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  1. Good waffles though, and good beer. And the Imperial War Museum thing in Brussels is awesome. Sooo many goodies.
  2. The Total War series is a series of wargames about as much as Belgium is a major world player... </font>
  3. Sad, isn't it? I'm not going to offer any more advice to Squatdog. I've devoted a considerable amount of time getting his crappy, low-res video to work and then a further chunk of time explaining his wrongness to him twice. It just goes to show that some people will not be helped. On the bright side though, 50,000 CM players feel the morale model is probably not the RETARDED thing around here.
  4. Whatever, Squatdog. I've shown that you were wrong. If you are convinced of your own ultimate superiority, then so be it. I've played thousands of games and written a couple of dozen scenarios. What would I know. The morale model will continue to be 'retarded' - at least until you get off that horse.
  5. You need to download Fraps. It installs a codec that runs in Windows Mediocre Player.
  6. I just looked at Squatdog's video. Squatdog, you made a right hash of it. Problems I saw: 1) Your infantry was running across open ground and was 'alerted'. 2) Your infantry was out of command radius for its platoon HQ - black line, not red, joining it to platoon HQ. 3) Your infantry ran across the firing path of one of your own HMGs which put them into 'panic' and forced them to the ground. 4) Your infantry was then blasted by canister rounds, either from your tanks or from the enemy, video is too poor to tell which, which broke them and forced them to rout. The morale
  7. Because if you target the MG nest and the MG becomes suppressed, it can become invisible to you. Your vehicle will then stop firing at it and it will be able to recover. By using area target, fire will be continuous and you have a better chance of breaking the unit and forcing it to rout.
  8. Every time I played your scenarios my teeth exploded . The bile and gout generated from creating the FAQ thread is mild in comparison.
  9. I'm glad I spent all that time making an FAQ to answer dumb questions when dumb people ask the dumb questions anyway.
  10. It appears that the computer his end is crashing with an exception error whenever he receives the file that I've sent him. Bizarrely, this problem does not occur in PBEM, which we have switched to so that we can finish the game (3MB PBEM files though).
  11. . I forgot to post my system specs. Athlon 64 3500+ (Socket 939) NForce chipset 2GB OCZ RAM 2 x 250GB SATA drives GeForce IV Ti4200 Out of 4 attempts, I managed to watch 1 full turn. No. They get put back to the beginning of the turn and I have to reprocess. We're both on 1MBit ADSL connections, both on Draytek Vigor 2600G routers. The routers have been configured to allow traffic through port 7023. Both PCs are behind hardware firewalls, not connected directly to the interweb. The plotting timer is set to unlimited. Bit of a puzzler.
  12. I've just started to encounter these every turn in a huge TCP/IP game I'm playing. Turn processing on my machine is taking between 10 and 15 minutes per turn on the TCP/IP game I'm playing. So my opponent connects to the game, we plot our moves, then the processing begins on my PC. It finishes and turn upload begins. However, I usually get a 'disconnection' message during the video part of the turn. We then have to resume from the autosave and reprocess the turn. Apart from 'play smaller scenarios', does anyone have any clever ideas? Any way to stop the game 'timing out'?
  13. Covered arc doesn't make any difference here other than it helps at pointing the turret to the right direct, but if you are moving to the direction of the target, the turret is already facing that way. Remember, the arc only tells the unit to not target units outside the arc. It doesn't make target acquiring any more likely. </font>
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