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  1. Vista has Direct X 10 amd 9.0x installed, but 9.0x doesn't contain everything that 9.0c needs. You can however remedy this by intalling 9.0c and it will install what's missing. I'd already donne this for other games before I reinstalled DiF, so it may be a factor. Having DirectX10 and 9.0C installed at the same time does not seem to cause any probelms, programs seem to know which they need.
  2. Yes I'm on SP1. in fact I have been sunce before I re-installed DiF.
  3. Well I don't lnow what I''m doing right or wrong, bit I've beeen able to play online camapigns and create online games agaimst the AI on my Vista 32 box. The only thing I did oit of the ordinary when I first logged on was to tell Widows Firewall to stop blocking content from the site.
  4. 1000 kills be damned, what's the record for Japanese Wound Badges? That's the one I'm going for.
  5. Firefly

    New Medals?

    Nah the AI pilor Rob Knight (aka Mace) would win it every time .
  6. Firefly

    New Medals?

    Uh...yes...I said so in the first post in this thread!! </font>
  7. Firefly

    New Medals?

    Some of the RAF medals can't even be won vy real life RAF pilots . The Military Cross is for Army officers nly, WW1 pilots could get it, but not WW2 pilots.
  8. OK Brian, I've snt you the log.
  9. When trying to create an online game or custom gmae I'm getting a DIF error with the description: Cannot find column [playerid] I'm then prestented with the game creation srreen showing my pilots, but no available aircraft. I can play camapigns with no problem and create and delete pilots. My in-game name is Steerpike, if that's any use .
  10. Don't they have Guinness tents at American racetracks? Even so if there's anything as much fun as standing in the rain and losing your money, I've yet to find it.
  11. Why don't you adopt the Florida system? It doesn't matter who votes and how often if you don't count the votes.
  12. It's normally the other way round, play an infantry only battle via PBEM and see how small the movie turns are. Also I don't think many people here would think 'just 20 tanks per side' amounts to a small battle .
  13. Or, step into the 'Pool........maybe. Noba. </font>
  14. I shouldn't worry, most of 'em can't even muster a decent argument.
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