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  1. A very looooong time ago, one of my professors used to say: If we always would have aimed for perfection, we would have the perfect stone axe today….🤓
  2. Looks like it should be available (for some of us) on Netflix as „The forgotten battle“.
  3. Ah, that‘s why. I wondered about the muzzle brake, which is not T34/85 like…
  4. I had a similar issue recently in CMBN and it seemed, the only solution is to replay the last working file and hope for a good next file. Worked for us. For the moment at least. Fingers crossed…
  5. After a long holiday „interruption“. After replaying the last good file we found, it looks like we are back in business. Let‘s hope we can bring Operation Linnett to an end. Only 2h 16min to go….
  6. My old (or your) FSB's are 16 bit and work, but meanwhile I tried 24 bit more systematically, too. Unfortunately, with no effect. May I send you an example or two? Perhaps you can see what the issue is.
  7. Hm, if you consider the time frame and duration from 1980 to 1988, that’s not too surprising. Especially that the guys gathered some combat experience over the 8 years.
  8. Thx, JuJu. That helped a little and at least made me thinking again. I had indeed a gap in my numbering, jumped from 90 to 101. But to fix it had only a meagre effect. Now, I see either the old FSB‘s or a black screen. Looks like CM find‘s something, but cannot display it. But: When remove the old FSB‘s and leave my new, I see only the in-game FSB‘s. Another question came to my mind: Is there a required RGB setting? I now converted all FSB‘s to R5G6B5. The other options, which GIMP offers would have A1 and X1 values, too. But for the time being: Enjoy the beach!😎
  9. Hi Umlaut I am busy with the force specific backgrounds. Not quite finished yet, but that‘s a matter of days now. Today I was even smart enough to realise that I need to save them as 16-Bit files in 1024x728. However, my new backgrounds don‘t show up in the game. First I just added them to the existing in Z, but today I removed all except one new file from Z and got only the „in-Game“ backgrounds to see. Any ideas?
  10. Ah, yes, John Ford’s Cavallery trilogy plus “The Horse Soldiers” are missing from our list, too. I loved those movies as a kid.😊
  11. Yeah, I am surprised that nobody mentioned Dances with Wolves. For me by far the best Western of the 90's. I watched it about 6 or 8 times in a cinema and approx umpteenth times on TV, VCR, DVD and BD. The only other Western movies, which I remember off hand from the 90's, are Silverado and and Maverick. But they are a different class all together. But not too bad, though. Soldier Blue and Little Big Man stuck with me, because they add some pretty ugly illustration to Dee Brown's (otherwise quite dry) book "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee". Plus, of course, Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man is a class of it's own in any way.
  12. Soldier Blue Little Big Man Dances with Wolves
  13. Hi Erwin You may have seen it already, GMT announced a new a addition to their Panzer series: Panzer North Africa. Looking at the price tag, it will be a massive thing. Interesting here: In addition to the usual German and British suspects, the game also includes quite some Italian AFVs.
  14. Thx, but I am actually German. So, I am more interested in today’s match. Anyway, Switzerland vs France was pretty exciting and I watched it to the very late end.😳😵😴
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