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  1. AD - The old links are no longer needed as the files have been posted to the repository. There's 2 options. One for the Russian slot and one for the Ukraine digital camo slot. These haven't been tested with the latest patch. Hope that helps.
  2. Cpl S. - I followed the naming conventions used by BFC. I didn't add any additional or new tags. The [tags] you mention were already inserted by BFC. However they relate to the pouches only so you could leave those out if causes an issue. Not an expert on tagging, I'm afraid.
  3. Grunt-GI.....thanks for comment and the heads up. I've never had problems with the site but appreciate free hosting is a mine field. The download is only available via the Orange download button on the site. Everything else is not related. More generally you might want to install an ad blocker too. That cuts out some of the crap. Annoying I know. I'll get it up on the repository once that works better.
  4. Hi Erwin - If you have Vein's mod, you can use his faces as a partial replacement. Alternatively, you can rename any of vein's or even Aris original RT face textures to run on from mine. So if my mod goes up to face texture 16, for example, your new faces start from 17. These will automatically be added to the rag-tagging. Of course the frequency of bare heads vs caps will change.
  5. Cpl S - here's the separatists to be used in the UKR digital slot in the editor for your Blue on Blue scenarios. Others - TBA - if used independently, this mod will replace the digital camo textures for UKR forces where these have been chosen by the scenario designer. There is also some overlap with the standard UKR textures - namely faces, boots and chin straps are shared. The chin strap has been made transparent in this mod as it uses bare headed figures. Best not use this mod with others that that mod UKR faces or the UKR digital camo as you will lose the full effect. Mods for the standard UKR camo uniform shouldn't affect this mod, unless they include faces. Download - http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/PkK66dLO/file.html Credits - Aris' for his faces and Kieme for his dirty camo/boots.
  6. Cpl. S - good to hear you're working on some scenarios. As explained above, with some minor tweaks you can do what you want by renaming the uniform files to match the Ukrainian equivalents. There are some sacrifices as certain textures are shared - faces for example which will show up on both UKR 'sides'. i'll post a link to some amended files in a few days once work gives me a break, but these are best tagged and built into a scenario to avoid confusion for most people.
  7. Quality. A cool mix of helmets and uniforms. A great mod once again. Very lucky to have Vein, Kieme and the many others producing this free content.
  8. Kras Okay. After some experimentation, renaming and juggling of the shared textures to get the right balance. Separatists can slot into the UKR digital uniform slot (in the editor). Conventional forces can then fill the UKR standard uniform slot (in the editor). Also via the editor you can add in Russian forces to fight alongside the 'red' Ukrainian force. You start with a Blue on Blue force pool. Buy your two forces. 1 UKR standard (Blue) 1 UKR Digital (the 2nd Blue force which will be considered the Red force in battle). Deploy. Then change the battle option in the editor to Blue on Red. Pick your Russians. Deploy. They show up alongside your Red UKR force. Sounds files - you can unpack and mix those up in a mod yourself, although if you have Russians fighting closely alongside the 'red' UKR force I expect you'll get a mix of voices anyway. Separatist - more diverse appearance. More bare heads. Standard UKR - More uniform appearance. Fewer bare heads. Russians and 'red' UKR forces deployed together
  9. Dragonynn ...first try a sniper team. See if that works. I've not done vehicle crews yet so that may be the reason.
  10. Kras - Initial skim through. Looks like share - Boots; Faces; Chin-strap. Means I'll have to adjust the faces to make both sides work....not too many beards perhaps? Ditto boots will be same for both sides. Aiming to put the separatists as the digital slot. Coventional army in the standard slot.
  11. Kras - thanks. Russian Crews - maybe. Ukrainians - there is only 1 3D model for the Ukrainian soldiers, but it has a number of textures to wrap it in - i.e. digital and ttsko. In the editor you can choose standard or digital uniforms for blue vs blue battles. So yes, hopefully you can allocate digital to one army and standard to the other. However, I'll need to check to make sure there are no shared textures amongst the 3D models when you select one of the other, otherwise you'll end up with a mess, particularly if adding transparent elements. If these two selections use completely ring-fenced textures then it should work. I've been meaning to check. I'll take a look over the next few days as I have time. I wouldn't rename the current textures just yet it case it creates a mess.
  12. Here's the first version for download. This is the no-helmet version. Download - http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/THo5wcYA/file.html [no helmet version] It replaces Russian infantry with some rag-tag irregular forces. I make no claims to accuracy. I just wanted them to look different to the conventional Russian forces. The files are not tagged, but can be by modders wanting to use in their own scenarios. Credit to Aris for his brilliant CMRT faces which I used as the base and then modded, clumsily. Kieme for his muddy black boots and Ukraine vest. Anyone else I may have borrowed camo textures from.
  13. Kras ...sadly there are limits to what can be. Underlying mechanics remain the same. Can swap in weapon textures as kieme suggests. I have sprayed the uniforms with mud. Not as good as kieme's mud but should do. I haven't considered rag tagging UKR forces. I have included some UKR camo in the rag tagging for this mod so that might be a base for another mod with few tweaks. I'll see. Real-life limiting how much time I can spend on these. Kieme did a nice upgrade to the basic UKR uni tho. See his mod thread. With his permission I'd like use that as the base if I did pull something together.
  14. Bluth - thanks. Yep. There'll be a bare-headed version too.
  15. Jock - thanks. Much appreciate the stuff you did for CMSF too. I think I've discovered the reason for the limit. Choosing lower spec texture/model options in the Options menu limits the number of textures displayed in game. So rag-tagging textures automatically get capped. Phew!
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