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  1. I want to say 'no', but just to verify with those more in the know... Thanks!
  2. I have the original CMAK and was just wondering what additional scenarios and etc. the 'Special Edition' (CDV) has. I've looked around and can't seem to find a listing. Anyone happen to know and point me in the direction to look at it? Thanks.
  3. Has Battlefront offered the manuals on .pdf yet on this site? If so, where?
  4. I definitely wish there was some WTO operations. Like Cobra!
  5. Greetings folks. Been gone awhile and now have a hankering to play some CM, but in Europe. I was going to just load my old copy of CMBO up, but was wondering (after perusing the forum with no luck)if there has been any conversion of CMAK to the Area of Operation that CMBO had? Or mod's etc. Particular interest in Cobra, France/Belgium (or for that matter anything that was in CMBO's realm) would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Greetings. First, I searched this and didn't find a question of this sort. Second, been playing CM from the beginning and have all three (and demo's:) But I don't play these all the time, so I always do the tutorial's to 'freshen' up (although a friend of mine wanting to pbem goes nut's I take the time to do this instead of sending him a game turn:) My question: in the CMAK 'Quick Reference Guide' tutorial, p.21, 2nd paragraph, it states that if I have a good HQ LOS to target and the mortar team is within command (and the HQ is not hiding), it can (i.e. the mortar team) target the OPFOR target and an 'orange' line' will extend to target after placing the fire location. O.k. But the CMBB manual say's (p.129-30) that the mortar team can fire, but the line will still be black and it will be 'area fire'. Is the CMAK tutorial wrong? (it's the same in the .pdf manual too). I've tried it to see if I can get that 'orange line', but what I get is what CMBB manual say's I should get. (can't find my CMBO manual to compare btw. But I think this type of Indirect fire had changed since then (oh! I guess I could of checked the CMBO .pdf file of my newly purchased CDV copy. Sorry)) Thanks. Donan
  7. Seattle, WA. here. I got a 'shipped' notice today, thinking I would get it mid next week. Nope...JUST got it this afternoon! That is what I call priority mail Thanks! Donan
  8. I'm one of those one's that prefer Western Front over Eastern. CMBO was great to me. CMBB was interesting because of the cool additional refine- ments (fire arch etc.). CMAK will bring back the Brits/Americans(!)and not only have Africa, but Italy in the mix which is great. But even of more interest's to me is that from what I've read, many of the cool CMBO battle's will be able to be coverted/made using the new tools introduced in CMBB. Very nice indeed if true. Donan (Toxie) p.s. Plus I must admit I play all types of games all the time. Addiction to say the least And with so little time
  9. This is why I enjoy these forums. You can read it as a WW II historical in one thread and in another a humorous take on whatever. One quite informative and the other the break one need's to clear the head. Thanks folks! Donan
  10. You folks have been awesome! Great work in so many of the wargames I dearly love. Best of luck and a big(!) thank you to you and all those dedicated troopers that were under the Raider Flag(!!). Donan
  11. Just finishing up a B&T 'Hitler's Son' regarding one of the small actions of Korsun Pocket. I saw an amazing throw by a German Pioneer. He lofted a demolition charge about 24 meters(!) at a Russian squad. This is a bit hard to believe unless they carry sling's for launching these babies This while under fire too. As a side note, I'm amazed at how quickly the AI can turn their armor units. I had an STUG VI coming up on the rear of a SU-85 straddling a fence and heading away from the STUG. Within in a minute it had done a 180 and got me in two shots. Amazing! (obviously new 'spin top' technology Donan
  12. You know (and I'm sure I'll bet 'banged' for this I don't quite get the immediate slam folks put on what appears to be a 'newbie' or just someone that doesn't visit the boards very often, when they put a post forward that doesn't fit. What's with that? Can't we just say, 'this really needs to go to the 'General' or 'CMBO' or 'Tech Support' or wherever. Instead of jumping all over the person. I bet we beat some folks off this game/forum/ etc. by being alittle too unpatient. And why? Our loss in the long run. Donan (p.s. And yes...I can be a 'grognard', but not in this sense)
  13. Yes, not many tree's, but in Italy a few. But I think his concern is with the 'dust' and such taking a cpu bite. But if I remember correctly (always! a chancey thing), someone in another thread with this concern had a reply that the dust doesn't take a hit on your cpu. I can't remember the short, technical reply, but if you do a search you might find it. Donan
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