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  1. 1. Variable WeGo / E-mail time span. It is troublesome to command a battalion-sized unit every minute. And, shorter turns increase long scenarios playability. 2. Using html browser(Edge, Chrome, etc) for Briefing. It is easy to display briefing translation, and good to use movies, sounds.
  2. Hi, Good news! I haven't notice the Administrator's effect, too.
  3. My mouse is a cheap USB optical mouse, too. So, your mouse seems to be okay. The notetype I said means that nootbook computer netbook, tablet, and so on. These type PCs often use their own devices, including mouse. >I'll try on another computer tonight. Good luck!
  4. I see your problem, now. It's not normal. And you don't mistake anything. I've uploaed my video on youtube, which shows mouse click on "+" mark and extention of the formation smoothly. It seems that the tool goes on normaly, but can not control your mouse on CM editor. Two points to be confirmed. [1] What mouse do you use? If your PC is notetype, your mouse might be the reason of failure. [2] CM option High Priority Process --> off(smoother mouse)
  5. As I don't look your PC, I don't know the exact conclusion, but maybe it's normal. The tool may takes 20 minutes for overall info. Plus mark positions searching and clicking them in one page takes 5-10 sec, as your log indicates. >16-04-14 16:33 26sec. 944; refreshScreen(Searching PLUS mark position) >.... >16-04-14 16:33 31sec. 146; refreshScreen(Searching PLUS mark position) More Nation, Branch, Formation take more time. Page move, Nation or Branch change take time, too.
  6. Hi, As you said, 1920 x 1080 is correct. It's my typo. The positons of plus mark in the scenario editor are serched by (+).bmp. Sometimes, the refresh screen dialog displays wrong message, but it don't affect any bad effect. The log.txt seems to be right.
  7. Hi, Currently, I don't have CMFB and CMSF in my pc, so I can't confirm my tool, OOB and Formation Recorder, running on CMFB and CMSF. If you want to confirm it, please try the followings. 1. Using RezExplode.exe in CM mod tools folder, explode the .brz files. 2. Copy "editor option button [Nation].bmp" and "editor option button [Nation] down.bmp" files and paste them to the img folder of my tool. 3. Start my tool and confirm it. 4. If failed, the nation bmp size would cause malfunction. Cut 2 pixel on all side of the "editor option button [Nation].bmp" and "
  8. rocketman, It's easy to make a turned compass by using drawing software like Photoshop.
  9. I might be wrong. Why not use turned compass ? For example, a 45 angle map uses 45 angle turned compass.
  10. Hi, I was a little relieved. Cancel middle mouse button for tree on-off toggle hotkey, and then try one more InfoDisplayer by pressing middle mouse button. I designed middle mouse button for most operation of InfoDisplayer. It may be possible to customize F10 as operation key, but it is customizing. I think it is better to confirm the work of InfoDisplayer at current status. The message "What is screenshot hotkey?" is intended for operating capture soft by middle mouse button even if capture soft's setting is F10. You said that pressing F10 caused nothing but taking screenshot.
  11. Hi, Honest to say, I don't know the error reason. The massage means that Line839 of GeneralFunctionCM.uws causes the error, but any code doesn't exit at Line839 of GeneralFunctionCM.uws. GeneralFunctionCM.uws is called by InfoDisplayer402.uws. Therefore, InfoDisplayer402.uws is running correctly until "call GeneralFunctionCM.uws" at least. Please try new GeneralFunctionCM.uws which is attached. I've changed text encoding from shift-JIS to UTF-8N. Replace it from old GeneralFunctionCM.uws. Japanzer GeneralFunctionCM.zip
  12. I will make Info-Displayer for MG. This is a tool for CM, which displays weapon data in game. I can get the data of most weapons from CMBO-BB-AK, but can't get some data. Would you tell me the following data? Commonwealth: Challenger Mk VIII tank* Crusader III AA Mk II tank* United States: M15A1 CMGC AA halftrack* M16 MGMC quad 50.cal AA halftrack* M51 quad 50.cal AA gun* Germany: King Tiger tank w/ Henschel turret* Mobelwagen AA vehicle* SPW 250/3 (neu) halftrack* SPW 251/21 Ausf D halftrack* PSW 234/3 75mm armored car* Vehicle name Maximum Speed
  13. I have not tested it on Win 8 and Win Vista, which I don't have. My tool has the function of image check, which are malfunctionted by Windows Desktop Composition as known Windows Aero. Windows XP --- No Windows Desktop Composition. Very good! Long live XP! Windows 7 --- Windows Desktop Composition included, but can be canceled. Not bad. Windows 8 --- Windows Desktop Composition included, and can NOT be canceled. My tool may be able to run on Vista, but it is doubtful about running on Win8. About CM verison, I did it on CM 2.0.
  14. I don't have CMFI now. My wife is oppsoed to war(game). Furthermore, Battlefront will expand their game-front to Russia. My military budget is limited. When CMFI completed bundle be announced, I'll get it.
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