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  1. To which period of time and region does Husker refer? The question as such is by far to unclear, to wide to give a meaningful answer. The conflict, but also coexistence, of „unvoluntary“ vs professional armies is probably thousands of years old. And it is, on the other hand, a completely normal phenomenon. A fitting British example maybe the deployment of the Fyrd with a back-bone of household warriors. Or the Us in Civil War times. Or European countries in WW1 and WW2 times. Obviously, one finds it in many other places and periods, too, that the bulk of the forces was pressed or drafted into service in times of need, while the rulers preferred to rely on small professional armies in more peaceful times.
  2. Just finished the book. Whow, very good read, indeed. Many interesting ideas and surprising twists. Well worth the time spent! But not very „technical“. So, expect nothing like „Red Storm Rising“.
  3. It comes to mind: Perhaps it is worthwhile to have a look at real table top games. I have no experience with them, but can imagine, that the set-up instructions are more „liberal“ than in board games and the conditions are easier to translate to CM. Unfortunately, I never played any, so I can‘t recommend one.
  4. Yep, a long time ago, I tried to convert Albuera from Clash of Arms‘ La Battaille Series to a very comparable computer game. Numberwise, it was easy enough. But the outcome was not very satisfying. My game was, eh, playable, but by far not as exciting as the original. Board game OOB‘s should certainly give Kohl a good starting point, but I guess it will still take quite an effort to develop a working CM scenario from them. BTW, I am trying the same with Valor & Victory now: Convert Combat Commander scenarios to V&V, but I am not yet happy with the results.
  5. As others mentioned already the „hunt“ command is not „walking“ and it does in general increase fatigue quite fast, not only in snowy conditions. 200m is a long distant for a hunt command in CM, you will see that in other scenarios and conditions soon. As far as tactics are concerned: You did not describe the situation, but I assume, you tried to move your „front line troops“ 200m forward into unknown terrain. That‘s not a good idea. The same is true, if you want, e.g., to clear a forest which you by-passed earlier. I usually let a scout team sprint forward about 30m, let the rest and watch a minute and then bring the rest of the squad forward. Preferably not into the same place as the scouts. Just in case somebody plans evil things with a mortar and waits for more targets…
  6. There was a not very scientific, probably not statistically relevant, research about the average age a loooong time ago (you should be able to find the thread). Even back then it was on the older side. I believe to remember late 40‘s to early 50‘s or so. So, yes, there probably is a pretty wide gap. BTW, my wife’s nephew would fully agree with you.
  7. I see, the discussion certainly gained some „niveau“ since I dropped out! BTW, interesting that we never heard anything from the OP @DownSized.
  8. Just finished reading the free Amazon sample. Sounds good. So far more Tom Clancy than Hacket, but a good read.
  9. That‘s miles from what I intended to say. The RT thing was just a side note for me. What did I once hear an elderly lady saying to her husband? „Talk to the people. Alas you talk to your animals, too.“
  10. Ah, I see. That one was probably too absolute, indeed, but not in the focus of my OP and just slipped through. Next time, just tell me when you think I am wrong (and preferably where I am wrong). That usually saves a few clarification rounds. I am old enough to take „well deserved“ criticism, so: „Don‘t worry“.
  11. Now it’s my time for: ??? I don’t think, I said anything the like.
  12. Yep, assumptions only. CM-wise, I am not on Discord.
  13. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I remember more of the losing side.
  14. Sounds like you are mixing two things here. The community behaviour and „PBEM play“ willingness. Re the behaviour, I agree with @Aragorn2002. It is in general very good, mostly decent people, many with excellent knowledge. Of course, there are some “heated discussions” every then and when. But not too often and @BFCElvis does a great job to moderate. I do have a small base of reliable long time oppos but players dropping out can be an issue, indeed. I experience that mostly when I try to play with beginners. It seems to me, new people frequently underestimate what PBEM means in terms of time and dedication or stamina to play the same battle for 6 months or even longer. You just need to keep trying. You can also try to join the „The few good men“, there you should find plenty of partners. And indeed, @Bulletpoint‘s advice is pretty good. Worked for me, too. It sounds like you came from the Discord community and that may be part of the problem. I can imagine that Discord is more real time game oriented (which would explain your „time zone declines“). You won‘t find RT Players here. Finally, since I had a drop out recently , drop me a line, if you want to play anything except BN (I already have four matches going), Shock Force or Black Sea. Though, I quite often manage only 2 or 3 turns a week.
  15. Without knowing or looking at the details, in some scenarios, there buildings with doors visible on the outer shell, but the scenario designers forgot to program the door behind the picture. I have seen it in a few cases and, yes, it can be pretty annoying.
  16. Thx for the links. Sounds like a good read, indeed. I guess, I‘ll give it a try. The shelves are full, but Kindle can take it…
  17. Did anybody read „2034“ already? Sounds like Hacket‘s „The Third World War“, but 50 years later.
  18. Sorry to disturb, but I stumbled over an extremely good looking book today. “Panzers in Berlin 1945” Basically about tank wrecks in Berlin. Loads of execellent pic‘s and paintings. I have not seen it physically, but what one can see in some „unpacking“ videos looks gorgeous. Perfect inspiration for flavor object and map designers. Unfortunately, it is not only a pretty hefty book, but has a pretty hefty price tag, too. Otherwise, for once I refrain from commenting @Aragorn2002 ‘s comments.
  19. Thinking about it further: The general idea of the OP has some merit. Scan the records of historical “rolling barrage” missions, try to find some “scenario worthy” small scale action and try to design a pre-set barrage around it…
  20. Like: Sit tight, rush 100m, sit tight? Boah,
  21. Oh, you are very welcome, my friend. I just wanted to understand your otherwise incomprehensible statement and, of course, always enjoy a good discussion. We did not have one? Don‘t worry, that’s ok. It is currently quite trendy to avoid arguments but rather stick your believes.
  22. I did not say, they would not fit to the time frame or the portrayed theatres. I said rolling barrages do not really fit to the games scale. Rolling barrages were fire missions minutely planned on division or corps level, executed by hundreds of guns according to a precise time schedule. What you would experience on CM level would be a „scenario pre-condition“, an initial order along the lines: - move to your unit to starting line A at 09.50h - artillery fire on line B will commence at 09.55h - move you unit forward to line B at 10.00h and take cover until artillery fire moves forward to line C - artillery fire will move forward to line C at 10.05h - live, die, repeat…. Though I can imagine to see that on large maps, it does sound much like a thrilling CM scenario. But indeed, currently I am playing Operation Linett on a huge map with a battalion sized German attack and wish, I would have had such a pre-planned fire pattern available.
  23. Not really. One, obviously quite difficult, option is to set up a fire pattern with multiple FOB‘s and multiple firing batteries. Which is, eh, quite difficult to achieve. A more practical option: Your FOB, or whoever directs the fire, can adjust the fire by a few meters without causing a big delay or cancellation. I.e., you can order fire on a target and after a few rounds you can set the target about 50m without much of a disruption and then again. But that‘s not the sort of rolling fire, you asked about. Which lead me to the question, if this rolling fire is within the scope of CM at all. CM is quite micro tactical and your rolling fire requires a lot of pre-planning on higher levels.
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