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  1. Since you mention this one, I even would recommend Tom Clancy: Hunt for Red October. Quite different topic, but captures the Cold War mood nicely.
  2. Rest assured, not everybody in this forum agrees with Aragorn. He certainly has the habit to make statements, which many people in Germany would start with „Das wird man jawohl noch sagen dürfen...“
  3. I served between 1980 and 82, at a time when other „dangerous nonsense „ threatened the world...
  4. Oooff, I recollect the time indeed more like @Dr.Fusselpulli What sticks most, is how annoyed I was, when many of our „professionals“ decided to quit for „ethical reasons“ during the Falkland War. When they were asked to replace the Brits in NATO missions, like the AWACS planes or during navy patrols in the North Sea.
  5. Yep, I don’t remember the full story, but for some reason CMBN is different in this aspect, too. Well, being the first of the lot, that should probably not be a surprise.
  6. Yes and no. IIRC, the installation is always in C, but you can copy most of the game to any other drive. I would have to check at home how exactly that looks and works. Or, ask @BFCElvis he should be able to give a quick answer.
  7. Yep, interesting point. Using the old cars for a while would make sense. But then West Germany got rid of the NVA stuff pretty quickly. IIRC, the MIG 27 was the only equipment which made it into the Bundeswehr. Well, I guess for obvious reasons. Otherwise, I can´t really remember. What a shame, about the only thing I clearly remember from the time are the "bought empty" Aldi's.😀
  8. Not quite sure about the "Polizeiwagen". It certainly looks the standard design was more like the Wartburg below. But if you search the Internet for "Polizeiwagen DDR", you find surprisingly many which look like the @chuckdyke Trabbi.
  9. Yeah, there is certainly some room for improvement in the artwork. I noted, that the half timbered houses do not look very German. In the Fulda area, I would expect either a full timber frame or none. In the Fulda area a black frame with white fillings, further north a black frame with reddish-brown brick filling. But not too many of such houses anyway. Most have been bombed to ruins sometime earlier anyway.
  10. Hm, the description says "centered around the Fulda Gap". That's far south of the Luneburger Heide. And snow? It hardly snows in the Lueneburger Heide (Ok, THIS years winter is different....) Assuming the game is set in summer times, there is little hope of snow. IIRC, back then in the 80's, the Warsaw Pact planned to be in Antwerp in four days or so. But let's hope for the modders!
  11. Ouch, that would hurt everybody living near Fulda... The main difference: The landscape near Berlin and towards the east is pretty flat, around Fulda it is pretty hilly. That's why the Fulda Gap was the most likely approach way... In terms of vegetation: Around Berlin the soil is quite sandy, so you would mostly see open woods with birch trees. They don't have that near Fulda. But I agree, if you see it from a distance, it may look not too different.
  12. Nope, this would be something like 200km to the west of Berlin. More the the „next“ FB module, after Huertgenwald and Aachen.🤔🤓
  13. Oh, whow, looks like I have to jump over my shadow and buy a „modern“ CM game!
  14. Hm, I haven‘t seen her in the games in 20 years CM gamlng now. Probably a surprise appearance in F&R...
  15. Get in touch with the customer support. It looks like you are missing some files. I had a similar „black item“ only recently.
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