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Flamethrowers & Russian antitank grenades

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Why flamethrowers dont burn houses, wheat fields or woods? 

They are useless in CMRT. Fire is not used as a weapon which is ridicolous.

I edited and scenario with 20 T-34 (with Flamethrower) in a wheat field and never cause big fires after being a lot of minutes burning the wheat fields. You see small fires but never grow and dont kill soldiers is they pass by these small fires.


During war and in Combat Mission Barbarrosa to Berlin you burn the first floor of a house and you wait until enemy on top floors has to runnaway from fire and then you kill them outside. 

Or you use to burn a wheat field to make a wall of fire and smoke to help in your attack/defense.

Fire should be and interesting element to design scenarios. If you put craters you should be able to put fires on the escenario editor. Bombs cause fires.


Why russian infantry dont use antitank grenades?

They had them. And german infantry aswell. Where are them? Only tankhunters had them? And if you use tankhunters to destroy a tank, you have to be at 8 m to throw your antitank grenades which is useless.


Why russian infantry dont use coctels molotov?

German infantry has panzerfaust but russian infantry has nothing to kill tanks. Not even coctel molotov.

In Combat Mission Barbarrosa To Berlin russian troops have coctel molotov in their equipment.

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Fire is a work in progress with CM3 (the new game engine)...We just recently got flamethrower-units but... spreading fire... is not implemented yet.


I'm sure that BFC are working on it and hopefully we will get it soon...


As for russian hand held AT-weapons...Yes, the russians  are very ill equiped when it comes to this but i do belive that BFC have done enough research about this to make sure its historicly correct...

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Why russian infantry dont use antitank grenades?

They had them. And german infantry aswell. Where are them?

Yes, the Russian soldiers have them and they use them.  The RPG43 (I think that is what it is called) is not explicitly shown in the equipment list but when your Russian soldiers get close to an an enemy tank have a close look at the grenades they throw you will find some of them are big cylinders and pack a bit of an extra punch.


Only tankhunters had them? And if you use tankhunters to destroy a tank, you have to be at 8 m to throw your antitank grenades which is useless.


Those are demo charges and they are pretty heavy so you would not be throwing them long distances but they will use them to destroy a tank at slightly longer than 8m.  This is an abstraction of close assaulting tanks.  Infantry with demo charges do better than those without them but if they have grenades they will close assault a tank.  It will not be easy and some men will die, you have to decide if it is a sacrifice you are willing to make :)

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So, flame patch will come out for CM2 games in future? Also, I am interested about CM3 game, can anyone inform what is the progress of it? I know there is not anything exact, but- like in a year or two?  ;)


Well there are no time lines.  Steve has only said that they have not yet implemented fire burning stuff down in the game yet.  He gave no indication of when or even if (that I recall) for when that would happen.  I am sure that it will not be a patch but since it will be a new feature I would suspect it will be in an engine upgrade if and when it comes.  As for a brand new game engine there has been very little discussion about that.  They have years and years of work for games using the current engine: the Bulge, eastern front, Italy plus any more modern stuff they have to do.

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Is that a smoke mod or does smoke look like that in RT?


That pic was taken in the early days of CMRT using the Aris smoke mod. Once it came out, I switched to Vein's complete effects package and have stayed with that since. IMO, the Aris mod looks quite good for still pics, but in motion/when playing, Vein's smoke looks more natural.

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Correct it is not separately listed. I am not sure why. Any unit with grenades can conduct a close assault and take out a tank using regular grenades too it is just really dangerous for them.


I really think they should make the Soviet AT hand grenades be shown like rifle AT grenades and PFs - with icons and numbers in the special equipment section of the unit info. It would be very helpful to the player and adds a coolness factor that enhances the game experience. It's always been a headscratcher as to why they weren't done that way from the beginning.

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Warts 'n' all,


Molotov cocktails were in use long after that.  In Clark's The Battle of the Tanks, he quotes a Russian infantryman at Kursk. The veteran clearly describes the organized mass distribution of Molotov cocktail materials, complete with an explanation of the fuzing. He notes that it was great having the Molotovs available, but that they were fragile and a hazard. Consequently, he dug a small cubby hole inside his fighting position and to his front. This gave him instant access yet protected the petrol and oil filled, believe I have that right, glass bottles from frag effects. 




John Kettler

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Soviets throwing an AT grenade, which takes out a PIV:




Flamethrowers can be VERY effective in CMx2. They just don't spread fire...yet.


-Would love to see Molotov Cocktails introduced, though!

Yes indeed those things are nasty... its one reason to stay away from infantry if you have no infantry support yourself.

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