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  1. Ah. Ok, that's good to hear, because I was hesitant to do that for fear of a conflict
  2. Bummer. Anyone modified them for the full game by any chance? I'll just have to finish my game before switching over I see your scenarios and mods links, and that's a great resource! Thanks
  3. Is this because the demo program/game version has been superceded?
  4. Hi Anderw, Yeh, I did go back and check that from the saved games and no. The extra or unwarranted commands were individual in nature, and it happened a number of times but only in the latter half of the game. It was fairly coincident with my not being able to successfully order a couple of other units into their buildings or to stay there.
  5. That sounds pretty true to life
  6. That's an interesting addition. I have not been aware of such a reputation for the PzIV and V. The one for Sherman I've heard in numerous documentaries and interviews over the years. It's definitely a feather in the cap for the game that real life advise can be applied to it, but I would also include in that attacking tanks with infantry unless they're of a higher calibre and in an urban setting or in possession of afore-mentioned, late-war anti-tank weapons.
  7. Oh, I've gone ahead with the purchase
  8. Yeh, fair enough, but it sounds like the balance could do with some tweaking in favour of the AFV
  9. Makes sense in regards to the Sherman crew. Despite many historical notes, people actually didn't like the Sherman. It was actually regarded as a fire death trap, particularly when up against something like a Panther. The rule of thumb is that you needed at least three Shermans to take out a Panther, and at the end of it, you'd be thankful to still have one Sherman. However, particularly if the infantry just took casualties from the MA, that doesn't ring very true.
  10. That behaviour makes sense for lightly armoured vehicles, but I wouldn't think that infantry would be similarly spooked the same just because a tank appears somewhere. This is more in regards to having one right ontop of or adjacent to you.
  11. I dunno though Erwin. I mean if you hear that stuff hitting the outside, I can't think that would be great motivation to jump out of the protection you have into that environment, particularly if you're not sure what it is. Plus, tank crews in general are pretty well trained an disciplined for that very reason. Personally, I'd think one would want to stay within the protective shield compared to the outside where you've got little more than a pistol at most.
  12. Agreed that in an urban setting, that makes sense and is realistic
  13. Yes, that just doesn't sound right at all. Pity
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