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  1. Right- some of the hilly terrain in FB played havoc with the door placement, particularly the Independent structures. Those delivery trucks have good breaks. If you see a few key spots where there are issues on the maps I did, let me know where. Not sure I can fix it "officially", but I'll be on the lookout for other, similar instances. Other particular cities are luckily very flat. But with so many more doors.
  2. The maps that I did (Stavelot and Noville, and the Aachen ones off the top of my head) have been made to the specifications of period maps. There is of course some license there (roads, mainly) but I've tried to keep things "historical" as much as the engine allows. Where you see attached houses, my take is that these are attached, separate residences unless a "special" structure (generally named on the map). Any large, open structure is done with adjoining doors or open throughout. There are generally no through doors in my maps with adjoined structures (don't remember adding random ones, and don't think I would do that randomly unless on my 8th hour of clicking) in these residences, as is the case with any apartment/shared space structure. I try to allow enough access points throughout via doors. There is only so much clicking I can do on those master maps, unfortunately (and this is a very mild case compared to...other things). The scenario designer can certainly adapt them to add doors throughout, but I'd personally find that level of access unrealistic.
  3. It will only become invisible with an alpha channel. The bit depth is an expression of available tonality, and is a different concern altogether. Alpha channels control what is concealed or revealed based upon RGB values. To add the alpha channel in Photoshop, create a new layer mask attached to the initial graphic, and then fill the layer mask with 0,0,0 RGB- completely black. This is the alpha channel setting for "not visible- 100%". Save as a .bmp with the layer intact (with included alpha channel). The 0,0,0 RGB is a signal to the game engine that the graphic is concealed or "invisible". It can also be done in variations of the RGB values to create opacity effects, etc.- but 0,0,0 for completely dissapearing something.
  4. The terrain mod looks great. So does the early stage of the map.
  5. Could you mod an alpha channel into the lower floor? That would give you a ready made texture. Not sure if that saves work, or makes more! eh, never mind. Doors and windows make it too complicated. Clicks it is.
  6. The gear on the infantry models is mod-able with the plugin. Helmets included.
  7. This thread covers...cover (relevant to how flavor objects behave):
  8. After the CMFI module is the one thing you need to focus on. No dates are given for all the same reasons Steve has always stated. So make up your own, it doesn't matter. It's done when it is done, and when it can be done. This has been said ad infinitum. The song remains the same.
  9. The answer is in the first post. In this very thread.
  10. That’s a quote you will need from Steve or Charles. I’m thinking Steve.
  11. Hold up now. What? Quote please- as Steve being "in the dark" about anything around here would be most odd- particularly as we have been in contact through all these long years of development.
  12. Wrong again. I answered this, not long ago. In response to you. So you should know the answer. Here it is again.
  13. If I recall, you can probably purchase the Italian units at the date available, then reset the date to the intended one, and purchase the rest of the forces. I don't recall ever needing to save as a core file. That may be one less step, or proof my memory is out of room.
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