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  1. currently playing pbem game with me playing as allies. I had evacuated 3 or 4 british units from india as it was about to fall. I had evacuated the units to Persia and then the next turn they had vanished. is this a bug or some kind of event I had missed?
  2. can someone remind me what rules are in place regarding loops. I have units on the usa east coast to Europe loops but at the end of the turn they didn't move. I suspect they are turned off but its been that long since I set up the game I cant remember.
  3. in my current Russian game its 1942 and I currently have 3 fighter units with 2 in the build queue and yet the production screen says I have 7 and am unable to build any more. where are the other 2 units and why is Russia limited to building such a tiny airforce?
  4. Would someone care to explain why all my allied units in the Alexandria area have really low moral? Most of the units are hovering around the 20% figure with one even on 8%. units strength are 8 with the lowest being 3. they've not been in combat, appear to be in supply and attached to hqs. ive had a look at the manual but im still none the wiser. its march 41 and the front lines haven't moved in that area.
  5. does the terrain and environment mod by aris just get copied into the z folder?
  6. Just wondering what a rough eta is on the next update before I start any more pbem games?
  7. What are the pros and cons of declaring war on Germany early while german forces are still in the west? Does Russia miss out on any positive events or get any negative ones?
  8. Sorry to drag this thread up but ive encountered the same issue. I have an ATG that is in deployed mode but it still says limbered. Why is this so and will it still fire?
  9. ive had 3 crashes as well although different errors than this. The program just randomly stops responding during my turn.
  10. anyone got any tips on how to approach this scenario? ive tried it twice and failed both times. the 2nd attempt I took a very methodical approach by creeping forward with recon but it was pretty obvious half way through that I wouldn't have enough time to complete it. it would seem that I would need to rush units forward but surely I would lose to many units that way. how are other people approaching this scenario and other ones like it?
  11. I use this all the time be it against AI or mp so the answer to that is a defo yes.
  12. Probably a dumb question but here goes anyway. ive been using this tool with the base game. is there some funky way I can import all my battle results from the original spreadsheet to this new one? I don't fancy manually inputting all the results onto the new spreadsheet.
  13. yeah im wondering the same thing. ready to purchase but it doesn't seem available for download unless it was pre-ordered.
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