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Alternate Silhouettes - open test

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Finally working on this mod. Was delayed due to holding up the CMBS release date doing textures.


It has turned out to be a full rebuild of the CMSF version, due to different sized tiles, and also due to my finding that I couldn't understand my own mod without the reference sheet. *FAIL*

I have all the vehicle tiles done in bglow and plain-bglow, so I'll put them up for review - hopefully to find any necessary corrections before I generate all the other versions. (In the mean time I'm working on the gun silhouettes.)


All values are estimates. My estimates may vary from yours ( or BFC's ).


Armour estimates used where data is unavailable:

Turret side = Turret front / 2.5

Hull side = Glacis / 3

Lower Hull front = Glacis / 2

1st gen ERA = +250mm CE  +100mm KE

2nd gen ERA = +400mm CE  +200mm KE

3rd gen ERA = +600mm CE  +300mm KE

Bar armour = +150mm CE




Just remember - pointy bar graphs for pointy shells ( ie KE penetration)






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Your silhouette mod has been a long time, often used favorite of mine - thanks for the Black Sea version!  I can’t wait to see the silhouettes for non-vehicle units (ATGM’s, MANPADS, aircraft, mortars, etc.).

Also, thanks for your work on the official release graphics.  Black Sea is one of the best day one releases I think BFC has offered.  Congrats to the entire art team.*


* As an aside, whoever is creating the models (Dan Olding?) is absolutely killing it - routinely.  There hasn’t been a Combat Mission game yet where I didn’t spend the first post purchase hour pouring over the vehicles, infantry and crewed weapons and I always come away impressed.

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