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  1. There are always interesting tactical games that pop up. For example, I know someone (ex military) who plays this and loves it because it forces you to work as a team: https://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/Post_Scriptum/
  2. Northern Africa has been a mess ever since Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011. His armories were raided and all sorts of weapons would up in the wrong hands fueling insurgencies throughout the region. It is not going to end anytime soon since Libya is still a failed state, carved up by rival groups and Al-Qaida, Isis and other groups use it as a base of operation. The French kicked ass in Mali in 2013, but the insurgency is still alive. Mali is supposed to be the most dangerous peacekeeping mission on earth. Canada was asked to send a peacekeeping mission there 2-3 years ago, but begged off b
  3. I would say the simple answer is that NATO forces don't see a need for that type of weapon. For example, U.S. rifle squads already have plenty of 40mm grenade launchers, AT-4s and Javelins which can handle enemy AFV and infantry targets. Plus NATO forces are usually backed up by plenty of direct fire from IFV/AFVs, plus mortars/artillery/air support. RPGs would not really add anything, but would be one more weapon soldiers have to lug around and that has to be kept supplied by supply services.
  4. I play all titles, but CMBS is my favorite and the one I play most often in my spare time. of course, modern is not everyone's cup of tea, but yes, there is a terror and fun factor in modern not present in WW2 titles. The big reason I enjoy it though is because it seems the title most well suited to MP play. Russian and Ukrainian forces are similar in terms of organization, equipment and capabilities and make excellent opponents in PBEM matches.
  5. A bit of a long read, but well worth it in my opinion. Moscow’s New Rules - Carnegie Moscow Center - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace According to the author, the seizure of Crimea was an opportunity grab done on the fly during the 2014 tumult and not part of some overarching plan to reconquer or dismember Ukraine. So Moscow's strategy will be to consolidate, not expand in the near future.
  6. seriously, any decent CPU will run CM well, I picked up a Ryzen 7 3700X last year with a X570 MB and it runs everything I throw at it including CM perfectly well. A thing to remember about CM is that it has no limit...you can build a scenario that will bring any computer on earth down, imagine a 4x4 km dense urban map and several battalions on each side.
  7. yes, that is true, but that is actually the best way to go. Buy BOS on Steam, the rest on the 1C site so the Devs get more $ and everything will DL and instal on STEAM which is way faster than the 1C servers. BOS is currently on sale for can $10, 85% off. I have most of the IL-2 collection, great flight sim and the game I play most often after CM. p.s. - the price on STEAM and at 1C for Tank Crew should be the same. It is actually a few dollars cheaper on STEAM in canadian dolars.
  8. I have tried Tank Crew, you get detailed tank models, can man different crew stations and it can be played in VR. It is cool to play. note however that it has a totally different focus than CM, there is no infantry, artillery, support units, other vehicles like you have in CM, so you can’t model actual combined arms battles as in CM, just tank vs tank combat.
  9. It should also be mentioned that this is a problem that rarely pops up since the AI is usually good at knowing which weapon to use and it is rare that a team has both AT-4s and Javelins.
  10. I have seen that, although in my experience, if you check carefully, you will probably see that the shell entered the tank from the side. Abrams are tough in front, but weak on the sides and rear, even a lowly RPG can kill an Abrams with a side shot.
  11. IF Russia is going to attack, then the next 60 days while the U.S. is in a transition period would present a window of opportunity. After all, Armenia and Azerbaijan just fought a month long war without the ROW much noticing or caring. A limited offensive that the Russians could argue was part of the ongoing border clashes could potentially work without much Western reaction.
  12. On Russian T-72s, it has been some years since I looked into it, but there were various papers which looked into the reforms and modernisation the Russians undertook after the 2008 Georgian War. In there it was stated that the T-72B would be the main workhorse of Russian armored forces until at least 2020-2025 as I recall. That is the reason why you have the T-72B3 in CMBS since BFC assumed that in any full scale invasion of Ukraine in 2017, the Russians would use the most up to date model.
  13. Nothing to do with this thread, just wanted to plug “Hyena Road” which I rewatched over the weekend. Very underrated war movie IMHO. The filmmaker, Paul Gross, went to Kandahar and filmed a lot of actual combat footage, like this clip, which were woven into the movie.
  14. friendly fire does happen, but it is rare. This is from SF2 testing. MGS stryker fires on its own and kills the Abrams in front of it. night time, Iron. Not sure if it was friendly fire or if it was targeting enemy infantry and the shot fell short. either way, it is always a good idea to properly space your units. HQ is still deciding whether to recommend a court martial...
  15. well no, it does work as in real life. CMx2 does not have "Borg" spotting, so every unit has to spot on its own and the game does a separate calculation for each. Having C2 just means the spotting info will eventually be shared with other units, so it will be easier for them to spot it, but they still have to spot on their own. As to how it works in RL, I have been in many situations out in the wild where I or someone in our group spots something that the others don't and even when it is pointed out to them, it may take several seconds or minutes before they "see" it. Just becau
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