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  1. It seems that the gunner would sit on the spare tire or luggage pile. Damn you can fit 5!
  2. the game model has both guns 50 and 30 too high, it doesn't look telescopic
  3. Don't commit every vehicle.. Get high gound Stop moving
  4. I remember bringing this up way back, but forgot the outcome. All the authentic footage on tv of ww2 jeeps with .50cal and .30cal, the gun is almost resting on the windshield but in game it is way above and soldier is standing what gives? Is the mount telescopic? Why would you want to stand and fire and expose your entire body? Game should make it lower with the gunner sitting.
  5. Guys he DID just do that! The other team is just a regular grunt sniper team. The good ole' paratroop pros, lending a hand. 😄
  6. He disappeared ah? I have seen that aris name in other games I just can't remember which.
  7. 15 cm sIG 33 I somehow assumed this was a 105mm gun and not a 150. The game says it has a couple of heat rounds but any online ammo lookup, it isn't mentioned.
  8. both tanks shot at same time knocking each other out is it possible that a grille can take out an m4 late while on the move? Hit frontal armor of the sherman. All crew kia. Thought that it only had HE how did it still penetrate frontal armor of sherman?
  9. -radio picture for icon axis group items is the American walkie talkie hand held and not the German one.
  10. -AT rifles grenade picture icon for axis group items are the American AT rifle grenade picture and not the German one.
  11. how did u fix the MG hand problem or did you photoshop it?
  12. The only way I know. create a file in your main exe folder called display size.txt if there isn't one. Next in that put yor monitor size such in this format 1920x1200 60 and click save. Yours will be different of course. 60 is the refresh rate.
  13. woops this was suppose to be for blitzkrieg forum
  14. Take a look at this. A member of the mg team seems to be assisting the sniper somehow. The 2 man sniper team is pictured with the spotter behind the sniper. The sniper team has no binoculars while the mg team does. What do you think is going on? That is pretty far for an mg crew to be.
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