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  1. benpark

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Mjkerner is correct. After the CMFI module.
  2. benpark

    Modding Reference Photos

    Awesome idea. The CM free reference texture library.
  3. The fact there is no folder "9" in that screenshot really makes me suspect this is the issue- there must be a folder 9 with all requisite files for the next number to show up. The numbers must be consecutive, and each instance recorded. Unless the "9" files are nested somewhere else. In which case, spend a silent minute considering the inane world of file management.
  4. Oh- it's ALWAYS weird! And generally the weirdness comes from something I've done at 4am. Do you have a building "9"? Because if you skip one, the game engine won't see the next hierarchical number. And I don't see a "9" in that folder. Copy over another folder (with proven, working modded files), rename all the file numbers to "9", then load it. If that doesn't work, let me think of other possibilities.
  5. This what I have in a random working folder as far as files go. If that doesn't work, Your setup may be technically different, etc. Lots of variables.
  6. I keep a triad of wolverines in my bag.
  7. If you list the file names of building 9, I can try to take a look and cross-check them.
  8. Don't uninstall- I bet it is some oddity that is fixable. Try doing a modular building number 9, then walk the numbers up- even renaming the same files to be certain. I'm not near my install right now, but check that you have all the doors and windows included, etc. Process of elimination! Or "death by a thousand cuts"!
  9. I have around 16 right now due to testing various versions, so no worries there. I recall having around 20 at one point, so I don't believe there is a game-engine limit that I am aware of. Given my (and your) propensity to test things to their breaking point, I think we are OK there. I'd double check that all necessary textures are there- most of my bugs in this area are human error (mine!). I keep a folder open with a stock texture, and just open each individual mod folder (I keep them separate during testing to catch errors), then cross-check your mod folders. Generally, when I'm testing something that has multiple iterations of textures involving buildings and something isn't working, I've forgotten a single texture. That then can cascade into not seeing the others if it is a low number addition.
  10. Which bugs are you referring to?
  11. benpark

    Missing weapon slot for the Russian DT?

    I'll log this a possible bug after doing some quick passes for Steve and Charles.
  12. benpark

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Have some Pepto-Bismol for the time being. Quality doesn't get churned quickly, but we are ever mindful of time.
  13. benpark

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    When we get the next batch of art assets slotted in, I'll ask Steve if we can put up a few more pics. There is a lot of new stuff done, but it needs to be coded in as any other new model or texture might be.
  14. benpark

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Constant. Near? Getting things done daily, but we also have 2 games/modules ahead of this one. I feel really good about what's been done up to now, so the foundation is solidly poured.
  15. benpark

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    It's not. But there will be scenarios within the city itself. The battle itself has always been of interest to me, so I have my particular areas I want to cover within the larger battle. There will be plenty of other venues, have no fear. Again, the screenshots Steve released show a fraction of that.