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  1. Of course the first rule for you and small Emma should be for you to keep your hands to yourself!
  2. I was sitting on the Berli, taking a Seanachai when I decided I should stop in and post a hello. So I pinched off the big brown Seanachai, wiped my Peng, washed my hands and sat down at the keyboard. HELLO!! :D:D
  3. Well one thing is for certain, Mrs. Palin is a whole lot brighter then Peng!
  4. It's damn good to be home! Peng, how are you doing little buddy?
  5. Can you imagine how Obama will react when the world leaders laugh in his face and don't bow to his every whim? He'll go into a melt down. Just what we need, a President with the Nuclear Football who is mentally unstable and feels that the world has 'dissed' him.
  6. I bet when he takes his dentures out at night his mouth looks just like an @sshole.
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