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  1. I'm deep into it, but PM me and I can take a look.
  2. Oh, I know- I've been monkeying with this stuff for a long time- the tool is great. After the RT module is out, I'll jump into that particular modding conversation- but you guys are doing great stuff (I have half an eye on that thread when able). One bit I saw groggily this morning- Getting the helicopter thing to work should be fairly straightforward (never "easy!)- model goes at the height desired above the game "table", rotors get animated- and if it is a vehicle, it can move. The trick is to see how the ground guys react, and how outgoing/incoming fire is handled due to various heights. I think it will be OK, as we have multi-story buildings. And I don't see any way of getting it to land or change altitude, but haven't spent time on the problem. Maybe possible, but that's the one main issue I can see.
  3. I generally avoid Vietnam stuff- though it looks amazing. I think I found my conical hats, though. I'll PM you if they are the right ones.
  4. It also has Vietnam era documents. My dad was there in 1970 (maybe into 1971- I was 1 and 2 at that time), 1/501/101 AB. Different formation, but I'll be looking at these with interest.
  5. Sometimes waiting a little bit brings extra good things. Those scenarios are aces.
  6. How is imagining a 2-4 inch pancake-width being anything but jolly? Maybe the tracks and gravel might offer a bit of cover, but I wouldn’t want those gravel ricochets shaving my beard hairs.
  7. A flat rail tile is not an "embankment". Use the Editor, place the rail embankment on a height or two above the surrounding terrain. That's how you get an embankment with cover. The cover you get from a flat (terrain and track same height) rail track isn't much good as cover from directed fire, as it would be in real life- Unless you are about 2 to 4 inches in height. In which case, hiding behind a pair of slightly raised tracks could just be a really bad idea, instead of a really, really bad idea.
  8. Shell hole+elevation+1 per side= very convincing tank dug-out.
  9. Completely fascinating, and terrifying. Imagine watching those ships burning- from either side. That’s quite a statement of purpose. I’ll keep an eye out for the series. Until then, we have “Aguirre, Wrath of God”. Thank you for the read!
  10. Mark- I'm certain (through knowledge of your own good works) that you are savvy enough to explode the BRZ files, and then to start looking at what the naming convention is for the files within. That might allow you to do some renaming of files you liked that may not work due to a change, or adaptation of the new ones. Not necessary by any stretch of the imagination, but it allows another layer of experimentation. Knowing how a decent amount of the stuff works hasn't ruined the CM fun, either.
  11. Primavera 1945 sul fronte italiano. Atlante dei 25 giorni dall'appennino al fiume Po Belogi. Italian and English. A great, CM level book with operational maps at a useful level of detail. And printed large enough (and in color) for eyes that may suddenly now need glasses.
  12. I have a better version of a similar tool bookmarked on my CM work computer- same idea, however- https://www.daftlogic.com/sandbox-google-maps-find-altitude.htm I find that tools like this, in combination with multiple period maps, visits to the places themselves (when able) and Google Earth VR gets the heights pretty close.
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