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  1. So.... talking about the difference between spotting “on a range” and spotting in combat when you know you could be dead anytime... Gabby Gabreski, the US WW2 Ace recounted his 1st time in combat in his autobiography. He is flying as wingman, all of a sudden calls of “Bandits!” are all over the radio. He starts looking everywhere all around him, but spots nothing. All of a sudden he hears on the radio: “check your 2 o”clock!”. He looks and sees a 109 as big as a house, barely 200 meters away that he was slowly gaining on. Before he can react, the 109 spots him and dives away...
  2. Hummels are available in all games as an on map asset. They are available as single vehincles in some of the other games, CMFI I believe. It is available as a formation in all games, including CMRT, so simple enough enough to buy the formation and delete what you don't need.
  3. The artillery figures are misleading. One of the reasons why the Germans had a high inventory is because they produced a large number of shells in winter 1939-40 because they thought the war would be repeat of WW1. Once France fell, they had a huge inventory and cut way back on shell production. On numbers of guns and mortars the numbers I have for the Russians are: -June 41: 91,000 -December 41: 22,000 -November 42: 72,000 -June 43: 103,000 -June 44: 92,000 -January 45: 108,000 Numbers for Germans are: -November 42: 70,000 -January 45: 28,500 Germans lost most of their artillery in 44 when combat losses far outstripped production. Remember also that German figures are for all fronts. source: Walter Dunn, “Hitler’s Nemesis, The Red Army 1930-45”, 1994. The other issue is that Russian artillery doctrine was different and less flexible than the German, US or CW. The Russians required a lot of planning, so for major offensives they would group large numbers of guns in massive pre-planned barrages to blast holes in the German front, but in quiet sectors or in between offensives, were not able match the Germans for on the fly artillery calls, which are more typical for CM battles. When the 31st Guards division attacked in Bagration, June 44, it was supported by 254 guns: 92 x 76mm, 64 x 122mm, 36 x 120mm, 50 x 203mm and 12 x 280mm. Each gun would have had 100-150 shells available for the initial offensive. Dunn gives the example of a 10 day period in November 44 when all front were quiet, the Russians fired an average of 2 shells a day from 13,000 guns while the Germans fired an average of 9 shells a day from 4,800 guns which works out to 2x as many shells.
  4. The issue with adding women is that all the soldier units are the same size so you only need one set of animations. To have a realistic woman model, you would need a smaller more feminine looking model which requires a new set of animations, uniforms and gear, so a lot more work. The other issue is that women did not generally serve in front line combat units in the WW2, Cold War or even Shock Force period (2008), so this is only really an issue for Blue forces in CMBS, women are not in combat units in Russia as far as I know. The simplest solution would be what other sims do and as Erwin mentioned, having women voices in air/artillery missions which only requires new voice files and could be added as a mod.
  5. visible minorities are already in the game if you look carefully at US or NATO forces in CMSF, CMBS and CMCW. In CMCW, US forces are roughly one third african american.
  6. The problem with determining in game RPG-7 accuracy is that the RL data is all over the map. It ranges from Russian claims that it was a garanteed 1-2 shot kill at 300 meters down to the U.S. Army estimates that in a typical battlefield situation 1st shot hit probability on a hulldown M-60 might be as low as 15%. Based on conflicting or missing data, BFC's approach is to make a best guess estimate. Based on the quick tests run by TheCapt, in game accuracy seems to be within the expected results.
  7. so, according to this 1976 U.S. Army document, hit probability of a RPG-7 against a Hull down M-60 at 225 meters is as follows: - 1st shot 15% -2nd shot 30% /tardir/tiffs/a393159.tiff (dtic.mil) see pages 15-16. That more or less matches the test results by Capt.
  8. The game does take into account shooters adjusting fire on subsequent shots, tanks do it all the time in game.
  9. well if you want to be picky about it, "doors" are not the subject of this thread either...
  10. Well, in the Aachen campaign, which I have partly slogged through, the Germans have weapons covering pretty much all the entrances and expected approaches, so trying to enter that way is usually expensive... OTOH, you have a lot of engineer units so you can blast through walls and make your own "doors" which is what I did.
  11. Well, you are picking ONE outlier event which means it is worthless as an exercise in predicting game outcome. I have also seen instances where the same type of AT weapon scores a kill on the 1st hit, which is just as meaningless. If you really want to see if there is a problem, do what we do, setup a test scenario with 50-100 shooters trying to hit a stationary target at 225 meters, then come back with the results and we can see if the accuracy needs to be tweaked.
  12. Agree with a lot of the comments. Been playing CM on and off since CMBB in 2002. I have often gone off for several months several times playing other games, other genres, other periods looking for the ultimate realistic wargame, but I always come back to CM which despite its fault is still the best overall simulation of tactical company/battalion level warfare.
  13. I would call him Mr. President. He had his faults, but in retrospect was a much better POTUS than the current occupant who is turning out to be a senile wimp. p.s. - there is a reason why political comments are not allowed.
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