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The Raider Flag is Coming Down

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Though a scenario section, since the Raiders have been contributing scenariso to this game for three years now, I felt you should be aware of this news.

Effective September 30th, the flag of the Wild Bill's Raiders is being taken down. The Raiders will officially be disbanded.

The individual teams working with the Raiders will continue. You can find their sites on the Wargamer.

They include:

Steel Panthers: The Arsenal Team

Combat Mission: Boots and Tracks

Squad Battles: The Squad Battles Team

Steel Beasts: The Steel Beasts Team

The four team captains, including the recently promoted Frank E-4 Harmon for Squad Battles have been great team players. They include in addition to Frank, the recently retired Louie "Gung Ho" Marsh, Bryan "Marauder" Melvin, and Eric "RnR" Myers. I cannot omit the name of Neil "Dingo" Stalker who has been all things for me in every situation: web designer, scenario creator, writer, and one of the most loyal friends a man could ever have.

In addition some 32 Raiders serving with these teams have given their best.

Six years ago almost to the day, Wild Bill's Raiders came into being. The original seven have gone except for me. We have in that time supported the beta development of over a dozen wargames, done over 1,000 scenarios and campaigns and participated in the development of three of the four mega-campaigns.

When the Raiders began there was no such thing. There were not to my knowledge small independent teams working together to enhance various wargames on the market. From humble beginnings to having set a precedent in the hobby that is now mirrored all over the world, the Raiders have done their job, and done it well.

So a salute to my fellow team members. Thank you all. You did well. To David Heath and David Landrey, who gave me my chance in the hobby, a profound vote of gratitude. Without David Heath allowing me to post scenarios and articles to the old "Gamers Net" site, I might have remained in the shadows. No man has supported me more than old "Sergeant Rock."

And to you dear friends, who have loyally supported the Raiders in every effort, I am so appreciative.

So an era comes to an end.

What about me? Will I just "fade away?" Not likely. We are just putting the finishing touches on our Newest Mega Campaign (see the announcement) and I've completed 12 scenarios for the upcoming Combat Mission: Afrika Korps.

There is still a lot I want to do. I won't fade away at all. I still love wargaming. I still enjoy all of your and your friendship. I'm not going anywhere, just looking to using my meager creative talents for new scenarios and games.

Again, thank you all. The Raider helmet now goes to posterity. I hope the memory of what we have done will remain for a long time. It was worth, wasn't it, Raiders?

Wild Bill

Wild Bill Wilder

Founder, Wild Bill's Raiders

"In Arduis Fidelis"

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Wow. Sorry to hear about the demise of the Raiders -- I have long respected the group and it's work.

It is good to hear you and the Raiders will be continuing to work for our hobby. And to answer your last question, from a fan's persepctive (and I have used your work ever since I stumbled across it in connection with Steel Panthers several years ago) -- yes, it was definitely worth it.

Best wishes for the future.


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(I posted this on another board, but I want to say it here, too:)

Wild Bill, you and the Raiders team have been generous in so many areas that I can't list them all. Speaking for myself, I can say that your giving of your time and expertise has made my gaming time and the whole hobby much, much better.

I hope the spirit of the Raiders lives on in other projects, other teams, and other paths. You have been a huge part of what makes wargaming so distinctively adult, intelligent, honorable, and friendly.

Here's wishing the best for you all!

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I hope to have about a dozen or so scenarios in CMAK. Its been fun. I really wanted to do an operation on Rommel's first attempts to take Tobruk but there was not enough time.

Maybe later. Still you are going to be very pleased with what is coming in CMAK. Some of the best CM scenario designers and testers are involved and I am honored to have worked with them on this.

Good to be back doing CM stuff again.

Thanks to all of you for your very kind thoughts here. That just makes it all the more worth all the time spend doing it.

Wild Bill

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Hello Kunel!

Steve, Charles, Dan, Matt, Fernando and I want to use this opportunity also to post a public note of gratitude for the dedication, quality scenarios, support and inspiration you and the Raiders have shown for and brought to Combat Mission, and the wargaming hobby in general. We're proud to have new scenarios from you for CMAK, which will without a doubt become such classics as those for CMBO and CMBB. Stick around, don't go away, there are many many more battles to be designed before you're allowed on leave!

