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  1. If you went for the back you would have gotten the kill, I have done it with Half Tracks
  2. You gota know where to use them. I have those and mg jeeps away from towns close by tank killers like M-10s. Covering troops advancing toward towns, works great if m20s are far away and in cover 50 cal indirect fire would make the enemy piss pants in any builidngs
  3. how can you stand to play to that that popping bass battle from the games background sound, I put the silent sounds mod on all the games. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2193
  4. Looks like I will check back in July... Hope some official ww2 patches\packs will be well out by then.
  5. It took me awhile again, to find this post of importance. Good to hear some news. So over at Battlefront's WW2 CM forums the earlier half of 2020 and middle was spent by various users (including myself) reporting bugs and finding ways to make the WW2 games that much better. Many times those bugs were identified and reported at that games community forum right up to the latest and current patches. Many bugs were small but in all great play ability we felt were relevant. I hope these great efforts were culled from the wild and discerned.
  6. haha ^ Just looking back............................
  7. AI produced quick battles automatically creating land for the region and time period and structures etc would have prevented this boredom from the player seeing the same map over and over and over and forcing limited amount of scenario creators as the only method out of it doesn't work good. Problem easily solved by a auto generated map would increase play ability.
  8. Yeah doesn't look like this one will make it in time.
  9. Didn't the tanks have the option for the driver to set track brakes when firing? That stopped the rocking. Also panther in first vid is shooting forward, maybe the side will rock.
  10. The 37mm was high velocity, check the velocity of the shell traveling... ..Same reason why the 57mm AT gun was so good.
  11. It seems that the gunner would sit on the spare tire or luggage pile. Damn you can fit 5!
  12. the game model has both guns 50 and 30 too high, it doesn't look telescopic
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