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  1. Hm, that‘s interesting. Stupid question: How do you find that stuff? If I search, I find only a small number of series and movies. Say, 50 each. But that’s difficult to judge, because I never found complete lists. Breaking that down to what is of interested for me, I end up with a handful each.
  2. Did you check, if the Battle Pack scenarios and campaigns are available in your installed game? Alas, the Battle Pack consists only (or better:mostly) of Battle and Campaign files.
  3. I did not watch it yet, but it looks like a comic book movie (or better:Series). After 3 weeks, I am still no Netflix fan...
  4. In the end, I was not too enthusiastic anymore. The final battle was very far away from the historical account. And there was a funny glitch leading to the battle: The Roman Legions marched from the summer camp at Porta Westfalica (nicely shown on a map) west and planned to attack the Marsii, who lived in the north of Germany and north-west of the summer camp. On their way the Legions turned left (I.e., to the south), just before the battle. But that probably was already part of “the evil plan” to confuse the Legions.🤓 No, the series is a quite nice action series with historical bac
  5. Yeah, sure. Speaking German I am well aware, what „Nebelwerfer“ means. Though, there is also the claim from Rudolph Nebel, that he developed them and that they were named after him. Anyway, I guess what we all want to see in CM is the „Big Bang“, not the smoke....😊
  6. As bad as it is, travel restrictions have nothing to do with this. In another Great Country they did not stop „very fine people“ to shoot a (quite) peaceful protesters or to drive trucks into crowds.
  7. I should have most of Aris‘ mods. Drop me PM line and open a large Dropbox-Folder....
  8. Just a wild guess: Can it be tagged, so that it appears only in a correspondingly mod-tagged scenario?
  9. And the Nebelwerfer are pretty useless, anyway. The only thing, they are good for is (in my experience), indeed a smoke screen.
  10. Yep, before your charge with the „Recon thingy“ I thought so, too. Unfortunately, in that case even 3 teams (one with a Panzerfaust) could not stop it.
  11. In another scenario, I once had a 500lbs bomb dropped directly in front of a Jagdpanzer. It did not do any damage, but it was an amazing sight. I watched the scene from the Jagpanzer and was surprised by a shaking screen and whiteout for a second or two. Can't quite remember, if even the sound was muted after the "big bang".
  12. Hi John, good guess, but it's probably in Czechoslovakia. "Lékárna" is Czech for "Apotheke" or pharmacy.
  13. Well, the region is about right for FB: South of Cologne and Aachen, north of Karlsruhe, east of Luxembourg, west of Frankfurt. Only, that it was not called Rheinland-Pfalz back then.
  14. I found it on a QB map. Not quite sure what the name is. I played against @JoMc67, so he might know. Anyway, a small map. Two minor VP areas diagonally apart on hills in north and south corners and in the center a valley with a small village and a major VP area. Wooded areas left and right of the village.
  15. Was that Rupert "wine-nosed" and big bellied? Otherwise, you may be mistaken. Well, 400 years certainly take their toll...
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