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    One more dance along the razor's edge finished. Almost dead yesterday, maybe dead tomorrow, but alive, gloriously alive, today.


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  1. It seems you are already assimilated sire. I have been since ...... 1999! I still remember the dismal feeling when late (in BF's first demo) scenario in the 1990's, a "grotesque ugly" Pz IV(J?) rumbled down onto your meticulous plans/positioned troops in CMBO days ... ... ;-)
  2. Thank you Bil for the effort you put into your DAR vs Baneman, Always clear as crystal your ideas, your writing style and your graphics going with it. You are a boon to the Combat Mission Community. A real treasure. Regards, WineCape
  3. Excellent work! PM send for access to such explosive art.
  4. I sniffed whine. Where is it? Beauty is a cheap word, but beauty remains priceless. CM is ... beautiful.
  5. Old joke or not by the old timer, the radio DJ was stumped for words and there was an awkward silence. Quite rare to have the priviledge of silence on a talk show radio :-)
  6. Gotta share this recently while driving home: Interviewed on our local radio station (“Radio without Borders, or in Afrikaans, “Radio Sonder Grense, aka RSG”), a very old fighter pilot of WWII was recently asked some entertaining questions by RSG’s eminent, prim and proper radio DJ, Nicki van der Berg: Old man: “Man, I was flying and minding my own business and suddenly three fukkers slipped onto my tail.” Nicki interrupted the old man: “Yes, I just want to explain to the listeners that a Fukke (PS: had to spell it this way due to forum changing it to *** !) was a German fighter.” “Yes, that’s true,” said the old man. “But these fukkers were flying Spitfires.”
  7. Bah! We have a refresh monkey that is too quick for my one-finger-typing-editing-less-then-seven-words-skill. Could it be Michael that you've grown down in this time?
  8. I got rather old in 14 years. But..... speaking of old people... In the land of the Cowboys, the intoxicated young gunslinger made the old man dance in front of his pack mule with shots from his revolver. As the young gunslinger returned to the saloon, the old man turned to his mule, pulled out a double-barrelled shotgun and cocked both hammers. The loud clicks carried clearly through the desert air. The crowd stopped laughing. The young gunslinger heard the sounds too. The crowd watched as the young gunman stared at the old timer and the large gaping holes of those twin barrels. The barrels of the shotgun never wavered in the old man's hands, as he quietly said: "Son, have you ever licked a mule's ass?" The gunslinger swallowed hard: “No sir..... but... I've always wanted to." There are a few lessons here: * Never be arrogant. * Don't waste ammunition. * Whiskey makes you think you're smarter than you are. * Always, always make sure you know who has the power. * Don't mess with older people; they didn't get older by being stupid.
  9. Chuck the meds John; drink wine/beer instead. You'll live longer. And happier. :-) I have resigned a few months ago from all football referee activities after a career spanning 23 years, the last 12 years which was in our highest Pro league here, the PSL. I'm still keeping fit, with twice a week social footie being played, ends usually with a nice cold beer/draught afterwards at the local tavern/pub. Well, I have been doing the social footie thing for close to 20 years anyway, if my referee assignments did not take me out of the province. Can't see myself, or allow myself, to seed sideways in girth. Ever. But yeah, too many air miles flown over the years while officiating, and the mandatory ref retirement age was creeping up, so I resigned while still in charge of my faculties and having a (relative) unblemished officiating career. Busy being a silent partner in a few businesses, while being less "silent" in others.
  10. Time seems to run me by, for anything other business. Nabla has looked at the scoring (a re-assessment actually) and seems to have run up against a brick wall.
  11. Mis-information! Propaganda!! I send out lotsa to my PBEM opponent. So much so that my opponent, sprinkled with some of moi's backed-up hardware and tactics that I even believe in my own invincibility! Who knows whether the next assault charge of the Light Brigade will be a StuG hell-bend on perforating the hedges with its poking gun or a kubelwagon cornering on 2 wheels around a hedge opening armed .... with the Tube Guy. If I lose, I blame it all on the General Staff and their bunker mentality for not visiting the front line.
  12. I quote: (4) Commonwealth Forces by now released in wild. Everyone forgets NABLA and RoW for awhile I was hoping the CW module will make you forget, for awhile, as stated in Rule #4. Please follow the rules ....
  13. BTW, Clicking on the C2 radio button lights with your mouse pointer will take you to that unit's HQ.
  14. indeed. Longish plot-paths in general are fraught with danger; advice posted here on how to minimize such AI freakish behaviour, I find, are spot-on to such a degree that I don't have to pull my beard out anymore.
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