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  1. StieliAlpha

    How Much We Admire North Korea

    „Honi soit qui mal y pense.“ 😎
  2. StieliAlpha

    186 pages of spam links, ughh

    You mean like this one, already "hard coded" for "Supremacy"? 😎 They look nicer in a cluster.Just place them anywhere on the map: Or create nice pathways:
  3. The pic’s are from 1909 to 1915, apparently NOT hand coloured and have nothing to do with CM, but still: I found them worth to share. https://blog.tagesanzeiger.ch/zoom/?p=106999
  4. I very vaguely recall, that I had similar issues a very long time ago. I think, back then it was a graphic card issue and turning down all graphic settings did the trick.
  5. StieliAlpha

    Could there be a CM Korea?

    Bah, no. I once tried an early ToW title, but could not come to like it. Rather wait for better times.
  6. StieliAlpha

    champion du monde

    With regard to the Nations League: New game, new luck!
  7. Back to the original post: Though I lost it twice H2H with either side: I love “Valley of trouble”.
  8. StieliAlpha

    Could there be a CM Korea?

    I would love to see a „CM Korea“, but I strongly doubt that we see it at the horizon before hell freezes. But then, there was something about frozen Hell in another thread just recently.🤔 Perhaps, there is still hope.😀
  9. StieliAlpha

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    You made my day! I learned something new today. In German kid‘s speak this translates to the unnerving „Weil...“🤓
  10. StieliAlpha

    Mortars and Wind

    Whoah, would be interesting to know how the effect is calculated. Wind would be a very wild variable. Even on-board effects sound challenging to me. Just too many local effects... Does anybody have an idea?
  11. StieliAlpha

    For Fans of the Roman Legions

    One of them is mine, I believe...
  12. StieliAlpha

    For Fans of the Roman Legions

    Ah, and if you understand German, I can highly recommend the three volumes published by „Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft“ for 2000 year Varus battle commemoration in 2009. Basically a collection of scientific papers. Heavy stuff, with more info than you want. Luckily, you don‘t need to read them all. And while I think of it „Roms vergessener Feldzug“, published by Theiss. Same caliber as above. Covering papers about the Harzhorn battle.
  13. StieliAlpha

    For Fans of the Roman Legions

    Yep, go for it. Though to date, I only read his Varus books. Coming from the region, the “Battle of Teutoburg Forest” always fascinated me. Reminds me to: “Blood Forest” by Geraint Jon. Same topic, very different style. Gosh, that one was “dark and creepy”.
  14. StieliAlpha

    Which to Buy?

    Yep, something like that drew me into CM, back in 99. A point blank shoot-out between a StuG and a Sherman. The question was: Would the StuG reload faster, than the Sherman turns it’s turret. Nail biting! 😎
  15. StieliAlpha

    Which to Buy?

    Aye, like millions of car owners are waiting for the fix of faked exhaust gas concentrations. But you are right, a beginner won’t notice the difference between V3 and V4.
  16. StieliAlpha

    Murphy's Laws of Combat

    Number 7 is so true. Made remember a game of Clash of Arms “La Bataille de Albuera”. A (admitted) huge battalion of Murcia infantry held up the French advance. In game terms, they were mere militia, aka freaks, but then they stood like a rock.
  17. StieliAlpha

    For Fans of the Roman Legions

    Do you know Ben Kane? I just finished his Varus-Germanicus Trilogy. Pretty good. Perhaps even better than the new Cornwell or Scarrow books. They start to be quite repetetive.
  18. A nice mess in front 1000’s of spectators: http://www.spiegel.de/video/russland-panzer-faellt-von-lkw-video-99020188.html
  19. StieliAlpha

    Gustav Line manual

    PM me your mail address, then I’ll send the PDF later today.
  20. StieliAlpha

    Which to Buy?

    One thing which has not been mentioned yet: All games can be extensively modded, which greatly improves their looks. You can find tons of mods, scenarios, Campaigns and other content on the „The Few Good Men“ website.
  21. StieliAlpha


    As said earlier, the authorities even waived upgrades a while ago. In order not to overwhelm the guys with new, costly demands. Wait, why does that remind me to some recent events? Can‘t remember. Something like loosening environmental restrictions somewhere. 😎 Anyway, those planes are run by a „club“ of enthusiasts since a few years. I would assume they are about the best maintained equipment around...
  22. StieliAlpha


    Yes, they continued with the remaining two last week. No, the investigation is still ongoing. Odd? I don’t know. Those planes are flying since about 70 years now. So, it’s probably not a systematic failure. But on the psychological side: My wife sort of „forbade“ me to take a flight with an old Antonov double-decker, which I was looking for to take last weekend. 🙄
  23. StieliAlpha

    Modern Day to WW2 worth it?

    Just for the records: One can still find old the CM1 stuff elsewhere, though mostly the CDV versions. But honestly, I would not invest in that anymore.
  24. StieliAlpha

    Modern Day to WW2 worth it?

    And you‘ll probably buy everything else later any way, like most of us. 😎
  25. StieliAlpha


    No, thx, that‘s good enough for me. Shows once again, how difficult it is to be funny in writing. That can backfire badly, as I experienced myself often enough. So, don’t worry: All is good.