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Found 5 results

  1. Here‘s an interesting piece about the famous Polish cavalry charge in WW2: https://sz.de/1.2124860 Big surprise: It sounds history was quite different from what we remember from the movies. The article is in German, though.
  2. Is there a way to detach the anti-tank crews from the guns ( for example for the duration of the enemy artillery fire ) and then attach them again? There's the Bail Out command, but I it seems that it's impossible to reattach the crews back to the guns afterwards.
  3. Here's a thread to post pictures of your favourite IFVs, and explain why you like them! APCs, MBTs, IFVs, WW2, Cold War or current -- anything goes! This thread isn't necessarily about which vehicles are the best, but which ones you like -- and why you like them. Photos, videos, artwork, and models are all accepted!
  4. Has anyone listened to Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History - Blueprint for Armageddon" series? It is brilliant, putting the scale of modern warfare (as of WWI) into thorough context. Here is an exert from episode 4, where he's talking about the first appearance of the German army's new uniform in 1916 at the Battle of Verdun, as German infantry advanced following a day-long artillery barrage: "And then the French survivors see the first signs of German infantry activity... What they see is like something out of a time machine... Gone are the Pickelhaube, the iconic pointed helmets that the German troops wear that harken back to the greatest days of Prussia. [The Pickelhaube are] symbolic... and they're replaced by something that looks like a miner should wear it. Thoroughly working class. Nothing romantic, gentlemanly, officer, or aristocratic about it. The Germans are wearing the Stahlhelm, which with a minor modification or two is the exact same helmet that the Germans will wear in the second world war. These "storm troopers" as they're called, and have been known to history, look like the Wehrmacht. And they're carrying flamethrowers. They have machine guns. They have men who are wearing clothes with big bags in them that are stuffed with hand grenades..." In total, the Blueprint for Armageddon series is over 10 hours of audio, so be prepared for lots of direct quotations of first hand accounts of WWI if you're interested.
  5. Really amazing video https://vimeo.com/128373915
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