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  1. On German soil did equipment and armor from the Eastern front get moved to defend the western side of Germany. As we know US didn't see many variants of German tanks and half tracks as the Soviets did. Did Germany have it's own armor and units to defend the land that never left the country? I think this would have been hard to do with dual front war. Were German factories pushing tanks out like the soviets did or was production impossible due to bombing? What factories were still outputting armor? What was the situation for fuel and ammo?
  2. you can take all that and happily **** a hard brick....
  3. .. believe it or not the velocity was lower than the 37mm on the stuart tank and who knows for rounds could be HE. Against aircraft very deadly. Against tanks....🥴
  4. I engaged from far away. Why do you assume it would damage an m10? I don't think I took fire from the moblewagon, but another AA truck.
  5. On the HT topic, the HT gunners are instantly killed while being mp40 sniped across map. That's half a man visible.
  6. All jokes aside - haha no, it has nothing to do with a hospital line. Rarely are sites insecure anymore...
  7. My browser is telling me connection is not secure when clicking lock on https://www.battlefront.com/ 😬 just wanted to report that....
  8. Guys seriously though. Any changes to small arms or crewed weapons in that time frame? Uniforms and gear.
  9. small arms use from tank crew within tanks and grenades thrown from tanks ww2 series
  10. my armor request Not many new small arms in the field at this time? How about gear?
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