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  1. You need to go to the task manager, then "details" Tab, find CMBB there, right click for the context menu and then go to the 5th item ("Zugehörigkeit" in German, just below "Priority". Probably "Affinity" on an English Win 10 version?). There you can find the option "all processors", "CPU 0", "CPU1", ... (pic below, but in German) You need to run CMBB on only one CPU. Typically CPU 0 und CPU 1 worked for me. The map editor takes ages to open, as does shifting the map or switiching to "sezup zones". But it worked. I bough a cheap version on GOG.com, they are specialists in getting to run "old" games - that saves me that hassle now. But the map editor is still so slow.Currently EUR 5.49 (that's 6$) . Sometimes with a rebate.... kind regards Joachim
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