Martin & the entire BFC Team: Steve, Charles, Dan, Matt and Fernando!

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Also, Wyatt "wwb" Barnett is the team captain for the Boots & Tracks Scenario Design team. He is doing a fantastic job and B&T will continue to help supply some of the best in scenarios for the CM series of games for the foreseeable future.


[ September 25, 2003, 07:49 PM: Message edited by: jwxspoon ]

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Thanks, Jeff. How I came to commit such a grievous error is unforgiveable. Wyatt, I owe you an apology.

Yes old WWB is doing a great job with the Boots and Tracks team. We have had our share of good leaders on this team which has kept is so productive.

To Moon, my good friend (remember the tutorial for CMBO? ;) ), all the staff of Battlefront, including sometimes pain in the butt but very close friend, Madmatt, I thank you.

For all the Raiders I thank you. You make a gray-panther all nostalgic and grateful.

Yes, I'll still be around but its time to let the mantle of administration and authority rest on someone else's shoulders.

Me? Ah, shoot, now I'm gonna really get down and dirty with some hopefully top-notch battles so you won't forget me. You'll have nightmares about those confrontations to come.

And go ahead, get excited about CMAK. You have a right to do so. You are going to be very pleased!

Ghosts of Rommel, Montgomery, Wavell, and many more will wander through your mind as you drive your "battleships of the desert" on their next mission.

Some of the best scenarios I've ever seen for CM are coming your way.

Dump the sand out of those boots, grab the mosquito repellent, curse the heat and the Desert Fox and go to war!

The Kunel

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Glad to see you'll still be around. I had the pleasure to play many of your scens in various games, and I hope you'll do some more. Thanks for doing them.

Among my all time favourites is your "Black Beret" campaign in the Sinai (SP) where my Israeli troops advanced as fast as their ammo trucks could keep up... Guess my drink on the Raiders will see me sitting on my old computer re-playing that.

The Raider Flag will still be hoisted on many computers for years to come.



[ September 26, 2003, 05:28 AM: Message edited by: Scarhead ]

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"A rose by any other name....."

Just so that you remain prolific as always, Bill, not only in your contributions to wargaming but also to military history.

Your article on the Chosin Reservoir battle, in Gamers Net days, is one such that has always impressed upon me in telling a story of a harrowing feat of arms. But what impressed more is the favorable reception a USMC veteran of the "Frozen Chosin" had when I later provided him a copy of the same article.

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Wow! You guys have been around awhile! Black Berets...The Chosin...brings back memories.

One of the biggest blessings in this work has been the contact and communication with veterans or their families.

A former 5th Cavalry officer, the widow of a 2nd armored Division tank man, the widow of a young officer in the 28th Infantry Division, the grandson of a member of the 92nd Tank Battalion early in the war of the Philippines, on and on I could go.

The last and perhaps most moving was the letters I got from Don Malarkey, Sgt, 101st Airborne. Remember him from Band of Brothers?

He is alive and well in Salem, Oregon and wrote a nice intro for me for the new Matrix Screaming Eagles Mega Campaign I just finished coordinating along with 30 fine wargamers.

I love CMAK. I'll have you a dozen good fights in this one, guys, the majority those hard-hitting quick play type. I hope you will enjoy them. I know I had fun doing them, with some fine folks helping me.

Thank you for bringing up all those good memories. You are all very kind.

Wild Bill

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Thanks for the kudos folks.

I would like to echo the thoughts of Battlefront.com above. Wild Bill, in many ways the raiders were my introduction to wargaming back in the Steel Panthers days. You all proved through hard work and great teamwork a group of dedicated individuals can make a very good game infintely better. Back then it never even crossed my mind that I could be on the team, much less leading a major part of the organization.

It is a sad day that such a thing is coming to an end. But it is coming to an end only in name. Boots and Tracks, and the other ex-Raider teams, will continue to put out top quality scenarios and articles for the forseeable future.

As for our own team, stay tuned for continual enhancements to the website. Moreover, there will soon be a new member in the CM family giving us a new theater to make battles for. We have been a bit quiet of late, but that will soon end.

Bill, I remind you "Once a Raider. Always A Raider." Feel free to pop in from time to time and we would be honored to host any CMAK scenarios you cook up.


[ September 27, 2003, 12:01 PM: Message edited by: wwb_99 ]

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