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  1. macnn/electronista.com reviews Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy electronista.com - gadgets for geeks, and macnn.com, one of the leading review sites for all things Apple, have conducted a hands on review of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. Read for yourself what they have to say: [ Click here to jump to the electronista.com review page ]
  2. Yes, the same licensing/EULA rules apply. The incentive to pre-order is that you get the download and the disc without the additional $10 price tag, and you'll get the Limited Edition Tin Case.
  3. No, you don't need to do anything. All it would do is replace the exact same files. But, if, in the future, you find that you want to re-install, or install on a new PC, then the one-step installer is all you'll need.
  4. Yes, it's a large download (about 4 GB zipped, I think), but you only have to do it once. Should you choose to purchase the Vehicle Pack now, for example, then you don't need to download anything.
  5. You shouldn't need one. If you purchased a download and it included the 3.0 Upgrade or the VPack, then you have what you need. Just redownload the Upgrade. If you didn't, then you need to purchase the Upgrade now, and you'll have what you need. We switched the mail discs over to this new installer system more than two weeks ago already. Martin
  6. Yes, the CMBS did will be a master installer. But, for a 1.0 release on a DVD there is not going to be any difference to a "normal" installer. Yes. Yes, you don't need to do anything. If CMBS is released before CMFI is converted, then yes. If CMFI is converted by then, you'll get a master disc for CMFI which you won't need to patch. You won't need to patch CMBS in any case. Martin
  7. If you purchase CW now, you will have to download the new master installer that comes with it, and install it. It will install over your current game, and it will give you all you need, updated to v3.11. You won't have to re-activate anything you already have (base game or MG), only CW. Should you decide to buy the VPack later, you won't need to download anything at all. You'll just need the key from that purchase to unlock the pack. Martin
  8. It was perfect. Although, as for 3.0 specifically, it doesn't matter when you bought the Engine Upgrade, to be honest, since everybody's download was changed today, no matter when you purchased it.
  9. CMFI is not yet updated. This only pertains to CMBN at the moment. If you have C!BN 3.11 running already at the moment, you don't need to do anything at all. Should you ever need to reinstall, then you can simply redownload the 3.0 Upgrade. It will have all you need. CMBS will be released with the new system already, yes. This doesn't mean much for DVDs, of course. Martin
  10. No, you don't need to remove anything. This will install smoothly over what you got. The Vpack instructions are what you need, yes: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/132344(or the 3.11 patch instructions). You won't need to download anything else (i.e. no need to download the Vpack or patch). The announcement just went live, too: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117168-new-cmbn-master-installers/
  11. Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - News Saturday, 20 December 2014 As previously rumored, we have now updated all CM:BN packages available for purchase to Game Engine Version 3.0, meaning that all of the packages available in the www.battlefront.com/store now are fully up to date v3.11. This also marks the end of life of CM:BN v2.x, which has now been discontinued. As part of this update, we have also implemented our new master installer system for CM:BN. Here are some of the highlights: 1- every full version download will always be up to date from now
  12. Yeah, you don't need to patch. What you need to do after downloading is pretty much follow the instructions for the 3.11 patch to get your game relicensed. Your keys are saved in your online account at www.battlefront.com/store. After logging in, click on My Account. If you forgot your login, go to www.battlefront.com/lostpw. More details about this and the 3.11 patch / VPack relicensing instructions are on our battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com.
  13. Yes, it is right. What you are downloading is the entire Normandy family. It replaces your existing installation completely. Once you have this, you have the entire Normandy game up to date (v3.11) including all content. You can then unlock the content that you purchased (modules) with the keys you have. An official announcement about this is coming shortly. Martin
  14. What do you mean with "it doesn't update the Commonwealth module"? Since 3.10, there are no more module.exe files, so the patch updates everything. Or nothing (if installed wrong). Sounds like installation issues to me. My suggestion - redownload the 3.0 Upgrade. This has now been switched to a huge download which includes the entire game, updated to 3.11. More about this switch later this weekend. This is the only download you'll need, it includes the entire family. Then use your keys to activate what isn't (chances are, everything already is). No need to futz around with different in
  15. Warnings are the IP.board equivalent of vBulletin's Infractions. Zero is good
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