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Anyone remember a particular movie where...

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I saw a WW2 movie many years ago and cannot remember the name.

It was in color. Hollywood movie or maybe foreign, 50;s, 60;s 70;s. probably

Definitely german troops as the "enemy"

pretty sure it was US troops in Italy.

One scene shows shell being loaded in a german gun, maybe antitank gun, and camera somehow is positioned in the barrel so it looks out as the shell is fired off. Not CGI, some other older fashioned trick photography.

I HAD thought it was "walk in the sun" but that is B&W and I watched it again recently and it was NOT the same movie...


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Dont know the film - but I have a similar question:

When I was a kid it saw clip on tv from a war movie. As I remember it, an old lady is sitting in her living room when a tank comes crashing though the wall. She stares at it stunned, but unharmed.

I remember thinking: "Wow, this must be the coolest film in the world. I have to see that". But I have no idea which film it is. Anyone here that knows it?

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Anrew H, Nope, I know big red one very well and it isn't that movie. Thanks anyway

Blazing, it wasn't Anzio I also know that movie real well, my favorite part is with the 2 or 3 German snipers. Thanks anyway.

Umlaut, hmmm, the only old lady part in a war movie I know is A bridge Too far. The paras take over her house and after a few days she gets dressed and walks out to get a taxi and gets shot. Sad. Though as a kid I thought it was funny, maybe I watched too much Monty Python.

Hey, maybe it was "1941"? It was not a tank that crashed into her house but I think it was a 40mm AA gun barrel went through her front door. try that movie? I guess it also depends on how old you are...

I guess I will try some database searches...

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