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  1. This is not a new development. Russia is not worried about the Taliban and Afghanistan as such, but they are worried about rising islamic radicalism among the muslim populations along their southern borders. There is a large number of migrant workers from that area that regularly come to work in Russia so the potential for political unrest/terrorism is high. I see they are also planning to activate a base in Tajikistan. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/07/07/russia-says-ready-to-activate-tajik-military-base-amid-us-pullout-taliban-advance-in-afghanistan-a74450
  2. I also had a chance to walk the Battle of Chateauguay and Chrysler’s Farm battlefields, both in 1813, many times over the years. Both are national historic sites. During the 200th anniversary, I had many discussions with Yankees about the war. I was interesting to see how both sides have a totally different interpretation. Canadians view it as a heroic struggle where an outnumbered mix of British/Canadian troops stopped the invasion of Canada by numerically superior U.S. forces. Americans view it as an heroic struggle where U.S. troops held off the invasion of the USA by British troops. I blame this...
  3. Note there are free demos for all the games so you can try them out before you buy.
  4. guilty pleasure. standard story, but well told and well acted.
  5. little known, but actually well made film.
  6. I don’t know if there is enough of a market for a pure sci-if game. What I would personally like to see would be a near-future game, say in the 2030-2050 time frame. It is close enough that you can make educated guesses on what technology and weapons could be available.
  7. The one who could answer this the best would be Steve. He has posted on QB pricing various times over the years. As I recall, pricing is not just a function of the inherent qualities of the AFV, but it’s availability as well. Allied units pretty much always had AFVs available and at full strength while German units had limited availability and even armour formations were rarely at full strength. All U.S. infantry divisions in NWE 44-45 had a Tank battalion attached and usually had more tanks than a German Panzer divisions. German infantry divisions often had zero AFVs in support or at much a Stug unit. For example, the German 7th Army total armour strength in the initial phase of the Battle of the Bulge was 15 stugs.
  8. Well HMS Defender entered Russian territorial waters with all weapons loaded, everyone at action station, prepared to defend itself, ignoring all orders from Russian authorities and not recognizing that Russia even has jurisdiction. That is not "innocent passage" by any stretch of the imagination. The much better legal argument is the one made by Haiduk that Crimea is still Ukrainian territory and HMS Defender had the legal consent of Ukraine to enter the territory. But even that is a legal fantasy which ignores the reality of the ground. Crimea is now part of Russia and will be for the foreseeable future. Trying to analyse this from a legal point of view misses the point. Russia seized Crimea by force and now must use force to hold on to it until the fact is eventually recognized by the rest of the world. The issue for Russia is more how to act or react. Firing on or seizing Ukrainian vessels is one thing, sinking a RN ship would be a major escalation which could trigger WW3. OTOH Russia has to enforce its borders if it wants the rest of the world to respect them. This is a major game of chicken and the question is who will blink first.
  9. Again, not the same thing. Under the convetion of the law of the sea, the right of "innocent passage" is subject to many restrictions, for example, it can't be done for propaganda purposes or pose a threat to the territorial integrety of the coastal state or be done for intelligence gathering purposes and has to abide by all the laws and regulations of the coastal state. The HMS Defender mission did not meet any of those criterias to qualify as an "innocent passage".
  10. not the same issue, those subs were outside UK territorial waters. UK and USA would react differently if a Russian vessel entered the 12 miles limit. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/russian-bombers-intercepted-miles-us-airspace/story?id=71171943 Remember Turkey shot down a Russian jet and it was over its territory for only 17 seconds.
  11. The fact that most of the international community does not recognize the annexation is pretty much irrelevant, what counts is the facts on the ground. Crimea is "de facto" part of Russia and it looks like it will be that way for a long time to come. To maintain any kind of international credibility, Russia has to enforce the borders they claim around Crimea. They can't allow NATO ships or aircraft to just ignore its borders. That is why I don't see this as being anything other than a one-off. The last thing NATO wants is to get into a shooting war with Russia over the status of Crimea. Given the fact that the NATO naval exercise will be next week, I wonder if this was part of it to see how the Russians would react?
  12. yes, it has been confirmed that HMS Defender deliberately entered Russian territorial waters. UK denies Russia fired warning shots near British warship - BBC News Not sure what the point was unless it was a one off publicity stunt. Is Boris trying to prove the Royal Navy is still relevant? 😎
  13. Steve had mentioned once that game manuals were one of the most expensive items for them since they had to get them printed up and always had to try to plan for the correct number to not be stuck with extra ones. Digital download is way better for the Devs since there is zero additional cost when you sell extra copies. I still have the original CMSF1 and CMBN manuals, but think they stopped after that.
