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  1. Thank you Bil for the effort you put into your DAR vs Baneman, Always clear as crystal your ideas, your writing style and your graphics going with it. You are a boon to the Combat Mission Community. A real treasure. Regards, WineCape
  2. Battlefront is aware of this possible memory leak.
  3. Boots & Track still alive? The last address I had showed nada. Care to enlighten me if they still exist at another address? I remembered some very good designers designing for previous Rumblings of War tourneys, by names of Richie Scott B WWB.
  4. Nobody, AFAIK, seems to have the 'guts' to go for bridge #3 in their Russian attack, thereby cutting the 2 town/village objectives in half, if succesfull. Mined/barbwired Bridges #1 & #2 still seems to be the favourite for a Russian attack, probably because these bridges are closer to their own positions? Gaining a bridgehead @ #3 will prevent the Germans from rushing reinforcements from one side to the other. But with a lot of good German LOS to it - not more so than towards the other bridges though - it seems that the German Pak's scare everyone off from assaulting bridge #3, perhaps
  5. Stoffel is reporting that he has firm bridgeheads at bridges #1 and #2. Have not looked at Stoffel's latest PBEM movie file, as I'm currently at the Mount Nelson Hotel, more specifically in the 'Garden' Tasting Room in Cape Town doing a wine trade tasting. Cederberg's Shiraz 2004 and De Toren's Fusion V 2003 have so far emerged as outstanding! More to taste (Botrytis wines too!) in 15 minutes time ... [ May 02, 2006, 02:24 AM: Message edited by: WineCape ]
  6. Your are welcome to forward the PBEM files with password so that I can view the carnage dieseltaylor Seems most Russians attack bridges #1 & #2, sometimes #4. Anyone ever dare to assault bridge #3? [ May 04, 2006, 06:14 AM: Message edited by: WineCape ]
  7. Hello dieseltaylor, Could swear that when I designed the CMBB Botrytis map and poured over the Russian operations map of that specific timeframe the Lithuanian countryside had unpronouncable Russian names, never mind German names! Lost that map and internet link when my 'puter crashed a couple of years ago, so no way of brushing up on my Cyrillic skills. Had to lay the forces out for you. I detest big scenarios where it takes me an hour+ just to re-shuffle my troops in some coherent structure, unless they were pre-placed + locked of course. Should have called it "hutjie" - now
  8. Dieseltaylor, Yes, Botrytis II was version 1.0 then. Currently on 2.2, though the briefing states Oct04 for the latest version, which is not correct. Been fiddeling/tweaking it until Dec05. Made it also easier for the Russian regarding traffic control, plus set-up zones extended for a lot of PBEM replay value. After extensive playtesting the following changes have been implemented: (1) I have added a substantial amount of extra flags in the German-held villages. Casualties (and unit points!) on the Russian side will be high. Therefor, the extra victory flags/points will ensure that
  9. Botrytis II (v2.2) @ The Proving Grounds: Had a few request lately for the re-posting of this revised scenario that went down in flames due to previous scenario host going belly-up. Be warned. It's massive and intended for PBEM play only. The whole kitchen sink for both sides and a lot of toys to play with. See original thread (3 years ago!) here. Slightly revised, as noted in the combined briefing.
  10. I, before Walpurgis Nacht, remember another awesome player in the Rumblings of War (RoW) Tournament: Leonard Dickens - I think his alias was Wreck. Treeburst155 could help my memory out here. He, as well as WN, could play any hand that he was dealt with in scenario's. The mark of a true great player. Reading Leonard's AAR's was very instructive. In essence, know your force weaknesses, and to know your opponents' implies recon, recon and more recon before you could exploit it. And Jesse's (WN) maxim is relevant. Only fire/attack a unit if you can destroy it. Completely.
  11. OK, I'm back. Happy to report that my v81.85 ForceWare drivers are working fine with CMAK/CMBB with my SLi'ed nVidia 6800 Ultras. Jack, if you have trouble with yours, I suggest, as Redwolf did, to read this page carefully regarding installing/removing drivers. Especially regarding the proper removal of older drivers. Oh yes, I've noticed a "problem" in CMAK with the new drivers from nVidia: As soon as the gun smoke dissipates, after a tank fires his main gun, the smoke particles turn from white to a slight hue of green at the very moment just before the smoke disappear. A minor proble
  12. Jack, I had ForceWare v77.77 installed and that worked fine with CMBB/CMAK. Installed v81.85 last night for my 2 x nVidia 6800Ultra's (in SLi) and will have a look tonight to see if I have the same problem as you in CM. It seems that you have the same 2D corruption with your v81.85 drivers that I had earlier with the version 6~ Forceware drivers. Once I installed the version 7~ drivers I had no problem. Hope the probelm does not return with the 8 series drivers Will report back by tomorrow if my v81.85 work well.
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