level game that Close Combat does but the tactical combat blows CC out of the water.
  10. How I recon with AFVs: set up overwatch with a couple squads of infantry (preferably a command unit with a radio) then send the AFV fast out in the open to draw fire and hope it doesn't die.
  11. Really? I'll just assume you're not being sarcastic. It was a highly anticipated game by the makers of The Witcher games which was released in December in a laughably unfinished state. It's gone through a few rounds of patches that kind of fixed it up a bit and while it's not groundbreaking or anything the setting and story are very well done. Really scratching that sci-fi itch I've had lately.
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