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  1. No- that's the Alt-Moabit overpass by Lehter Station. I'm not sure exactly where the picture was from vantage-wise, but the bridge would seem to be to the right of that view. That scenario includes.
  2. They do! That picture was one of the headgear references, to give you an idea.
  3. Thanks, Bud. Cassio and Mike did the bulk of the artwork- masses of it. They are top-drawer of the top-drawer professionals.
  4. Rebar, indeed. Added that so the walls could look acceptable where they don't align due to ground height issues, as well as look convincing enough at the ends. There's a few other new flavor object stuff in there as well.
  5. The ground-support units in 1945 were less likely to get on-call air support due to a lack of trained pilots and available aircraft. Operations like Bodenplatte had to use mass, and in a sense adhered to the aviation version of a "human wave" technique. That's generally the hallmark of an under-trained, desperate force that has to make do with an unsteady force with a lack of equipment. A human wave attack with some early jets- bonkers, desperate stuff. Like using an iPad to chop wood. That's part of why 1945 is interesting to me, personally- the advancements in technology were either paying dividends (generally for the Soviets), or a technological near-dead end that had been doubled down on regardless of utility or sense (generally the Germans). The pool of trained, battle-ready manpower had evaporated, so there are both highly trained and capable forces intermixed with untrained and possibly under-equipped ones.
  6. Agreed. There are a few combat-effective Hungarian units to make a campaign around as well.
  7. No Facebook pics. I think only retired aunts are allowed there, nowadays. The young folks have moved on. You have to hit them in their Tik-Toks to get a peep. Russians in warm clothes. Lemme check the kitchen.
  8. Are you randomizing them as "stowage", or alternate versions of the base model? A random assortment seems a good idea. One could also use a full-alpha'd set for one non-camo'd version (if using the base model method to do it).
  9. Definite "simulation wants out of it's misery" feel to that cover. Collector's item.
  10. I'll reinforce how great Synchronization is. A built-in failsafe for when we invariably change something part-way through the process through renaming, etc. I've thanked Charles and Steve mentally at least twice when this function saved me redoing things that would have taken potentially weeks to fix. Redos are all too common given the complexity of these things, so I greatly appreciated the foresight to fit the Editor with something that acknowledges that complexity with the ability to fix one's errors in a well considered way.
  11. Straight to the Society of Chymical Physitians with you, man! Better health to you.
  12. Tidying up mods happens once a year. A holiday is in order.
  13. Frustration is the field of the tinkerer. Since the rail car is the only thing strangely illuminated (that I can see), the model should be checked. Get rid rid of any custom shaders, certainly. Process of elimination to find fault from there. The game engine looks to be not recognizing the settings for overall bright/dark, as they could be set for either something general for another game engine, or incorrectly (by the originator of the model, as they probably had no inkling of this particular game engine, esteemed though it is). I'm sure Aquila has checked these settings, but some more experimentation may be needed, as both instances appear to not entirely match the surrounding illumination to my eye. There are a number of texture illumination settings in Blender- "Brightness" in the texture settings being the first I'd re-check and adjust. How light interacts with a given model (or how Normals face, etc) is rarely going to work out of "the box" with third party models, and will require fixing all manner of weird stuff. That is a crash course in Blender, certainly- but changing the illumination is fairly straightforward (in roundabout way!).
  14. Check your mount points for the soldiers sitting positions within the vehicle. It sounds like they were reset, or deleted.
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