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  1. Bunkers with that sort of LOS, particularly against early war armor, are devistating. The only real options for the attacker are smoking the bunkers and massed firepower on one at a time. Smoke allows maneuver to the side of the bunker where they cannot return fire. Massed firepower has a half dozen or more tanks firing at one target. The tanks will take losses, but generally get the bunker by sheer volume of fire. When the bunkers have LOS to most of the setup zone, neither tend to apply and a bloodbath is the usual result. I might suggest that a bunker embargo on desert scenari
  2. That's "I'm crushing your head". Sorry. Just logged on and have nothing constructive to say.
  3. I use covered arcs as SOP in the attack as well as defense. I usually set a forward ~100m arc for all the advancing infantry to prevent them firing wildly at contacts 400m in the front. I believe that it can delay the defender IDing contacts (no info from fire to determine unit type and unseen units don't give themselves away by firing), but the main reason is to prevent useless ammo expendature. Squad fire at 400m is not going to have a meaningful effect on a MG in any kind of cover. I'd rather save the rounds for when I'm closer. Of course, that's what I beleive. I could be total crap.
  4. Or one of his friends. Either way, just another day for Dick.
  5. In my experience, the problem stems from having the AI weigh things happening close to it much more heavily than things happening far away. Generally this makes sense. Given that it can only choose one, you want an AI halftrack to take cover from the tank 200m away rather than the one 200m away. Also, you want the AI to seek out and try to take the flag 200m away rather than leave it alone to take the one 2000m away, at least generally. I think there is a sort of "inverse square law of AI response" that helps this happen and prevent the whole AI force from reacting to things on one corner
  6. My experience is that there are some mine spotting bugs. I've had rare occurances where I've spotted mines (not DC) on turn two far in the opponent's setup area where none of my troops had LOS. I'm not sure what the issue is, but occasionally mines will be spotted when they shouldn't be. That can happen at 40m or 1000m, leading to mine spotting misunderstandings. My personal belief is the dual coding role that mines play as "sort of units and sort of terrain" is not implememented perfectly, leading to occasional early appearance.
  7. You also asked about bigger squad size. There is a bit of a trade off here. A company with 12 man squads will, for the same overall weapon mix, cost more than a company with 8 man squads. You pay for the extra firepower. Bigger squads deal out more firepower and obviously have a somewhat higher life expectancy as they can absorb more damage. They are particularly useful in close combat where numbers are very important. Of course, for a given number of points you will have fewer squads on the map with larger squad sizes. In most formations, squad members 9 through n are just rifl
  8. Tank riders are extremely vulnerable. I can only recommend mounting on a tank behind in known secure areas. As you've discovered, even weak small arms fire will cause the riders to panic and dismount. Not terribly surprising actually. I'd probably get the hell of the T-34 once MG rounds started bouncing off the hull. There's not really a lot of cover up there, especially with twelve men on top. The infantry, at least in the first wave should be dismounted and in front of the tanks to clear cover they cannot see into. You can debate whether this is historically accurate or not, but in
  9. Pretty good advice already. I'll try to put it together for you. The mines are 50/50. If you really want to deny an area, double them up (you can stack them or lay them in depth). They are by far your best bet against the KVs if your biggest gun is 50mm as the chance for a kill from mines is about 50/50 regardless of tank size (tracks and bottom armor are a great equalizer and much more similar than say the front armor for a KV v. T34). ATRs should fire early and often. It is very unlikely that you will get any sort of penetration against real armor even a point blank range. They wi
  10. As far as I can tell, all of the actual unit representations for the tactical battle will be in BB, so sure. Mod your CMBB and it will mod in CMC. As for the strategic level, if that's what you meant, I'm not sure. The UI and the other graphics look pretty similar to the CM skins, so my guess is that it will be modable.
  11. I certainly don't mean to suggest that you don't have experience with setups. I'll go on to say that I always appreciate scenarios that logically group starting forces. I appreciate it because I personally find it tedious and the first thing that I do when I open a battle. I love it when designers do it for me. I'd love it if CMC did it for me, but I doubt it will. I further doubt that it will do so in a way that will make you, me and everyone else happy. I'd rather the designers spend time on other things than a great setup assistant. I don't know if I can be more clear than that.
  12. My testing, (it was either in BO or BB, I'm sure it wasn't AK) showed that speed had no impact on bogging, only distance. Of course going fast you cover more distance per time, so the chance of bog per turn was higher on fast.
  13. I agree. Not many solutions to this problem. Mortars were historically pretty useless in these sorts of situations. Personally, I'd like to see some more options though. I think there's a disconnect between on and off map artillery options in these situations. If you have off map 3" mortars, you can still call fire out of LOS. It will take longer and be less accurate, but you can still call fire. With on map, you have no options at all unless you have TRPs. Why not allow unobserved on map fire with big time and accuracy penalties? Example. You're defending at night. Your OP/ML
  14. They are grouped somewhat logically or at least in purchase order along the back wall. I disagree that it only takes a minute to sort them out though. For large CMC battles with regiment+ size forces it could take quite some time to sort everyone out. I personally find this one of the more tedious phases of large battles as it is just clicking and no action. That said, I doubt that a "force organizer AI" could be easily developed that would be universally agreed to be useful. I'm willing to call this setup work a cost of doing business for large battles and have the time spent on
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