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  1. Hi Chuck, I did not want to start the argument again. I just mentioned the discussion which we had about a year ago about the „wall topic“ as an example.
  2. That would bring us back to the discussion about „micro management“ or „micro realism“ in CM. Like the old argument, that not all troops deploy behind a wall, but on the „attacker side“, too.
  3. Strange, does not seem to be in the Scenario Depot, but I can send the scenario. Drop me a line with your mail address, if you want.
  4. Oh, Whow, you can still see and handle 1/72 Parts? I moved to 1/18 a long time ago.
  5. I liked „Bloody Buron“ quite much. It‘s a huge one, but again with the Germans in defense, I found it manageable enough. I remember a pretty desperate fight, with many thrilling „micro-actions“. Re „Huzzar!“: There are a few different versions around. The latest is „Huzzar Redux“, IIRC. It is a „night action“ at sun set with fading light. Or was it the other way round? Can‘t remember exactly. Anyway, one mostly plays in poor visibility, which makes it a little more difficult. But, yes, that‘s a thrilling scenario.
  6. „Wittmann‘s Demise“ is great. Fairly large, but still quite manageable from the German side.
  7. Browsing YT, I came across this video: https://youtu.be/zMf55PrCR1E To date the best overall account of the battle between the 3rd Infantry Division and the Panzer Brigade „Westfalen“, which I know. Much better than the two Marc Felton videos about the battle.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up! Excellent documentary about a little know aspect. And even the CGI is up to “CM standard”. My next episode to watch will be the tank battles in Korea.
  9. Well, we soon shall know, I understand, the whole area shall be converted into a housing area. Or are the tanks hidden under the tank barracks, east of the city? But interesting, I grew up right next to the infantry barracks and never heard that myth in 25 years….
  10. To all BAOR guys in the forum, who may have served there: I just heard from my sister, that the infantry barracks in Paderborn have been completely knocked down, except for a few historical buildings.
  11. To which period of time and region does Husker refer? The question as such is by far to unclear, to wide to give a meaningful answer. The conflict, but also coexistence, of „unvoluntary“ vs professional armies is probably thousands of years old. And it is, on the other hand, a completely normal phenomenon. A fitting British example maybe the deployment of the Fyrd with a back-bone of household warriors. Or the Us in Civil War times. Or European countries in WW1 and WW2 times. Obviously, one finds it in many other places and periods, too, that the bulk of the forces was pressed or drafted into service in times of need, while the rulers preferred to rely on small professional armies in more peaceful times.
  12. Just finished the book. Whow, very good read, indeed. Many interesting ideas and surprising twists. Well worth the time spent! But not very „technical“. So, expect nothing like „Red Storm Rising“.
  13. It comes to mind: Perhaps it is worthwhile to have a look at real table top games. I have no experience with them, but can imagine, that the set-up instructions are more „liberal“ than in board games and the conditions are easier to translate to CM. Unfortunately, I never played any, so I can‘t recommend one.
  14. Yep, a long time ago, I tried to convert Albuera from Clash of Arms‘ La Battaille Series to a very comparable computer game. Numberwise, it was easy enough. But the outcome was not very satisfying. My game was, eh, playable, but by far not as exciting as the original. Board game OOB‘s should certainly give Kohl a good starting point, but I guess it will still take quite an effort to develop a working CM scenario from them. BTW, I am trying the same with Valor & Victory now: Convert Combat Commander scenarios to V&V, but I am not yet happy with the results.
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