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  1. Edit- I missed the part about the mouse release on first read. Yes, this does look new, and welcome.
  2. I use the non-setup zone method mostly, but also mix that with a zone setup within the same plan to randomize specific elements- like a few AFVs or anti tank guns, etc. That allows control, as well as some randomization for replayability.
  3. Yes. But then you can have different ones if needed through the campaign (pretty important, actually...). You can just load up your original text file that has the mod tag text, however. I have a folder for 'em.
  4. Oh, that video is all kinds of interesting. Just found this, to keep the tangent going... https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a474188.pdf I have about half the parts, but none of the time!
  5. The loading screens I believe are swapped in randomly. They can't be tagged by scenario. The briefing graphics are part of the scenario, so they are able to be. I haven't attempted to change any of these in the past, so this is conjecture based upon how the game "sees" the files.
  6. Yes- all to solve a bet to see if all of the horse's feet were off the ground (or not) during that one fraction of an instant that was too fast for precise visual perception: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sallie_Gardner_at_a_Gallop
  7. "...the way they went about filming it was rather ingenious. Instead of trying to film it with a single high speed cine camera, they used a series of still cameras set up along the trajectory of the shot and then edited all those photos into one continuous movie lasting several seconds." Eadweard Muybridge was doing a version of this exact thing, starting in 1872. It would not have been fast enough for a shell in flight of course (there are birds!), but it is what got us there, by doing exactly the aforementioned method. That film was slow in terms of relative sensitivity to light versus what was even available in the 1940's. This resulting set of consecutively made still images would later be able to be viewed with a zoopraxiscope- which is in essence a flip-book method of pre-cinema motion.
  8. Indeed! Happy to help, as I had once suffered as you.
  9. It's an easy fix, for once! Here's what you need- - Remove the mod tags from EVERYTHING after the stock textures (building "8"). That means, 9, 10 have no [ramadi]. They are named exactly as is, but delete the Mod Tag, as these are outside the scope of the standard stock set. Mod Tags are for swapping in something that already exists. For all else, just add the numbers, and keep going. -Add windows with the "u" suffix (copy "window 8u", rename as 9, 10)- they are missing. These are in the stock graphics, so you need them. You now will see the 9,10 buildings in the stock game if they aren't already set by the map-maker. If that bugs you, copy over two of your full favorite stock modular texture sets. Then add the [ramadi] mod tag to your buildings 9, 10. That way these only show for this scenario. Did that work?
  10. The fact it stops at the default "8" modular might point to a missing file. I have this happen from time to time if I forget one of them. I'm sure you have already, but double check that ALL the modular files are in your new modular folder. The engine won't swap in something from building 8 to cover something missing in your new building 9, if I recall.
  11. That's ancient history now, so I can barely recall making it. As you can see, this post was dead as a door nail (2013) until you dug it up. I expect I went with the average quality modifiers at that point, especially since it was fictional. I believe the Allied side has the more of the town for cover- that was to be a leveling factor for balance- again, I find this to be the fundamental issue I have with this method I was attempting. I've learned a lot since then. Have you worked on your own scenario since?
  12. Thanks very much for the massive undertaking.
  13. I did the same. The "GI Anvil of Victory: Squad Leader copy I bought as a 13 year old had a blank US officer counter that I added my name to. Which wrapped around the edges of the counter, and was far less well-executed than I had hoped. Also finding some blank hex sheets that were around 16x20" allowed me to start making my own maps. That was when things became really interesting for me, and I'm still doing it in my whatever the heck age I am.
  14. HtH is definitely covered- no worries. I'm just rethinking the concept of how I did them in the past- as focusing on balance before my better judgement from either side. The old "meeting engagement" based upon more historical information and maps is more my speed.
  15. I'll never make another balanced scenario for HtH play, so don't worry about it. I'll leave those designs to people that actually play MP.
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