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  1. Whow! That one looks good, indeed. Let’s hope it comes out well.
  2. Now we know, why the Russian Navy is not included in CM: https://www.20min.ch/video/raketenstart-von-russischer-kriegsflotte-missglueckt-677351963543 And: No more complaints about “Blue on Blue“ incidents in CM!🤓
  3. That's the first scenario I played with CMCW. I just left the M60's in a hull down position in the sunken "Bundesstrasse" and sent an infantry squad forward into the small village in the center. The result: A total US victory after 40 minutes or so. It felt more like a target practice on the shooting range. One M60 killed, two badly damaged and else a M113 killed by an airstrike and some jeeps plus infantry lost to arty. Ah, plus 12 (or something) T72's burning... Only one T72 made it to the small hamlet in the mid field.
  4. Ooops, must be case of „selective memory“ on my side. I remember only a lush, green, rural countryside and a pitoresque medieval old town. 😊 But you are probably right, Braunschweig and Kassel sport a similar beautiful architecture. Why not Fulda, too. 🤢
  5. Yep, you won‘t see many of those in the area CMCW covers...
  6. Could be worse. I once had a business trip to Bahrain scheduled just when a new CM game came out...😎
  7. Conquered by the Deutsch Ritter Orden in the 13th Century, if I recall correctly. ”Same architecture” is a big word. The architecture differs quite much between north and south especially. E.g., you see those reddish-brown brick buildings only in northern Germany.
  8. Yep, that has been discussed in another thread already:
  9. Are you aware, that your forum password and the BFC password are not the same? Otherwise, contact customer service @BFCElvis. I am sure they won’t let a customer, with your reputation and willing to spend his money, down.
  10. Call for air support? Rather not or only on very large maps.😎
  11. Whow, you know what the TacAI intends? I doubt that it has any intend by definition. 🤓
  12. Your statement is too general for my taste. I would rather agree with @IanL. Certainly, I do see some surprising hits, but also many miserable fails. To do some proper testing is a good idea, though not easy to do. First question: Against what will you compare the results?
  13. I am not quite sure, that I understand your question, but most people nowadays use IMGUR to post their pic‘s.
  14. Made, because I asked for it....🥲 And itˋs not even my birthday. Thanks, guys! @umlaut: I havenˋt tried it yet, but the mod looks great in Booties review. Especially the rusted weld seams are a nice new touch
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