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  1. You need to go to the task manager, then "details" Tab, find CMBB there, right click for the context menu and then go to the 5th item ("Zugehörigkeit" in German, just below "Priority". Probably "Affinity" on an English Win 10 version?). There you can find the option "all processors", "CPU 0", "CPU1", ... (pic below, but in German) You need to run CMBB on only one CPU. Typically CPU 0 und CPU 1 worked for me. The map editor takes ages to open, as does shifting the map or switiching to "sezup zones". But it worked. I bough a cheap version on GOG.com, they are spe
  2. Though I can understand that e.g. an attacker has a time limit to reach his objective, the standard defender should not be stopped by some bell that rings for the attacker. So in certain types of battles - or for certain types of players - there should be no battle length at all. Or the defender should be able to add overtime for his counter by clicking a button... But no time limit might make the game a bit boring to some players. Just about as boring as 120 turn battles where the attacker has lots of time to do proper recce. Imagine you being on the defense and not seeing any enemy for
  3. Well.... it was the same in CMBB. Might be that the guy with the automatic or the guy giving orders are priority targets for the shooters - especially for the snipers among them. Officers do get an inappropriate share of hostilites since 1776 (Cf. "The Patriot" ) If you were the SL, short of opening up on an unsuspecting enemy squad - what would be your orders? "Fire at will" or "Hold fire till Joe Marksman, Johnny Bar or me opened up, then give them hell!" And what would be the assigned priority targets for Joe and Johnny? Losses of NCOs and junior officers in the Wehrmacht were a prob
  4. Consider erasing anything but the actual battle map and the FO locations if processing time is crucial. If you just want to confine a battle to a smaller part - add water around that part. Limit setup zones. No honor system necessary - except for not targetting the FO locations, which can be verified easily.
  5. It is interesting to note that most of the German losses effectively occured in 2 failed all-out attacks gambling on "now or never" in a time when the war was effectively lost for them. A pretty small and biased sample. The Soviets weren't presented those occasions after '43. They had to do without help from the enemy.
  6. With HE, close counts. The thinner the armor, the worse. - Large HE rounds can kill nearby vehicles. - AP rounds with large HE charge (ie most Soviet AP) can kill nearby vehicles. - A tank brewing up, with all the ammo inside going "bang" can destroy a nearby tank. And in your case, it looks like the really big bang killed the 2nd Wespe, not the 122mm round. I had a T34/76 hit a Marder which brew up and killed another Marder 20m away. (Well, actually I had the Marders ) In RL, tanks don't bunch up. There is proper spacing. Put your Wespes at least 30m away from each other - b
  7. Well, did they at least occupy the foxholes? I don't even manage to deploy more than 3 men into foxholes.
  8. Well, any hit on a tank with some HE (and there usually is HE in AP) gives a big bang. So internal armor flaking or just the concussion might injure some crew members and thus persuade the crew to leave. A partial penetration might also see some HE delivered into the tank - enough to destroy critical assets. "Knocked out" or "destroyed" does not necessarily mean the tank is damaged beyond repair (or: TWO, total write-off). It probably just means the crew won't enter the tank again before something outside CMx2's scope happens.
  9. And SR-2 even works for spotting HQs w/o radios???? I couldn't believe it, but: Put some A/C along MS-A, place SHQ away from any radio and still SHQ can spot for MS-A. SHQ has no C2 to PHQ, but C2 to CHQ, which is 300m away and out of LOS. So SR-2 holds for spotters w/o radio. Looks a bit buggy to me. BFC, fix it or sumfink Well done, R-T.
  10. In CMBB or CMAK units with "hide" spotted really bad. If they don't spot anything, they can't react to it. For squads hiding in woods or at night the first sign of the enemy often was incoming. CMBN is in line with that. Hide means hide - not "take cover". In situations as depicted in CM - the enemy is already close - any soldier will take cover and hide as good as possible vs the eyes of the enemy while still trying to have some situational awareness. That behaviour is most likely modelled in CM. Hiding makes sure a squad really keeps all of their heads down. Did you always stick your
  11. Sounds on par with the classic "hand grenade shoved into the barrel" approach.
  12. Problem: Setting up as the defender in dense terrain is a PITA. 2 reasons: a) Checking LOS HMGs or ATGs have one powerful, important weapon. It does not matter if some rifleman in the crew has LOS. Imagine an ATG setting up to control a road, firing straight along that road. You can either put it into the middle of the road - works fine with CMBN while setting up, but not during play. So you put it a bit towards the side of the road. Wanting to place it so it barely is into the road and half of the incoming will hit the house or hedge 10m ahead of the gun. Of course it gets a t
  13. Once 2 trenches are in adjacent hexes, the trenches will join and the facing will change. But the facing won't be sticky. Even the form of a trench will change, e.g. if you put 3 trenches into a V-pattern.
  14. Well.... what about the next module: "It does snow in september"?
  15. Place a waypoint where you want to check LOS from. Select the waypoint and then plot a target from there. Check LOS with targetting tool, then delete the waypoint.
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