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  1. And starting with a clapboard building, no less! Nice work.
  2. benpark

    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    Thanks. You may want to look into the RT module when it comes out if you like mapsmapsmaps. Nothing wrong with those OCD tendencies, if you know how to channel them!
  3. benpark

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Mad Respect. This will be modular madhouse.
  4. benpark

    beta tester?

    "...And the Golden Goat shall lead the way to the Portal. This shall usher in the DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS!"- that stuff? Since you had a bad experience, I'll try to help explain from my experience what seems to go awry in the process, and how to avoid ineffective user-made testing/sceario creation- Critique (or tester feedback) is a skill that people need to actually learn and practice to be effective at. Anyone can have an opinion (even an informed one), but to effectively help someone improve something systematically is another matter. The goal is to help the thing improve, For the tester, critiques should convey specific information in the case of testing first and foremost. General feelings should be saved for last impressions, and take a backseat. "I like" or "I don't like" should always be specifically qualified, or not used. That's where things get "personal" for some. "This works" or "this doesn't work" is a start- but again, specifics keep things informational and less vague. The person that makes something should also be prepared for critique. If it is done with generosity and specificity, it can make a scenario far better than it was initially. You may need to disassociate yourself from the work a bit, if that helps- think of it as if someone else made the first iteration, and you an the tester are "fixing it", if that helps. Be aware some advice isn't always what you may want to end up doing- and that some testers are more adept than others. And have multiple people test something- if 3 people tell you something is a problem, they are probably right. And some people just shouldn't be testing other people's work if they can't at least do the aforementioned. And so on.
  5. benpark

    Nijmegen Ported to CMBS

    Yep, that’s my handiwork. And you are maybe as crazy as I am. And you are certainly welcome to do what thou whilst with it.
  6. benpark

    beta tester?

    But as it revealed itself, it looked like the bottom half of the face of Rodney Dangerfield, with a giraffe's body. But seriously- It might help if you contribute scenarios/campaigns, help others out with testing, at least have a passing knowledge of the Editor, and generally are a knowledgeable person that is able to work well with others on timelines (a small majority of humans are able to do this, apparently), that might be a good start. It's ultimately up to BFC!
  7. benpark

    Campaign WIP: Tiger Trail

    Nice map! The next module will hopefully re-spark your interest in continuing the campaign.
  8. benpark

    beta tester?

    Aaaaaaaaaaand these are why we don't show screenshots until we are ready doing the equations. Multiplying the tonnage equations for those bridges was very difficult, even with the color coding. So many instances of sinkage when even a Kübelwagen drove over! Can YOU spot the error based upon the numbers on screen? An advanced degree in maths is generally preferred, but not required. When we "live-sim", that's when we need testing participants. Someone has to test the weights based upon our work (which often has to be ciphered out between 4-5 of us). Plenty of initial errors, but we eventually get it right. We do lose a few "under-map" testers, but that just means they no longer technically exist.
  9. benpark

    beta tester?

    Once invited, one must look deep into the abyss within a sterile, controlled environment (deep in to woods of Maine, down a flight of very long, dark home-cobbled stairs), then make a scenario that reflects the essence of their experience. That seems to be the deciding factor in acceptance. These scenarios are then stored by Steve and Charles in something they call the "Soul Vault". There might just be some great 1960's and early 1970's record-albums in there, but...I think not, due to the weird blue vapors emanating from it. The audio tape of my experience in the "Learning Chamber" (which Steve mails to those accepted in a plain manila envelope after 5 years) sits on my desk, unopened after receiving it a few years ago. I did tear it open enough to see a single image within, and it was this:
  10. The best mod topic tags in the biz. Mord Mods. Indispensable, always on the drive. You can divine a few more German branches from Steve's announcement. For a decent home equity loan, we can add more, more, more!
  11. Post Scriptum is a mod made from Squad. It certainly has issues, but I’m fairly enjoying in the short bursts I am able to play of it- and I very rarely play FPS games.
  12. There is no competition. One is an FPS, and one is the Greatest Game on my computer, and always will be.
  13. Ah! That old trick! Hit 'em where they aint.
  14. Indeed. I had no inkling of it. Many, many thanks.
  15. Nice subject tags, Artkin. I'll see if I can get this moved to the GENERAL General forum.