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  1. I feel like my shift went to ****. I lost vehicles and have platoons and squads spread all over the map and no way to get them all linked back up. I don't want to start over because I know it's largely scripted and I can't be trusted to not cheat.... I ended up getting the British Module for SF2 and downloaded the coup scenario. It's just a few minutes after 0400hours. My plan is to bribe the armor at the bank first, then get a team in place to immediately hit the air defense building followed by an ammo run to the radio station at the same time I free the alderemen from the prison. I'm scared to **** it up, though..and ruin another scenario.
  2. Back to this mission: I found a spot that said follow the trail south, so I did. I found some manned emplacements and killed them all - I just happened to notice a piece of barbed wire, so the engineers demo'd it. Is there a message if you destroy a base? Also, that was really hard to see and the only reason I saw it was because I was so zoomed in. Are all the insurgent bases so difficult to spot? Is there a better way I should be searching? Also, I think I killed the physco. It says 2nd platoon found objective F Thanks
  3. That looks super cool. I have CMSF2 but only the USMC and NATO packs..so I don't think I can play it since the description says all modules are required.
  4. Thank you @MOS:96B2P I already started over since it was only 38 minutes of in-game time. Is the scenario random or will it essentially be the same 38 minutes as my first game? Also, lets get crackin on that cops n' robbers thing.
  5. Good day Over Lord 96B2P, Firstly, thank you to you and your beta testing minions for making such tasty morsel of a scenario. I've only played about 36 minutes so far, but I'm really enjoying it and look forward to moar! I do have a question, and am thinking of starting over because, while I cannot be sure, I think I got jipped... [spoiler] ******************************************************************************************* I had a 2 man sniper team come in as reinforcements (across from Beliz) that were attached to a command unit that spawned in the FOB. I decided to move the snipers closer to Beliz, but on the next turn a "Butcher Location?" ican popped up right where the sniper team had been - So I decided to move them back to sniff it out. On the next turn one of my snipers disappeared, poof. On the next turn my remaining sniper saw an enemy truck with a driver in it. I move the sniper in to take a closer look and the poof - he too disappeared with little green arrows.... There was no sign of an enemy base, just a running truck with a driver. What happened? [\spoiler] Thank you,
  6. Dang, that's a lot of map making in dar. Thanks guys.
  7. Is there one that is recommended? Thank you.
  8. I bought CMSF2 a few months back along with the USMC add-on - It's very fun and I enjoyed it a lot, albeit a bit pricey. I also tried the Black Sea demo and would consider a purchase, but again....rather pricey. First question is why no sale on Memorial Day at least for existing customers? Second questions is what is/if there is a new project Battle Front is working on? Thx
  9. Ya, but some are bugged. Does bootie make these scenarios or is he the guy that uploads them? Is combat mission dead? there are 5 CMSF2 scenarios and the last CMSF scenario was made like 3 years ago.
  10. I liked it too. I wish there were more CMSF2 made scenarios instead of having to use CMSF1. Also, I've found that anything made by bootie is amazing.
  11. Sounds cool, but kind of confusing - how are people supposed to know which CMSF1 missions/campaigns work with CMSF2?
  12. Thank you....but is this for shock force 2 or 1? It seems to be in the shock force 1 category.
  13. I just finished task for thunder on Iron mode and now I am starting the USMC campaign, also on iron. I hope it has core forces with losses that carry forward... As for my name - I used it in an online player vs. player game called Mount and Blade Warband as well as in a MMORPG called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes back in the 2014 era. I had a clan called The Murder Herd and we would corner solo players and give them the choice often shouting "the Murder Herd, Join or die.....?! I guess you could say it was role playing experience where you could pretend to be bat **** crazy - we would roll into the towns 15 strong and slaughter everyone and then take all their stuff. I also used the name Matriarch of the Herd.
  14. Where can I get this mission impossible campaign?
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