  14. just did a quick test in 2.16, 7 Oplot vs 7 T90AM, regulars, day clear, buttoned, stationary, facing each other at 2500 meters. all spot one tank within 2 to 20 seconds, most around 12 seconds. I don't see any noticeable difference between the Oplot and the T90AM. I don't see any bug with spotting by the Oplot. If someone wants to run an actual test and they have something that can be reproduced that shows a bug, we will be glad to take a look at it, otherwise this issue is closed.
  15. Just checked a save game, the mix of Oplot crews are 80% regulars and only 20% green, which seems fine to me.
  16. Always buttoned. Spotting has not changed if you want to run tests, I may run some myself.
  17. some thoughts: 1. I ran a bunch of tests recently testing various UKR and RUS tanks head to head. I did not notice anything unusual with Oplot spotting, so I do not see an apparent bug. 2. I actually played and restarted the 2nd UKR campaign mission a few times recently as well to test out various approaches. Oplot spotting is pretty much luck of the draw, sometimes they spot first and quickly kill the RUS tanks, some times the RUS tank spots first. Again, I have not seen anything that would suggest a bug with the Oplot sensors. 3. "Green" is not hillbillies off the street, "Green" troops in CM are basically troops fresh out of basic training or reservists just called back to service. Nothing wrong with Green troops if handled properly. However, as I recall, most of the troops in the UKR campaign are regulars with a mix of green?
  18. U.S. Grant may have been an alcoholic, but pretty much every man in the mid 19th century was by today's standards. Certainly, Grant was known to drink a lot, certainly in the late 1850s when his life was not going well and he was reduced to being a clerk in a store. However, it is presumed that a lot of the stories about him being drunk during the Civil War were pushed by his rivals or politicians who wanted him replaced. Various historians have looked into this and the consensus seems to be that Grant generally did not drink while on a campaign, except on rare occasions.
  19. Not sure where this story of the "myth" of Omaha Beach came from. I read Balkoski's "Beyond the Beachhead" which deals with the experiences of the U.S. 29th infantry division in Normandy: Beyond The Beachhead: Balkoski, Joseph: 9780811732376: Books - Amazon.ca The 29th is the one that landed on "Dog Green Beach", the one portrayed in SPR. As in SPR, the beach was right in front of several German bunkers/MG nests with an open field of fire on the beach. The first two assault waves on the beach, consisting of two companies were wiped out, suffering 90-95% casualties within seconds of hitting the beach. Several Landing crafts suffered 100% casualties. All the officers were killed or wounded. 1st wave, company A, 1st battalion, 116th regiment: 2nd wave, company B, 1st battalion, 116th regiment: 116th Infantry Regiment (United States) - Wikipedia So if anything, SPR actually minimises the actual conditions of Dog Green beach. Note that conditions on Omaha were hit or miss that day. Some of the first assault waves on Omaha which landed 1 mile east of Dog Green were partially obscured by smoke and managed to land with zero casualties, So like everything else in war, luck can play a big role. Note that Omaha was also not the only place where the fighting was tough, some of the Canadian companies landing in the 1st wave on Juno suffered up to 50% casualties when landing.
  20. I have WITE and WITW, although I never managed to play more than scenarios or 1-1.5 years of campaigns. The game system is more suited to WITE with the larger maneuvering room on the OstFront IMHO. Problem with the game is more the very high level of micromanagement required. I don't see that WITE2 is sufficiently different from Wite1 to warrant the upgrade.
  21. Ideally 10 meters or less distance, they will attack on their own, throwing grenades or charges, if not, just use the target command.
  22. On the Canadians in Normandy, I would recommend Terry Copp's "Fields of Fire" which covers the june-august 44 period. He also has a second book "Cinderella Army" which covers the sept. 44-may 45 period. I have read both and use them regularly for reference. As to why the Canadians suffered more casualties than the other CW forces in Normandy, roughly 20% more as I recall, there are many theories. The one put forward by Copp, which I think makes the most sense, is that Canadian officers had an inferiority complex regarding Monty and the British, partly the "colonial" mentality and partly the fact that Canadian forces had been stuck in Britain for years training while British/CW forces had been fighting in North Africa and Italy. There was also the stain of Dieppe to overcome. Because of all that Canadian forces volunteered for all the tough operations which inevitably led to higher casualties. The British, who were facing a very severe manpower/replacement crunch were very happy to let the Canadians take the lead.
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