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These mud houses are my take on the typical houses found in Afghanistan, made out of dried mud. I based this mod on the green zone of Helmand province, therefore they are perhaps less suitable for the more mountainous regions where stones are more prevalent. But they will probably work better than the stock buildings anyway. I suppose they could also work for the more rural areas of Syria or Iraq.

These mud houses are made to work alongside Kieme's CMSF in HD buildings. You can have both mods installed at the same time. The mud houses, because they are located in a directory whose name begins with the letter z, should replace some of the buildings made by Kieme. At first I only intended to replace a couple of buildings but ended up making more and more so that only two of Kieme's buildings are intact so to speak.

Finally, although they are modular buildings and can have any number of floors, they work best for single or two storey buildings obviously. Not sure you could stack mud that high anyway.


The opium poppies replace grain tiles.
There are two different textures included in the mod. The default one and another one with a more brownish/yellow colour that is found in late summer when crops are ripe.



Not much to say about these.



In order to see the mods in your game, you need to add one or several of the mod tags that are linked to the textures.

poppies or poppiesyellow


The mod also includes a small portion of an Helmand map I am working on, already set up with the mod tags so you can have a quick preview.


Details on how to install included in the readme inside the rar file. I have uploaded two versions of the pack, one with all the files tagged and one without tags. Install the mod tag version, it won't interfere with your game unless a scenario designer adds the tags in a mission. The other version without tags, you can just swap it in and out of your fold folder at your convenience.


Mod tags :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/utekfowt06srp3d/zAfghanistan Mod Pack - Mod Tags.rar?dl=0

No mod tags :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bob522itexpip3d/zAfghanistan Mod Pack.rar?dl=0


credits : Mord for the SF2 logo

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I knew you were headed in this direction.

Nice work, buddy!

I'll get in touch with you in a few days. I have some very old work you may find interesting. Blimey and I actually put a lot of time into working on an Afghanistan mod about 8 months before BS came out and then scrapped it. He had a ton of stuff but I don't have it anymore. A lot of it wouldn't work in SF2 anyway.





P.S. You weren't the one complaining about my lack of flash on CMMODs were you?

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Yeah sure. We could add various stuff to the pack to make it more complete. I know Akd worked on an Helmand project too; I stumbled upon an old SF1 thread by him while looking for pictures of Afghanistan on google for inspiration. I tried to contact him on the forum so we could put our work in common but he didn't reply for some reason, maybe his inbox was full or wasn't interested. Maybe he lost the files because this was an ancient thread from 2010 , I don't know.

Flash? How do you mean?

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1 hour ago, Zveroboy1 said:

Flash? How do you mean?

Somebody was saying my listing for the CM logos I had posted on CMMODs wasn't flashy enough and I should make a video or something to get people interested in down loading it. LOL.

Oh and BTW, I didn't create the logos just packaged them all together.

I am not exactly sure but I don't think akd has those mods anymore. I could be wrong though.



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Ah of course it is from CMA, good call. Yes it should probably work, I haven't tested it yet but I will soon.


Only ANA soldiers do. Actually I was watching this docu on Afghanistan about a mixed ISAF-ANA foot patrol. And apparently it is something they do quite often, just stopping right in the middle of a field halfway through a patrol to pick up poppies/watermelon/hash.

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1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

You can't actually use weed or opium fresh off the plant, even rubbing hash plants for Charas doesn't work like that, the Tolas need to be stored for a season before they are smokeable.....Watermelons should be OK though.  ;)

I am not sure I would admit to knowing those kinds of details....  :D 

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3 minutes ago, borg said:

So the attached .btt is map only ? This can’t be used in QB I suppose - as that needs AI planned into it ? I opened the map and looks gorgeous - especially the mud walls and small openings . Really cool. Reminded me of Arma2 British forces 

Yeah I think it is created to show the effect of the mod.

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10 minutes ago, Zveroboy1 said:

Yes it is just a raw map with no set up zones are AI plans, nothing. It is just to showcase the mod so people can see how it looks like with re-textured compounds, walls and poppies fields. This is just a sample too; the full map is 6 times larger. I plan to use it for a scenario inshallah.

WOW ! - can’t wait. Sahha u Grazzi.

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Someone is going to have to make a new 3D model and import it, I think. (It is possible, there’s a thread here somewhere where someone is making a new 3D model of a beret for Republican Guards, I believe. Not to be confused with the red one recently discussed in the CMFI or BN subforum which is simply a helmet rename using an existing beret model.) Hex editing, a form of magic I could never get my head around...how do you know what numbers to change, and to what values?—dangerous Black Magic, if you ask me!…is not possible with CMSF2. That process allowed you to change models, so you could, for example, import a CM-A taliban model into SF1. Oversimplification, but basically, porting is a no go.

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9 hours ago, borg said:

Tagging them @Mord @Blimey - and hoping for best news 

Sorry, guys, can't be done. I've explained it numerous times so I'll just cut and paste what I said last time.

"Textures, yes, depending on how different the models are. Model swaps absolutely can't be done. I spent a good four hours or so the other day dicking around in the hex editor eyeing up the Syrian mds files. Charles locked them down hard. @Blimey reported this waaaay back when BS came out but I wanted to see what was what for myself. The Brain some how tied ALL the Syrian soldiers into a single set of mdses. ALL their codes point to lines entitled "placeholder uniform" "place holder skin" place holder boots".  The old mdses had a set for each soldier type and their code would point to something like "syrian reserve soldier" "syrian reserve uniform" etc. In effect there is no way to trick the mdses because every single file, no matter what it is, says "placeholder uniform" etc. The only reason Mikey pulled off that weapon swap was because the weapons files hadn't been screwed with."

On 1/14/2019 at 3:29 PM, Sequoia said:

So if I understand correctly then, Mord missed something when he said model swaps are not possible?

"Not necessarily. There are a few exceptions, like weapons and flavor objects. but you can't take Muj from CMA and get them into SF2 if that's what you're hoping for. There's no way. Read my quote of myself above, it'll explain it. I am not exactly sure what was needed to be done with the beret but whatever it was it won't work with cross game models like soldiers. I'd love to be wrong. But I don't see how it could be done without completely hacking the code. But ANYONE is welcome to prove me wrong! I'd be thrilled if they did. BUT whatever they did it wouldn't be the old way of hex editing. Anyway, I'd kill to get the MUJ to take the place of the Uncons."

On 1/14/2019 at 4:29 PM, Sequoia said:

Okay, thanks Mord. Sorry to doubt you. Actually I had heard that Snowball had taken a lot of shortcuts with their models in CMA and wasn't thinking of swapping the entire Muj soldier model, just the headgear. A better choice now might be having Capt Millers friend making Afghanistan looking headgear if he's willing.   Poor guy might get swamped with requests.

"No need to apologize. I thought you might be going in that direction but then the head gear would have to be for the Special Forces because then EVERY body else (Mech, Reserves, Guards, Airborne) would be wearing it. It's a complete conundrum. It wouldn't work with the Uncons because they don't have any helmets. It's a Gordian knot and we can't cut it as far as I can see.

The key to all of this is locked up in those mdses somewhere.

EDITED: Or come to think of it maybe not. I think they rewrote it so that you don't need separate models for separate textures."


As head gear goes you can have troops either wearing a helmet, not wearing a helmet, or wearing a helmet and no helmet mixed. But you can't have a helmet and a beret in the same formation.

And I don't even have the Muj files that Blimey made for SF1. I don't know why. I thought I'd saved them. You wanna talk about hex magic those were hex magic. What a confusing bunch of models they were. Anyway they wouldn't work with SF 2.



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