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The Steppenwulf's SF2 UI mod

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One very important thing I haven't mentioned about this mod is that I had an idea (a long time ago) to add all the brigade insignia into the branches slot. They are all there in the folder with a fair few exceptions (since it's a WIP).

My idea was that I would collate them all in a spreadsheet for the player's information (e.g. probable brigade composition 2004-10).

Developing this idea and the spreadsheet further, I thought it would be cool to write some VB code so that the player could 'automagically' flip the brigade insignia 
as desired (a bit like how JSGME used to work, if anyone remembers that mod tool). 

Anyway I decided to drop this idea because I realised players won't want to flip (or will likely forget to flip) the insignia every time they commence a scenario. I reflected that its actually got limited practical value compared to mod tagging.

But the idea of using the branch icon is still sound me thinks, so the folder of insignia content is in the mod, but for best application of the insignia I'd recommend designers use a mod-tag. And use the abbreviation that I've applied to these files [all listed in column A of the spreadsheet linked below]. This way players can play scenarios with the correct brigade insignia as applicable to the designers intention.  

For reference, the spreadsheet with all the insignia and all the research for the force compositions: The Steppenwulf's SF2 Brigade OOB Spreadsheet

I don't doubt that, despite my extensive research, there's corrections to be made to the OOB but let me know and I will edit, so it becomes refined over time.

Edited by The Steppenwulf
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8 hours ago, Falcon_the_Slut said:

Will you provide installation instructions, please.

Navigate to your main CM SF2 installation and locate the 'Data' folder. In there you'll need to create another folder (if you haven't already) and call it 'z_mods'. The z is the key because CM loads everything in the Data folder in reverse alphabetical order. So everything in a folder called z will override all other Data folder content. Download the mod which is a zip file, right click on it and and 'extract to' the newly created 'z folder'. Or you can move the zip into the 'z folder' first and then 'extract here'. Once extracted you can then delete the zip file (unless you wish to keep it for back up)

That's it - boot up and you'll get a different menu screen when the program opens- so you'll know you've got it right.

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On 4/7/2023 at 1:20 AM, MeatEtr said:

Giving this mod a bump due to the new CMSF2 tourney kicking off today! Thanks for your work on this very handy mod @The Steppenwulf

Apologies everyone but I won't be uploading the planned update with adjustments from the latest patch to this mod after all. The same applies to the Black Sea mod too I'm afraid and other mods I've been working on. 

Please do consider the mod now open field, feel free to modify it further and build on it as you wish. 

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