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  1. Personally, I think this segments fits better. You can imagine the rest here (the link does not preview because it has start and end times). https://www.youtube.com/embed/O7X1BCCH9a8?start=159&end=192&version=3
  2. I am guessing it is mostly related to randomly selecting OPFOR/Syria. If I use manual map selection I can get to unit purchase (if set to human), but then it crashes when I click the "suggestion" button for OFPOR.
  3. By setting setting unit purchase or map selection to automatic/random, the game consistently almost always crashes. Here is an image showing the settings that seems to crash it most often. By only modifying less than these 4 changes, say 2, the games crashes less often when pressing OK, but still the most common outcome. I just upgraded to CMSF2 and are not using any of the expansions.
  4. If you do downgrade pick one before December 2017. What worked for me was simply turning off shaders, its ALT-R .
  5. Finally got to see it! Neither refresh, force refresh, change DNS resolver worked. Not until I flushed the cache - ipconfig /flushdns did it come through properly.
  6. When I connect to (http://)battlefront.com, my browser gets redirected to https://www.battlefront.com (interesting choice to add the 'www' since the general trend to be to move away from that redundant prefix). The problem is that the SSL/TLS certificate is wrong, it looks none is provided, and I have to make an security exception in my browser to keep connecting. Anyway, I know you are still working on it, but still I just wanted to be sure you knew, since no one else has brought it up.
  7. I am curious, did the 'beta forum' reach a conclusion on the spotting?
  8. Well, we won't know until the store comes back on. But in my experience they never really run sales. Certainly, not like what you might see on Humble Bundle, GOG, or the (in)famous seasonal Steam sales. They might give a small discount, but it is usually say 10%, maybe 20%, for a product that have been out long. For bundles they often have a discount where you save maybe 10-25$ if you buy a base game with a module, or two.
  9. The important thing is that the issue have been escalated, so maybe it will be resolved eventually - not more we can do as players. Perhaps interesting note. @Fizou not sure you first issue is the same with it failing mid-processing is the same issue. Your second though is. rocketman might not be having the problem due to, his particular card 970. Mostly other variants with the number 7 is affected, like 780s and 1070s for example. Or he is using a rather recent driver so maybe I should try that one - maybe Nvidia fixed it. Either way, not sure if you saw the earlier posts. But there are two workarounds @Fizou. Either revert to Dec 20 (2017) driver, or disable shaders using CTRL-R. Currently I am doing the latter - while an annoyance, the game is still playable without them, and we did survive without them until Red Thunder.
  10. Found some weirdness in a QB which might be bugs, not sure. The Case of the Superb British Communication I will describe using the following image. About 30s in the turn the machine guns, colored purple, spots a larger movement of infantry at the corner of the map circled in yellow. At the end of the turn, my scout vehicle, marked blue, has pretty good knowledge about them. Note that is has no direct line of sight to those unit. My best guess is that it got the information from Bn. HQ, marked red. However I cannot figure out how they know. The only apparent path is from the purple machine gun, to their leader, the Support HQ, marked bright red. Except that HQ does not receive the information this turn. The only other unit that, besides those mentioned and bright red, that get knowledge, is the teal coloured one, except it is at the end of the turn and is in even worse ability to pass that on. The issues I raise here are: - How does the information get to the scout car, or even the Bn. HQ? - Is it mean to go that fast - Up and then down in 30s? I mean it is the envy of Black Sea. Maybe communication like spotting is random and I just got extremely lucky? Beam me slightly sideways Scotty Another incident was a few minutes later. My scout car takes a pounding, loses its gunner and reverse. Suddenly it gets teleported about 20m to its left. The Memory Banks Here are the save games, but of them are during action phase and using the latest CMFI with GL. British Communication Expediency Save Game Lateral Interruption Save Game I would like clarification, if there are bugs or not. And if there are, maybe someone in the outer circle, can get the issue logged with the inner circle.
  11. Excellent. That is really all I wanted -- to know that someone at least tried to 'get the ball rolling', on the issue. I can deal with the reality of it never being fixed, but would be harder to swallow if no one tried the slightest. I'll do my part with the sheep blood and the pentagram on the floor
  12. Don't really see the point in asking what other games use OpenGL for this matter. If none does, is that telling us something about the choice of using OpenGL? If many does and they have no problem, does that mean BF is at fault? But since you asked, true most games on Windows (PC) uses DirectX, even games that are also available on Linux and Mac. Here's a couple I have installed that uses OpenGL without crashing: Brigador, Prison Architect, and Kerbal Space Program you can choose it optionally. Because a new driver means Combat Mission crash now, and it doesn't do it with an older driver not mean it is the driver that is bad. It suggests it, but it is not an certain conclusion. Accepting the conclusion that the new driver did break it, it would suggest the old OpenGL 2.x is now longer offering the best compatibility anymore. In fact, you have go almost 10 years back find a gaming GPU that does not support 3.x+. And you can certainly find "surveys" done by game developers 5-10 years ago that suggest that "immediate" rendering as used by 2.x has significantly worse performance on, back then, newer cards. Anyway, having to revert back to an older driver is just not a suitable workaround. Other games might require newer drivers. Some game, think it was Battlefield 1, would not even let me start unless I had the newest driver - though I do think that is a boneheaded decision. Windows is even forcing coming games to be Windows 10 only - hope it won't mess with OpenGL same way soon. So it is likely that that current generation of Combat Mission will probably not get a major graphics engine rework (at least not in the near future), and graphics drivers will probably not gain better "backwards-compatibility" - something needs to done. What seems to be common for the problem is that it involves: - Nvidia's OpenGL driver - Use of combat mission's shaders - Some time to have passed - Seems to be triggered often by mouse input I have been Googling to see whether others are suffered OpenGL problems that could be fixed by going back to the December 2017 driver, but not found anything so far. I still believe there is a chance Battlefront could be at fault. OpenGL only handles graphics, but mouse events in Windows are sent as events to be processed by a separate thread. I don't have the code to investigate this. So I cannot go tell Nvidia they screwed up, because I can't say for sure they did - and if someone can, they would probably need to give code related details. And if they are to care at all, in would probably be better coming from a developer. So assuming Battlefront is not to blame, they are the only one that can tell Nvidia how they screwed up.
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