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  1. I have had the same issue, not sure what causes it, but yes restarting the campaign solves it.
  2. CMFI has both summer and winter versions of deciduous trees, i.e. the leaves fall off in winter.
  3. Hi, just checked again, [fielddivision] is a mod tag linked to ‘LW uniform variant”. No idea when it kicks in though.
  4. sorry, misunderstood your question. [fielddivision] looks like a mod tag. I would guess this is to control how the Camo smock shows up in LW field Divisions. They share the same Camo smock as Parachute units, the mottled green LW splinter pattern, but Parachute units pretty much all wear it, while only a few of the LW infantry have it when you pick "mixed camo". One way to find out for sure would be to replace it with something else, say a bright pink uniform, and see where it shows up.
  5. Hi, I think part of the reason for a lack of an official reaction is trying to ascertain what you think is a bug. LW infantry as used in field divisions has two options in late 44, "standard" which has the regular gray-green uniform which was used by all German infantry and "mixed camo" which has selected soldiers wearing camo smocks. By this time, most soldiers recognized the value of camouflage and camo smocks were widely used, even if not necessarily part of the standard uniform. The scenario editor tends to give you more options then were available in RL, so you can craft th
  6. Now that it has been raised, I will keep an eye out to see if anything is out of the ordinary. There are lots of little things in the game that could be tweaked, but like everything else in life, there is never enough time. Everyone here cares about the game and wants to make it as realistic as possible.
  7. maybe you should actually read your own "bug" report? As AKD pointed out in that thread, the reason why German and U.S. AP rounds are deadly is because they are APHE while the british rounds are solid shot. If you guys want to speculate all day about random anecdotes, that is your prerogative, but if you want us to act on "bugs", you have to be able to show an actual "bug".
  8. That is the problem with this particular bug, it is hard to reproduce, so hard to figure out what could be causing it. I have played a bunch of scenarios recently in CMBS, CMRT and CMFB and had zero issues moving tanks and other vehicles across bridges.
  9. Those comments actually originated with Germans who had served on the Eastern Front. Many remarked that U.S. infantry was very cautious when compared to how the Soviets used their infantry to blast their way through German defences. Of course, we are talking about totally different systems. The Soviets could get away with stuff that would have been unthinkable in the U.S. Remember Patton and the soldier slapping incident in Sicily. I prefer to think of it as fighting smarter. BTW it was not just the U.S., the British infantry were the same. SOP in an attack was to first bombard with
  10. I am not sure why you ask questions if you then dispute the answers... Just ran a quick test, CMFB, battalion and platoon HQ, regs, calling 105 mm matchup level is green. estimated time delay is 12 minutes for both, battalion HQ had rounds falling on the target in 12 mins and platoon in 14 mins. If you keep running your test multiple times you will see there is randomness. A test is also different from a scenario.
  11. Hi, the time delay which is shown is an average wait time, depending on the matchup level and HQ type, it may be a lot longer than shown and sometimes faster. For example, if you call in artillery with a platoon HQ, the receiving, preparing and spotting phase may easily be up to 5 minutes slower than the delay shown before you reach FFE and you may notice the end result from the artillery strike may not be as accurate or as effective as you hoped. With a veteran FO with a excellent matchup level, you may get to FFE faster than you expected. There is a randomness built in which you will notice
  12. yes, I have been playing too much CMBS lately. It does look like there is a bug with infantry platoon HQs, it has been reported.
  13. yes, even as early as the Seven Year's War, bayonet charges were obsolete and musket fire would break up any attack or defence before the troops came into contact. In 1756-57, Frederick The Great ordered his troops to attack by bayonet charge alone thinking that by not stopping to fire, battles would be decided more quickly. The only result was 2-3 bloody battles were Prussian frontal attacks were repulsed with heavy losses. After that, everyone went back to standard stand and shoot tactics until one side breaks and run.
  14. EW is a feature which is not used very much. In MP, players usually prefer no EW so C2 works as it should. I have experimented in single player scenarios, but it is not clear how much of an impact it has on the AI other than the obvious effect on artillery/air support. As to its use in RL, that is always hard to determine since a lot of RL EW work is classified. In Ukraine in 2014-15, it seems the Russian used it to jam Ukrainian comms. In the 2008 Georgian war, the Russian GLONASS system (their GPS) went down for a few days. Some speculated the U.S. was behind the shutdown, but never saw
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