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  1. Independent buildings have that additional damage state over the modular ones. If I'm remembering correctly.
  2. Here is a useful link for hunting down which line your syntax error is in! https://www.browserling.com/tools/number-lines
  3. Norbert Számvéber's books are really good sources for a lot of what's happening in 1945. In Hungary, for the most part. Well researched, well formatted, and informative at the scale needed for this work. There's another Hamilton book- out of print, but good for this level of information.
  4. The game engine will randomly assign the AI Groups, as it must be adaptable to all available forces. In order for the QB system to allow for all possibilities, it must use some generic solutions- such as the assigning of units randomly among the AI slots. Programming it with this in mind is tougher than scenarios, but pretty decent if done more with a "big picture" view than down in the weeds of a single tank. There isn't currently a toggle for foot/wheel/track in the AI plans, and adding one now would impact the existing QB maps and plans with the current system. I've thought about possible solutions to this- dedicating 3 or so slots to being vehicular, but that's getting into substantial engine work with possible unintended consequences. So "dismount" will only impact the mounted units, and be ignored by those units that it doesn't apply to. Better to have it work this way than not for either.
  5. Perception, environmental factors, and visual acuity- requiring a distance blur on the background isn't really useful across all situations (that the game must depict)- it depends on combinations of these factors. Plane of focus adjustment on-the-fly is something that you wouldn't want in a video game. It is involuntary in life, so it would be unsettling in a game. I mess around with these things with the shader injectors, but nausea is to be expected once the camera starts moving with a limited plane of focus. The tilt/shift effect, and people's fascination with it is instructional- the plane of visual focus is close in this effect, which limits the available focal range. Sharp where focused, blurry in front and back. The visual cue to the viewer (due to the visual replication of being close) is things as miniature. Conversely, much of what we view is in the 3-20 foot range (depending on surroundings). The range of "sharpness" is extended far versus near, but the distance will have some aspects of the same lack of sharpness that we see in the closer objects- just less pronounced. It is easy enough to look at something about 20 feet away, and compare the focused area to the background (without readjusting the focus)- the perception is as much at play as the the pure optics. The background doesn't look "blurry"- more of a mis-matched stereo view, attempting to correct itself, under instruction of the brain- if anything, a slightly blurred, doubling of the image would be more realistic. And vomit-inducing. Making the background blurry might work for certain times when the camera is in certain place, but not in others (in terms of perception). It also depends on the weather simulated, and so on. One fix does not cure all here, so sharper is better than a visually frustrating, un-sharp image. People have persistent, insistent visual associations. Look closely at how different video games use those. Lots of interesting strategies.
  6. There are quite a few areas that have damage to that level, but the entire master map will have varying degrees- otherwise they wouldn't be feasible (loading times, fps). The QB maps all have an extra detail pass on them, as well as scenarios (where most people will see them). For those looking for very destroyed portions for chopping up for QB, etc., they are there. As far as using your own building mods, those could work still. There are a few roof differences, if I recall to make them better for city rows- but the base texture, minus roof should still work.
  7. Here I am thinking you are talking about the scenario load time. Ugh. Yes- the two giant Berlin maps take a while to load- not that long for me, I'm maybe around 15 minutes for the two massive ones- but that is the same for any nearly 3kx4k maps out there with lots of objects populating them. I have endured longer waits than most any cumulatively now, I suspect. So, you will only experience that load time if you want to chop it up in the Editor 3-D view, or simply to see what has caused me early-onset arthritis- in which case, the load times come with the territory(no pun intended). The older screenshot of the maps only shows a portion of one, so there's a good deal of coverage of Sector Z spanned over 2 maps. They are truly best used for chopping up into smaller battles. They are included in game content in part as well, so they are playable- and the load times are what you would expect there for anything comparable in CM size-wise vs. load time. And they are not the only big maps- the battle of Berlin was only part of 1945 in the east.
  8. It’s Berlin in 1945, so not sure what else it could be. From ground level and level 2 It looks good, where I spend most of my time. I expect most of the starting images from high level views will be to orient you, as is the custom. They will also only be seen in Berlin, obviously.
  9. Any large, named structure will have adjoining doors in the Berlin maps. Anything else is considered a warren of apartments that would require at least one breach. There aren’t long corridors in these buildings running through the lengths of them. That self-imposed rule holds for the master maps. Any map made from the big ones may be adapted, of course- that’s part of the point of including them. They will also be available in portions in quick battles, scenarios, and campaigns for those that want to avoid the Editor completely.
  10. Those Start books have been a great resource. There's also the updated version of "Bloody Streets" that has started shipping (I think it just arrived). The first edition sold out very quickly (lucky to get one way back when, it was a primary source for the FR module), so order now! I'm happy they re-released it, as it is by far the best source of the military operations in Berlin during the battle.
  11. -Variable unit rosters for scenarios. Like a QB, narrower focus. Maybe 4 variants per plan.
  12. All great suggestions, lots in common. I'd add a few things that occur to me from time to time in the Editor, off the top of my head. -A toggle to an AI Group to set it for "foot" or "wheel/track". That would only allow binary selection of movement types, so you don't have plans with guys hauling it 4k to the end order. -See all AI orders at once in the AI Plan UI, on map (color coded by Group, even better). I have a Photoshop tool I use for this that I'll release after the RT module is out, but this would be better. -Conditional Triggers for presence/time. "If no enemy is present in area 'X', then move/don't move". Group casualty would be another big one, already mentioned above. Omniscient, but incredibly useful for making the AI react in ways that seem human. The AI can't counterattack if it doesn't know it needs to! -LoS Triggers. Units must be in LoS for Trigger to operate, with the standard Trigger operations offered. Solves any AI omniscient powers, but much harder to program. Mixing LoS Triggers with standard ones could create interesting results. A unit that has LoS to fellow units that have taken heavy casualties could have a Trigger to do a given action, while a larger narrative thing is happening with the other Triggers. -A "Hold in place for 'X' amount of time" order for the AI. No more counting from the start/end times! Things like Area Fire would be available, and easier to plan for. A "when you are in this location, hang around for 'X' amount of time, and hammer that building with for the duration". rather than the current "Maybe there will be some time for that, but we gotta head for the next location, buddy! No time for fighting!". -A method to deal with vehicle transports, in particular remounts. -Ability for the AI to "Move", rather than run everywhere. In fact, the full set of movement abilities would be ideal. -Ability to save multiple hand-placed AI set-ups. -Ability to view AI plans in 3D view/ Scenario Editor mode.
  13. If you guys want that conical hat I made a while back, here it is. You will need to alpha channel out the strap. One texture for reference (for making variants). Vietnam Conical Hat.zip
  14. Editor People! This tip is for your your carpal-tunnel health: When in the Scenario Editor/AI Tab- -The "Up" and "Down" arrow keys will cycle through (increasing or decreasing in number) the orders within that an AI Group for a given order. -The "Left" and "Right" arrows change the AI Group number up or down one number. It's far easier to see the narrative progression of orders with hotkeys, rather than returning to the AI order tab constantly.
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