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  1. No, no it isn't of any impact whatsoever. It's been complete for a while now, just waiting a few finishing touches that the rest of everything gets along the way. It's good to know you don't care about it, though.
  2. I just looked at the M60 model- It isn't grouped into the standard CM texture set names for texturing from the model. It is still using the original model-maker's groupings, as I see in Blender. So the textures won't be accurate to the model (without stretching, etc.) until this is done. If that's done, easy enough to texture. I'd consider including that into the workflow, otherwise the models are converted "as-is", designed by the original maker (for whatever engine they design for) with textures adhering to a random (by CM standards) system, and will always have texturing issues. That would speed things along, for what that's worth.
  3. This will help your UV unwrapping in Blender greatly: https://gumroad.com/l/uvpackmaster2
  4. You just wrapped up the whole shebang for me right there (with that Nerves link), BletchleyGeek. -Telephone reference. -Caddyshack reference. -Post-punk take-away. That's 4-D chess, my man. Nicely done.
  5. I did a map a long ways back of the town. It's fairly accurate, and ready for scenario makers. Can't remember the timeline on that one, but someone may have done a scenario for it.
  6. No. It is not a real thing. Demonstrably false, with reasons further up the thread. Another telephone round has begun.
  7. To where would the extra 64bit calculations best go in your estimation? To what most pressing issue? Are you fairly certain that is the actual solution to that problem? Here is an example of the "my issue" blinders, with myself as an example- Load times are a big issue for me. My Mac (64bit in CM Mac) loaded maps fairly quickly, but I am mainly doing CM stuff on my PC. I just upgraded my computer. Same GPU card, same memory, the whole deal was the same- except the processor (so, a full redo). That was from an i7 to an i9. I loaded a particularly large map in 1/3rd the time as before the upgrade- the difference was absolutely the processor. That is an area I particularly cared about, which was solved by an approach from another angle than it being 64bit (Engine code redo! Long time out for Charles.). The game can catch up to using the power when you give it a task in that regard. So the functionality of one area or another would need to expanded to target these areas of extra computational ability- that needs to be built. So, where does it go? And are you (the developer) willing to jettison some customers (new architecture, wargamers aren't known for having the most contemporary OS's), AND a complete rewrite of code? When people already are impatient for more product? Maybe it's worth it in that particular area. As far as "spectrum" goes- I wasn't referencing the theaters covered, I was referencing the engine itself. Theaters have to do with personal preference- I don't speak to that, as that's all up to you. CM games come with an editor, a map editor, quick battles, scenarios and campaigns. And the engine is capable of delivering (in the vast majority of cases) results that are in keeping with historical data and period observations and testing. And the games make things (at the very least) informative. Other games may offer some, none, or all (don't yet know that last one) of those features. But do they do it...well?
  8. But RT isn't in nascent development- it's been this way since the beginning. So it isn't slowing down anything- it is the concept. Both are possible. Without one, there is no other. As to lagging behind- behind what? I can't see another game out there that even holds a challenge to the full spectrum of what this engine offers. Let me know, if so. I've been trapped in here for a long time.
  9. That was my point. Where did Steve say they were getting rid of WEGO? Or...did someone in this thread posit it as a personal hypothetical? I like both WEGO and RT, if we are taking a poll. It's a ultimately a meaningless exercise, as we do indeed currently have both. "Getting rid of RT" or WEGO would require such a massive redo of the code that the game would be on hold for years to take away something. It was built in from the start. Why would they reverse this trend?
  10. Oh man, that’s a total missunderstanding. I was commenting on the detail on the Polish uniforms. I really meant the praise. My grandparents did nazi fighting, too. We are united in that regard.
  11. Those are the nicest shoulder boards yet. Enjoy your strange distinction, as the rest of it looks great as well.
  12. When one person says something to another person, then they in turn say something to another, and so on. By the last person, the result is a tangle of the original. A fun game, but ultimately meaningless.
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