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  1. Very nice work. The textures are distinct and detailed, which can be tough where the areas align.
  2. Probably good timing by Mark in the plan as well if CMSF2, and lots of testing. Watching the flow of the QB play out in testing over and over helps. Scenario Author, Turn-Based. Repeat until the plan is working (adjusting timings and AI locations to suit). The 4.0 AI additions are a big help with doing the AI, regardless of other controls. "Withdraw" alone keeps behaviors looking like something humans might do, which ranks well in my estimation for a "must have". Add in some "area fire", and it can be (somewhat- it's a QB, thus completely open) controlled chaos. And "Facing"- that is
  3. I think we are just getting better at remotely understanding Charles' and Steve's brains. The 4.0 AI additions help. "Withdraw" and "Area Fire" are very useful. Just remember the plan is somewhat general, so it may not be beneficial to overdue any behavior, and I expect you will do well. It helps to do as much AI testing as possible. It's always an unknown as to the forces, so consider that a given plan may be foot/wheeled/tracked. Lots of forest movement might get complicated for tanks, etc. I don't fight the engine, I try to adapt to it and see if you can come at your idea from ano
  4. He was a good example to all of us that make things for these kinds of games/simulations- he kept it interesting and fun. A person that understood how to create a like-minded community of tinkerers. I was lucky enough to correspond with him, like others here- ages ago by now. But I recalled him when working on things, even just last week. His help has grown into many like-minded makers of things. That's a gift. Thanks again, WBW. With gratitude, "Recon" (he assigned nicknames, that was mine- I think I was researching something!).
  5. Don't see the file- is the new UI here doing something different with attachments?
  6. This is a good test. I can submit this specifically if I can get a save. The thing to look for is unintended consequences from fixing something- does removing that seeming randomness (also applied to the AI here) suddenly make the AI units move in a suddenly unconvincing way? Then a new system needs to be created to make that look "right". I'd wager- More AI slots makes more of the what we have from an existing system, rather than taking apart some existing system for reconfiguring. The only consequence for us would be keeping track of all these plans (I have a Photoshop tool for tra
  7. There is a standing request in for an alternate, Right-Click for the door/window/facade cycle to go backwards in the click pattern. I refresh that suggestion from time to time, when my claw really has had it from the clicking.
  8. It's hard to know without all of the specifics, but it sounds like the point ratio could be adjusted to get the intended result. The last scenario would need to be weighted accordingly. Testing obviously necessary- mainly to see where the average weighting would be to get the above all working together. Maybe also look at how the points are achieved ("Spot"/"Touch" etc)- some variation can help with the point allocations in interesting ways. This will also be a big help in keeping track of the point ratios: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/uncategorized/ithikials-c
  9. Independent buildings have that additional damage state over the modular ones. If I'm remembering correctly.
  10. Here is a useful link for hunting down which line your syntax error is in! https://www.browserling.com/tools/number-lines
  11. Norbert Számvéber's books are really good sources for a lot of what's happening in 1945. In Hungary, for the most part. Well researched, well formatted, and informative at the scale needed for this work. There's another Hamilton book- out of print, but good for this level of information.
  12. The game engine will randomly assign the AI Groups, as it must be adaptable to all available forces. In order for the QB system to allow for all possibilities, it must use some generic solutions- such as the assigning of units randomly among the AI slots. Programming it with this in mind is tougher than scenarios, but pretty decent if done more with a "big picture" view than down in the weeds of a single tank. There isn't currently a toggle for foot/wheel/track in the AI plans, and adding one now would impact the existing QB maps and plans with the current system. I've thought about possi
  13. Perception, environmental factors, and visual acuity- requiring a distance blur on the background isn't really useful across all situations (that the game must depict)- it depends on combinations of these factors. Plane of focus adjustment on-the-fly is something that you wouldn't want in a video game. It is involuntary in life, so it would be unsettling in a game. I mess around with these things with the shader injectors, but nausea is to be expected once the camera starts moving with a limited plane of focus. The tilt/shift effect, and people's fascination with it is instructional- the
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