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  1. Hi, “In John Sowden's all-time classic scenario "Platoon Patrol" (one of the smallest scenarios that were released in the first edition of Combat Mission Battle for Normandy), a US infantry platoon is tasked with securing a ford in Normandy. The platoon leader has a 60 mm mortar as the only indirect fire asset.” From this article.. http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/walk-and-shoot-combat-mission-battle.html#more All the best, Kip.
  2. Hi, very impressive stuff. Congratulations.. . All the best, kip.
  3. Hi, I don't know how they do it, but agree with your sentiment. The next APS used by the T14 and any others it will no doubt be fitted to must be designed to cope with diving attack ATGMs. It will be interesting when they seriously start to market it or give up trying to hide how the combination of systems work and we too get to know . All the best, Kip.
  4. Hi, Just so. As I understand it the HE effect of the interceptor thrown at the incoming KE penetrator can cause it to slightly skew such that the energy is no longer perfectly in line nose to tail. This greatly reduces the penetrating power. This was the explanation in one article a few years ago on the hopes to intercept KE projectiles. It was a German system in RD being discussed. All the best, Kip.
  5. RockinHarry, Thanks. Understandably most military history is your standard narrative fare, be it good or less so, or tactical manuals. The Doubler book and Stour Hearts are really the ideal for us CM fans in that they explain the tactics in such detail. Stout Hearts explains that AT guns were never setup to fire head on but always from the side to take an example. But explains this within a very well written book. Not a manual. But it is understandable that most want a given campaign or battle explained. Thanks again, All the best, Kip.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of a book from the German side that is the equivalent to Closing With The Enemy by Michael Doubler or Stout Hearts by Ben Kite dealing respectively American and British CM scale tactics? The two above books are far head of others in explaining American and Commonwealth tactics in WWII. In my view but each to their own of course. A little as though Max Hastings or James Holland had written books in their usual narrative form but taking even greater care and effort to explain tactical detail. No book covering the Germans springs to mind that does the same tri
  7. 76mm, thanks for all the work. Just gave it a turn, with files loading from outside seems to work just fine. Encountered no problems. Thanks, All the best, Kip.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the heads up.. BTW. Stout Hearts by Ben Kite does the same trick. Great book, a click ahead of Closing With The Enemy by Michael Doubler, yet another great book and in its day the best of best on CM scale, WWII tactics. All the best, Kip.
  9. Hi, Agreed ! In all versions of CM. All the best, Kip.
  10. Macisle, hi, Goodness, we are doppelgangers in our CM habits.. ! Thanks, All the best, kip.
  11. Macisle, congratulations.. superb map and video. Hugely looking forward to when all is realised. All the best, Kip. PS. As with 76mm would be great to have a map free from AI/units and such to use for homemade fun when the project is complete.
  12. George, hi, Thanks... this guy is good at what the does . All the best, Kip.
  13. 76mm, hi, a fantastic piece of work. Wonderfully helpful and easy to use. Many thanks :). All the best, Kip.
  14. Kieme, fantastic mods.. Thanks. All the best, Kip.
  15. George, Tremendous.. fantastic the way you keep them coming. Don’t stop!!! As with many of your fans a real CM event when you release stuff :). Will save it for when I have time to really appreciate it.. something to look forward to. Thanks, All the best, Kip.
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