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  1. Eh, your calculation is wrong. (Sorry, old engineers habit. „First of all, check if the numbers match.“) 🤓 The area is „D squared x Pi / 4“ or 350x350x3.14/4= 96‘162 m2. With 550 shells, this comes to 0.005 shells/m2. But a square meter is a very small area. Quite a long time ago, we discussed the blast radius of artillery shells in a thread (I think, it was naval gun related). That discussion may give some further info.
  2. Yeah, they normally can help you with such things quickly.
  3. Sgt.Squarehead 1,195 Posted March 15, 2018 Armortek. If 1/6 is your thing, these are the guys for you: https://www.armortek.co.uk/ PS - Interesting.....They don't seem to advertise their 'live fire' stuff any more, their first Tiger kit could be fitted with a shotgun as the main weapon. Edited March 15, 2018 by Sgt.Squarehead Those were the days.... Unfortunately, the Tiger is out off production. But now Armortek has a Jagdtiger in th
  4. PM me your mail address. I have at least some of Vein’s Uniforms.
  5. Ag, and CW Bloody Buron. There they really have an impact.
  6. Yeah, some in BN, MG and FI. If that is of interest, I’ll try to remember. MG Joe’s Bridge comes to my mind immediately, but that’s a different thread.
  7. What? You actually got the 88 to fire? Assuming you are talking about the Flak, those always are close to useless for me. Though they look impressive...😎
  8. The Ben Kane‘s trilogy was good, but the best Varus novel which I read to date is Geraint Jones‘ „Bloodforest“. Though it appears, this is meanwhile a trilogy, too. Nevertheless, the Romans lose. 🤓 In terms of a more serious read, I would recommend the collection of articles accompanying the 2000 Years anniversary, which came out 2009 instead of a catalogue of the three main presentations. 3 volumes of state of the art scientific articles. Pretty difficult reading. I only managed to read what seemed really interesting to me. But if you are into contemporary Roman pottery, you’ll find some
  9. @BFCElvis would be the right person to answer. Cheers and have fun with Combat Mission!
  10. It’ll be a 6 episode series and the trailer looks very good. Spoken in German and Latin, though. That‘ll be interesting. If I may correct: It‘s Teutoburg, not -berg. But it seems, the actual battle was a little north of it, near Osnabrück. There is a very nicely done museum in a place called Kalkriese, where they (most probably) discovered a part of the battle field some 20 years ago.
  11. Still my confusion remains: In the last turn I had three or four battered paras in the building near the NW end of the bridge. My oppo had two tanks on the N side road towards the forest and if I recall right nothing else in the N end victory zone. Further at least two tanks ON the bridge, plus some infantry and a light tank in the S side victory zone. I received points for holding the bridge, he did not.
  12. Hi Ithikial Please don‘t misunderstand me. My oppo and I did like the scenario quite much in the end. We were indeed somewhat frustrated in the beginning, but the action packed last phase changed our minds drastically. It certainly helped me to read the allied victory conditions to better understand what has happened in the game. Some questions remain however and I would be glad to discuss them with you by mail or PM, to avoid spoilers. I think, I still have the last game file. If you PM me your mail address, I’ll send you a Dropbox invite. And, yep, if I remember correctly, I destro
  13. Finally, I finished my PBEM game of Wittmans Demise. I played the Germans and scored a tactical victory, killed 43 tanks but lost 29. Wittmann survived (with Dollinger and von Westernhagen). Extremely exciting scenario. I was about to give up a couple of times. Each time when I thought „I‘ve done it! That‘s it now!“ some more Shermans popped up. I don‘t want to spoil the scenario for others, so just my two highlights: - Von Westerhagen single handedly saved the left flank and cleared the farm west of Gaumnesil (La Maisonette, I believe) with his Tiger from 3 Shermans in (almost)
  14. Thanks, guys. I had a look at the allied victory conditions and finally understood. Yesterday, I was a little disappointed, indeed. It did not feel like a major victory at all. At best, I was hoping for a draw due to my smart, gamey last minute rush. In the end, I found the scenario pretty good. It started frustrating, became boring for quite a while and was extremely exiting in the last 30 minutes or so. After the StuG‘s failed, I pushed the Para‘s forward through the woods, just to somehow reach the bridge. Lot‘s of close quarters, chaotic night fighting. In the fight for the NW po
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