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  1. You need to go to the task manager, then "details" Tab, find CMBB there, right click for the context menu and then go to the 5th item ("Zugehörigkeit" in German, just below "Priority". Probably "Affinity" on an English Win 10 version?). There you can find the option "all processors", "CPU 0", "CPU1", ... (pic below, but in German) You need to run CMBB on only one CPU. Typically CPU 0 und CPU 1 worked for me. The map editor takes ages to open, as does shifting the map or switiching to "sezup zones". But it worked. I bough a cheap version on GOG.com, they are spe
  2. You can fast forward 10 secs by pressing the fast forward icon, and ff 2 secs by pressing shift or ctrl and that icon. But no function to get twice as fast.
  3. Never did much with MM, but are your Windows Desktop screen resolution and game resolution the same? To change game resolution, rename the prefs file in the game folder, then start the game and cycle thru the available resolutions. If this does the trick, rename the prefs back to get your standard settings again.
  4. Hunter - thank you for trying it! Gruß Joachim
  5. My new Dell Inspiron 630 (XP, 2x1.8 GHz GHz) runs CMBB better than my old machine (98SE, 1.8 GHz) - but Alt-TAB freezes the system.
  6. To be more specific: "German [pixel] troops [in CM] closing in often shout "Nahkampf" (ie close combat). So it is in the game." 00033500.wav and 00033502.wav in the German CDV edition of CMBB.
  7. I though the "meal times" which are more likely 9:00, 12:00 and 15:00 were favourable angles of an enemy tank when firing at that tank... ... or angles to avoid when you were driving a tank. Gruß Joachim
  8. German troops closing in often shout "Nahkampf" (ie close combat). So it is in the game. To stop players from sacrificing crews BFC made crews more expensive and probably more fragile. It would be interesting how they compare against half squads low on ammo. I guess close combat with crews after the perimeter is overrun is an outlier in CM which suffers from the model focussing on improving more likely scenarios.
  9. Try this thread. Note that there are several units with that name. http://www.feldgrau.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=16019 Relevant part: "Hello Begleit-Btl. Reichsführer SS when with the 19. Armee had aaprox the following OOB according to a report it filed: Stab -1. Schützenkompanie -2. Schützenkompanie -3. Schützenkompanie - 4. schwere Kompanie (IG-Zug, Gw-Zug) - Pz. Jg. Kompanie (Hetzer) After Operation Habicht (12.-14.12.44) it had lost 50% of the Schützen-Kpn. 1 Hetzer written off, 1 Hetzer in long term repair, 3 Hetzers in short term repair, 3 Hetzers ready. (Sour
  10. It has a historical TOE. But if you can't use the 88s as they actually were used and thus can not use the historical tactics, the correct TOE alone does not make it historical - which might be more a limitation of CM than the scen authors fault. My exact point is: As scenario author I would have chosen a different gun to model fighting with historical 88s. Maybe added a mod pak so that gun looks like an 88. Which of course would have provoked outrageous cries of grogs all over the world. Gruß Joachim
  11. Which scale are you using when deciding where the gun is shown? It clearly does not work in +4. In a realistic scale, 5m behind the center of the vehicle is about where the gun is shown. It still doesn't work in any case. When trying to deploy into scattered trees - drive into the trees to make sure the gun is in them. When trying to deploy into woods make sure the reverse command goes all the way to the edge of the woods. When trying to deploy behind a rise - that's the tricky part. 1m can decide whether you have LOS or not and whether you are protected by the rise or sit on top of it.
  12. Damn, this thread still reminds me of sumfink... the weather got worse, work is still plentiful... Mike, I am working on it... Gruß Joachim
  13. On the Carius story - reminds me of Villers Bocage. One of those lucky moments were you catch the enemy with his pants down. If it works, you are the hero, it it doesn't work you were an uninformed over-confident i%$, but most likely dead anyway (Graebner's ride comes to mind) If you want an encounter like that in CM, spend a massive prep barrage to get some buttoned and shocked tank crews, then head into the village. CM does not model the outliers and it does not model surprise attacks. Gruß Joachim
  14. Or it just ran alone into multiple shooters, e.g. a PaK front, was the last tank moving in a lost battle. Nevertheless - that tank doesn't matter. Whether it is 64% or 67% for the one hit wonders is likely less than the sample bias. What does matter is the underlying question if the other tanks hit more than once were already ko'ed with the first shot and the following rounds were just trying to ensure TWOs. This could significantly raise the percentage for one hit kills. Gruß Joachim
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