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  1. while we are waiting for the invasion .... or non-invasion..., I thought some might enjoy this. I saw this some time ago, but it seems appropriate to this topic: "The “Moscow Rules”: Ten Principles for Working with Russia Russia’s actions and statements are guided by an understanding of the world that is consistent, and consistently expressed. And yet, they repeatedly cause surprise, alarm and dismay in Western capitals. Western leaders often find it hard to understand that Russian assumptions persist unchanged: that Moscow believes in a hierarchical, rather than rules-based view
  2. Really? That is surprising, the exact amount sold was never divulged, but informed speculation was that at least 1,000 had been supplied to Ukraine, enough to equip several brigades. The PSRL-1 is lighter, more accurate and has greater range than the RPG-7, why would UKR prefer the Russian model?
  3. it is hard to get exact info due to the ongoing conflict, most of what we know is what shows up on open sources. We actually have a thread in the Beta forum where we keep tabs on this stuff for the next module. Basically, the Ukrainian forces are like in CMBS, but they have received a lot of new/updated equipment from US and NATO countries: Javelin ATGMs, modern Drones, new artillery equipment, new vehicles, night vision glasses which should now put them on par with Russian forces. They have also been upgrading their T-64 tanks, the new model is a bit different from the one we have in CMB
  4. and this: Michael Kofman (@KofmanMichael) / Twitter
  5. Meanwhile, back on the ground, it does not look like an invasion is coming anytime soon: Status-6 sur Twitter : "Pentagon assesses the Russian forces' grouping at Ukraine border isn't currently prepared for offensive operations, due to lack of evidence of the logistics, fuel and medical capability that would need to be pre-positioned, but situation may change quickly, officials add. (CNN)" / Twitter
  6. Speculation as to what Russia may or may not do is just that, speculation. No one really knows. The theory that Russia wants to impose its rule on its neighbours and recreate the Russian Empire has been around for 30 years and is frankly getting long in the tooth. A more modern theory is that Russia is adjusting to the new reality that it is now just Russia and will take actions which are its own best interests. There was an interesting essay on this a few months ago: Moscow’s New Rules - Carnegie Moscow Center - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  7. I agree with Lethaface. Multiplayer PBEM is the only way to go, the AI is limited and nothing compares to playing against a Human opponent. Ukraine vs Russia in CMBS is also very popular in PBEM since both sides are pretty evenly balanced, although I think the new Cold War game will also be very popular in PBEM.
  8. article in the Moscow Times on polls, public sentiment in Russia is decidedly against any new war, but this caught my eye: Why Russians Aren't Sold on Donbass as Another Crimea - The Moscow Times When does the "Rasputitsa" end in the Donbass?
  9. as far as I can see, it is the same old song and dance we have heard for years now... -Ukraine is saying the escalation is Russia's fault while Russia is saying it is Ukraine's fault; -some analysts are saying Russia is planning a mass invasion while some analysts are saying nothing will happen; I guess we should know in a few weeks if there is anything to this new "Alert", although you can only scream "Wolf" so many times before people stop paying attention.
  10. Ukraine is a bit weaker, yes, but not enough to make a difference. Russia and Ukraine have much of the same equipment and organization, although Russia has some newer kit. Tactics for both sides are the same, basically standard combined arms tactics. Whatever gets spotted first will usually get killed, so plenty of recon, plenty of overwatch, covering fire, etc.
  11. Hi, bit late to this, but if you are still looking check here at the RAF photo archive, they have aerial photos of pretty much all of western europe in WW2: NCAP - National Collection of Aerial Photography | NCAP - National Collection of Aerial Photography edit: type "Malmedy" in the search bar and 3 photos are listed, all taken on december 24, 1944.
  12. This may be what MikeyD was referring to: The AR15.com Ammo Oracle (razoreye.net)
  13. "effective range" is hard to define. We have had veterans who said they have been able to hit targets reliably at 600 meters with 5.56 mm ammo with ACOG sights. 5.56 ammo can also, in theory, penetrate up to 3 mm of steel at 600 meters, so it has more than enough energy to wound or incapacitate someone at that range. The 300 meters effective range for 5.56 mmm comes from the fact that the round's trajectory is relatively flat out to 300 meters and then drops off rapidly, so out to 300 meters you can pretty much hit whatever you aim at. This is an important point since in a firefight, ever
  14. I was a very militant communist during the late 70s-early 80s when I was young and thought I could change the world, but that is another story. Most young "communists" back then were actually Marxists who thought of the Soviet Union as being only slightly better than the USA. Most Marxists believed the type of state controlled economy in the USSR set up under Lenin and Stalin had little to do with Marx's original concept and was just a different style of imperialism and capitalism with a governing class made up of top Party bureaucrats. The left-wing political filmmaker Costa Gravas relea
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