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  1. Been totally bogged down with real life issues, but hope to get back to this soon.
  2. 30 years ago I got into modding computer games doing pixel art. We've come so far that nowadays I'm doing pixel art...
  3. Finally working on this mod. Was delayed due to holding up the CMBS release date doing textures. It has turned out to be a full rebuild of the CMSF version, due to different sized tiles, and also due to my finding that I couldn't understand my own mod without the reference sheet. *FAIL* I have all the vehicle tiles done in bglow and plain-bglow, so I'll put them up for review - hopefully to find any necessary corrections before I generate all the other versions. (In the mean time I'm working on the gun silhouettes.) All values are estimates. My estimates may vary from yours ( or BFC's ). Armour estimates used where data is unavailable: Turret side = Turret front / 2.5 Hull side = Glacis / 3 Lower Hull front = Glacis / 2 1st gen ERA = +250mm CE +100mm KE 2nd gen ERA = +400mm CE +200mm KE 3rd gen ERA = +600mm CE +300mm KE Bar armour = +150mm CE http://www.scribd.com/doc/6032093/Armor-Basics#scribd Just remember - pointy bar graphs for pointy shells ( ie KE penetration) bglow-v01.zip plain-bglow-v01.zip
  4. temp file location:http://www.captskidd.com/cmn/animated-text-CMBN-v311.zip File emailed, Vin. Tested and all good. Alternate Silhouettes will be updated, but I need to finish art for CMBS first, so it might be a few weeks.
  5. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=103676 First post contains links to both Scipio's and my mods
  6. Temp link for CMBN: http://www.captskidd.com/cmn/animtext-CMBN+CW+MGv220.zip
  7. The CMFI one is done, the CMBN one will be done tonight. The holdup was due to my inability to download the v2.12 patch in a working form, but I finally got it this morning. For those who just can't wait, the CMFI one is here:http://www.captskidd.com/cmfi/animtext-CMFI-v1-20.zip
  8. The X* sets are based on presenting the armour and penetration values as numbers. X stands for XL, as in the spreadsheet, because I had to make a pretty complex spreadsheet to generate all the slope-effect armour values. C means "Coloured". "W" means "White". This refers to the colour of the text. XC uses the CM1 colour codes for the numbers (red for paper-thin shading thru yellow to green to blue for mega-thick.) XW is the RG-compatible member of the X* set, and all text is white or blue or yellow. However it is not just for colour blind people, but has been designed to hopefully maximise clarity. Thus the penetration numbers are colour coded for type of projectile (Yellow for AP, mid blue for HE, grey for tungsten, light purple for HEAT) XW is my prefered option of the two X* sets, by the way. I find the colour clash of the XC set a bit too garish. Having said that, many people have told me they love it. So I offer both... I'll update the readme for v2 to include some more detail.
  9. Up now at CM Mods Warehouse: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5311/details Up at the repository one of these days when the server gets around to it... (Repository didn't offer to let me add a preview picture. What's up with that?)
  10. I am running late, due to working up to the last minute on textures, plus real life issues and ill health. The mod is well underway, and will start testing this week. Vencini, as my #1 tester, you could hardly escape. Expect test files late this weekend... A clarification: Juju's mod will be seperate. It is just that I will make a couple of versions that will visually match his mod as perfectly as possible.
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