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  1. Muzzleflash1990

    Max screen resolution...

    I use 2560x1440 and it would be rather unpleasant if I went higher. A friend has 4K and I would not want to play like that for more than 5 minutes. @Erwin Battlefront has stated several times that the GUI being of fixed (pixel) size is due to how the engine works, and it is unlikely it will be changed until the next generation of CM.
  2. Muzzleflash1990

    The state of CMSF2

    @Bob Willett The upgrades basically transform your legit (existing) purchase of the base game / modules from CMSF1 to CMSF2, they do not grant ownership of the base game / module at all. For that you need to buy the game module fresh. So you would need to buy the NATO module, if you want to play that, which is going to be re-released as CMSF2 only - that is, it will already be CMSF2 - no need to upgrade that. Since you have exactly 2 game modules you need to upgrade, and also the base game, your cost, if you buy individually will be: $10 + $10 + $15 = $35 . And if you buy the entire upgrade pack it is also $35 - so you situation is exactly at the breakeven point (I would just get the big upgrade in that case then). This is what Steve commented on - whether to buy individual upgrades, or the Big Upgrade which essentially just contain all 3 module upgrades and the base game upgrade , and his comment was from what made more sense from an economical stand point. If you have 1 game module, (or none), it would not be wise to buy the Big Upgrade.
  3. Muzzleflash1990

    Unread Content loading slow or not at all

    Don't know if it might be part of the cause, but just around the time it started, the forum was doing a "search index optimization". Here is an image of what happens when it fails to get the response withing a minute:
  4. Muzzleflash1990

    Unread Content loading slow or not at all

    Yeah, for the forum. @sburke got the button right. In fact it is my primary mechanism by which I browse the forum - my bookmark even goes to that destination immediately. Then I open everything interesting in a new browser tab, and 'mark site read' and close the original tab.
  5. Is anyone else having problems with "Unread Content" taking a long time to load or not at all? Recently (not sure, several days to a week now), I has either taken a long time +30s (just now it took 52s) for me to load it. I can see my browser is just waiting. Other times (like when it takes longer than 60s) I get a 504 Gateway timeout message displayed from Amazon Cloudfront. Given I have no connectivity issues otherwise, and when it takes too long (timeouts) it is a 5XX error, leads me to believe it is Battlefront own server that is having issues? Perhaps because of the coming Storefront changes. Is anyone else experiencing the same delays?
  6. Muzzleflash1990

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    As for whether APS equipment can intercept munition not aimed at the vehicle it is mounted on, the answer is a definitive yes.
  7. Muzzleflash1990

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    My simplistic interpretation is that consolidating all games into one codebase simplifies development. But each development change now affect all games, so instead of maintaing N codebases where each change has to tested in one game, instead we have 1 codebase where each (some) change needs to be tested in N games. I don't know if this is actually the case, but I could see it sorta make sense since there is only one main developer to work on the code base, but a larger collection of (underappreciated) beta testers available to test the changes.
  8. Muzzleflash1990

    QB map pdfs

    Does the activation limit exists for legitimate customers? I mean obviously it exists, but in practice is there any record of a legitimate customer being denied additional activations? I always had the assumption it was purely a means to combat obvious piracy, and you simply ask for a more reactivations - (almost) no questions asked? Otherwise, it is not impossible to imagine the following events happening to someone thus using up all activation quickly: - Activate game - HDD/SSD failure - complete system reinstall - activate again - New computer bought - activate again - Faulty component replaced - activate again.
  9. Muzzleflash1990

    game crashes after some time playing

    Nice, research, that hopefully will be useful for Battlefront to solve this.
  10. Muzzleflash1990

    The state of CMSF2

    I noticed CMSF1 is gone from the store. I have only the base game. Will the game and the modules come back at some point, or will you be able to buy CMSF2 directly (not as an upgrade) also?
  11. Muzzleflash1990

    The patch?

    What we really need is more memes to make the wait more bearable. Remember that time we had to wait for the patch for 4.0? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  12. Muzzleflash1990

    The patch?

    I agree, facts are a pain in the arse. One of the facts, that incidentally also is a pain the arse, is that is has been 17 months since 4.0 was released, and still no patch.
  13. Muzzleflash1990

    An Possible Exploit

    As far as I know there are quite a bit of exploits that allows you to discover the location of unspotted units. With stereo audio or better you can determine where any shooting unit is down to the tile, be they far away on-map mortar teams, or just a pesky machine gun whose position have not been determined yet. There are no clear way to solve it. You could play the sound from a generic location / direction, but that would hamper immersion. Another variant, is that you can see anti-tank weaponry from unknown shooters during the last 10-50 meters. You can use this to do "battlefield forensics" do determine the shooters likely location. It is my understanding that most people either, (A) have gentlemen's rules not to use abuse that knowledge, or (B) accepts that's how it is any information you gather, no matter the source, is yours to use. Personally I lean towards A.
  14. Muzzleflash1990

    Bren Guns firing single shots?

    This problem still exists. Beyond ~150m you get single shots from Brens and Bars. In fact you get 0 practical firepower from an American or British rifle section beyond 200m, unless you manually area fire, since then everybody, except the Bren/Bar does not fire at all. An exception is if the targets are running upright, then the rifles might fire a couple shots. I have a test range setup, and the total fire output from a British rifle squad, without manual target order, against an enemy squad not moving, is around 3-10 rounds per minute, only fired from the Bren/Bar.