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  1. Working on the Scenario version right now. Will need some play-testers and feedback when its done.
  2. The newest version just has one more AI plan.. its a little different. No biggie.
  3. If the first link dose not work, please try this one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttvrx070acn69i3/Barkmann's Corner Revisited.zip?dl=0 If you have any issues just PM me, and I will make sure you get it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/415xkyoewenftih/AAC4viQIyFnF-JSZXbPVequXa?dl=0 or this link. I seriously need to read up on how to do this stuff.
  4. Strange, try this.. if this does not work, send me a pm and I will send it to you via email. ZipShare - Dropbox unfortunately I am new to Dropbox.. LOL https://www.dropbox.com/sh/415xkyoewenftih/AAC4viQIyFnF-JSZXbPVequXa?dl=0 James.
  5. Hello, I had created this scenario some time ago and would like to make it public. I had spent about 3 months researching the units involved, and actually where this small unit action took place. Although there really was no official information from the US side with some exceptions, I did list my sources in the scenario if you wish to check them out. You can download it here. Again, let me know your thoughts. Note: I did increase the challenge by adding some things US side, and I updated it, giving the AI another plan. Playable only as Axis vs AI. Ghost Rider CM Missions - Dropbox Best regards, James.
  6. Hello, I have designed a large detailed map that can be used as a QB map, or if you want create a H2H battle. The map is 3632x1296 rural-agricultural. Later I will have completed the actual Scenario for this map. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. You can download the map here. Ghost Rider CM Missions - Dropbox If you have any issues, please pm me and I will remedy any issues. James.
  7. Copy that Bootie, I had been using Winzip. The file is 206kb. Anyways maybe it was a fluke day, will try again later. I had the same issue trying to load another btt. file Barkmann's Corner revisited, so I dont know, its pretty simple stupid and the directions on how to upload are top notch, first class really.
  8. Thats a negative GeorgeMC. I was just trying to upload it on the Scenario Depot III site. But for whatever reason it did not like my zipped file from Winzip. I will send you a PM GeorgeMC. Thanks for the assist. James.
  9. Yeah looks like that may be the case, the problem is, it will be lost here in the forums or something instead of where it should be with all the other scenarios. I will think about it, I hate signing up for more stuff I rarely use.. LOL Im old school non tech.
  10. does it have a separate AI movement order? Once you get passed 14 AI different orders its crazy. Its why I myself write down every group, what they are supposed to do, and what side of the map they are on for somewhat easy scripting, but yeah most of this is really simple but there are some hickups.
  11. The title of the file "A small Italian Town.zip. I am using Winzip.
  12. So I am using Winzip and I get this error message when uploading the zipped .btt file. "Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons." I followed the beautiful instructions to a T.. this of course is like running into a brick wall, but have experienced it before. Any suggestion would be awesome. James.
  13. I fixed it.... Maybe it was the beer. Not sure what happened, when I had retitled the QB Scenario it defaulted back to Attack instead of what I had previously saved it as, which was a Meeting engagement. Problem solved, I never even thought that was the issue... LOL anyways easy fix but dang, I feel I should hire a HR person to check my work.. James.
  14. So the only thing I had not done was casualty % and such. I figured that a H2H with VP really did not need any other ratios. Everything else is complete. Setup, VP Objectives with occupy etc. I also looked at most of the QB in the folder. They were just maps with VP objectives and Setup Zones.. thats it. Some were different, but what I had done seemed to be enough. I will look it over again after work, try plan B. Thanks for all the input, it really does help even though I have made over 10 scenarios and they all work, so its odd a simple QB setup is being difficult... LOL
  15. Yes it is in there, I see the file... sooo I have no idea.. LOL
  16. Hello Combatintman, I finished the QB map (looked at many others for descript and Mission Objectives) My only problem now is that I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I cant find the map I just made in the QB section. The file is in there, its pretty simple no real massive astrophysics required.. but for some reason when I try and play a QB and try and locate that specific map it is nowhere. I made sure it meets the required search, Large-Huge, Meeting engagement... but nada. Any assistance would be cool James.
  17. Thank you Combatintman, I have already renamed a separate map for just this type of play. I think would be cool to offer a blank large map that 2 opponents can pick their brains on, and then at the same time have another map that will have units in place with AI for both sides (this will take obviously some time and playtesting) with the option that again 2 opponents can play H2H if they want with units already on the board. So there will be two maps for two different opportunities. I will try and upload the H2H map later this evening after work and then respond here with the title so you know where its at. Or I can just email it to you all, as I know there might be a delay of when it actually is posted on the site.. just in case if you all would like. Semper Fi. James.
  18. Awesome stuff. I think I should be able to upload the H2H Map this week. Although I had issues with there system last time I tried, will make sure it gets to the right spot. My only question is that all I really need to do is create the areas where they deploy initially on the map correct? The H2H players purchase their own units?
  19. I have decided to make 2 versions of this map. 1. will be the scenario which will be titled as such. Best played as Allied Player vs AI or Axis vs AI for example. The second map version will be H2H only where I will have the setup zone completely different from the player vs AI scenario. I believe in QB map the Players choose the equipment and plop them on the map... If I am not mistaken.. I guess Combatintman would know more.. LOL Thanks for such kind words on the map, its much appreciated after many days of development. James.
  20. That sounds great, will do Combatintman. I may upload one for Map only, and another with the Scenario for play and H2H then. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. James.
  21. Let me know what you all think, if you want to post pics that would be cool as well. Working more on the TOE, and AI for the next couple weeks. James.
  22. Copy that, I have most of it on a thumb drive now. Good tip on the "Copy" vs move aspect. I just finished the map. If anyone wants a copy of the Master Map let me know. It is a HIGHLY DETAILED 3632x1296m map you can use Head to Head, or for whatever. Took me about a month of creation. Just PM. its like 915kb. Just the map. The Scenario itself with AI on both sides hopefully will be done in the next month. Cheers.
  23. Ok sounds good, will do. Thanks again its been awhile. Cheers, James.
  24. Thank you Sgt. Squarehead, so basically if I have an AI plan for both sides it should work in the random single player? If I get what your saying you can save the .btt file and send it to the directory.. save it as"Map.scenarioname" or the Scenarioname.Map?
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