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  1. The best mod topic tags in the biz. Mord Mods. Indispensable, always on the drive. You can divine a few more German branches from Steve's announcement. For a decent home equity loan, we can add more, more, more!
  2. Post Scriptum is a mod made from Squad. It certainly has issues, but I’m fairly enjoying in the short bursts I am able to play of it- and I very rarely play FPS games.
  3. There is no competition. One is an FPS, and one is the Greatest Game on my computer, and always will be.
  4. Ah! That old trick! Hit 'em where they aint.
  5. Indeed. I had no inkling of it. Many, many thanks.
  6. Nice subject tags, Artkin. I'll see if I can get this moved to the GENERAL General forum.
  7. Battle Academy is a fun game. I play the ancients stuff as well on that engine from time to time- which signifies a good game system to me. I can be mildly interested in the subject matter, but the game elements draw me into the historical experience (and is also entertaining to play) I don't know for sure how accurate the armor modelling is in PS, but everything seems to have made sense in the 3 nights I've played. Watch a tutorial or two on YouTube, as it will explain the roles to you. Thre's basically infantry, engineers and armor forces. Infantry can't pop into tanks, etc. You have your particular slot. There are indeed proper seating positions for each vehicle, and if you play with people that are on the ball, each position in an AFV can be played as expected (player commanding, etc). I've seen long range duels between Fireflies and Panthers (I think! I stayed clear as a rifleman) with deflections, and close range surprise fights between AFVs- but the general FPS nonsense is generally absent. I am actually with you- I can't stand multiplayer games for the most part, and FPS ones are the worst. I'm a 48 year old man that's seen some stuff in his time. I don't need to hear what passes for funny for ill behaved 14 year olds anymore (or 60 year old 14 year olds, for that matter). But the people playing this so far seem fairly serious, and I can get into that. I don't know if bots will be added to PS- but there is a greyed out (it's in seriously late Alpha- no bugs for me yet) that says "Practice Mode", so I'd think that is a strong possibility. But most of my time is spent right here, in CM Land. That's been the constant since 2000 or 2001. It's hazy now.
  8. I do recall at one time there was a "No commercial links" bit on the website, but I also don't see it. I do believe that is still the policy. We all do discuss other games in the "General Forum" below- so that may be a better venue, since this is technically the CM General discussion area.
  9. I would strongly recommend Post Scriptum (a FPS), if we are piling on with the suggestions. It is set in Market-Garden, has the best maps I have ever seen in a FPS depicting real-world locations, and is a game with a great emphasis on teamwork (it's based off of ...er "Squad". IIRC). The sound is also pretty visceral. I was hiding in a hedge scanning for unseen enemies across a flowered field, and a friendly tank opened up its main gun near me, and I actually inhaled in shock at how terrifyingly real the experience seemed. All the while, dirt is being kicked up all around me by an enemy as in the dark as I am. You just need a decent few commanders (which seems to be the case with more regularity than one might expect). It's my new Red Orchestra. I'm "Formaldehyde" on the servers. A CM group would be great to play with sometime. I just need to get a microphone for communication, which my wife will love in the wee hours of the evening.
  10. benpark

    first time campaign maker for CMSF2

    Good compilation of links and information. You may want to update the AI orders section to include 4.0 specific AI orders like facing (and area fire, etc). Currently it says: "TIP! There is no explicit way to instruct a Group to face after completing an Order."- this is now possible in 4.0. Link: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/scenario-designer’s-workshop-–-ai-scripting.28022/
  11. I can't game on a laptop, but my anecdotal evidence, as far as upgrades go- Even the largest maps load in about 2-3 minutes, tops on my trash-can MacPro (which is a terrible computer for other reasons). It was the same for my older MacPro, which did a fine job overall with CMx2. My home-build PC takes the same scenario about twice as long to load. That machine is kitted out with whatever was top of the line about a year ago (two SLI higher-end NVidia cards, fastest i7 processor, lots of RAM, etc). I can check specs later. Upgrading it from my 4 year old home-build improved load times significantly, and I gained frame rates by doing so. It certainly won't hurt. My main issue with the Mac is my mouse scroll speed, which is fairly slow compared to the PC. Enough so that I tolerate the slightly longer load times on the PC. Overall, the PC is a bit smoother, and can run everything completely maxed out, even on larger maps (I don't play multi-battalion games like some of you oddballs, but I like larger sized maps with medium sized forces). The Mac can do the same, but scaling down the settings helps keep frame rates smooth.
  12. I'm not certain of the particulars of copyright laws other than the USA, but 70 years is the general copyright expiration for photographic images. Much of what you will find will be under "fair use", as the images were made by combat camera men and women working for their various national agencies- the US images will be fair use in that case. As far as US law is concerned- Copyright in photography lies with the creator of the image, not a secondary owner. Ownership of a print or negative without having created a work does not constitute any sort of exclusive rights. Copyright transfer/extension is rare, and Disney or Warhol estate level of insane. Since the people that made the images in question are now most certainly dead, you are generally going to be in the clear (though due diligence as to credit is encouraged).
  13. benpark

    Flames Mod For All CM Modules

    And I was just looking for an old flames mod, so off to check this out. Thanks for doing them.
  14. benpark

    Flames Mod For All CM Modules

    Wot? That’s half the product! You won’t have a problem doing the above to get the proverbial burning car (forget the car wreck analogy). The Editor is really worth cracking open.
  15. benpark

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I think that was the first pun I have ever enjoyed in my life. It’s not a good feeling, but thanks.