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  1. So having given up on GIMP coz of import and export isues, http://greenfishsoftware.org/gfie.php did work right away. @kohlenklau somehow, I missed your suggestion about free paint. Apologies, but look like this greenfish makes it even fewer steps.
  2. Yup, finally got around to trying this out, and it was done immediately on the first try! Thank you for relieving my angst sir!
  3. I would think some specific AI has been worked in for such units given the specific nature of the mission, and at least their weapon loadout is not at odds with itself which LATW units tend to be, being both anti-personnel and AT
  4. Nah, not really. It's not really all that absurd to suggest that a set of weapons be singled out given how they are/were most certainly operated accordingly in RL.
  5. Seems like there's a real need to be able to better restrict LATW units from using their LATW's, while still allowing them complete freedom with their regular small-arms. Currently, the armoured covered arc restricts all attacks, and while I see the ambush value in that, having the current, all-or-nothing choice doesn't seem particularly realistic. As it currently stands, it seems like we can set an armoured covered arc, in which case they'll never fire at anything else unless the enemy is, literally in the same room...and even then(!), or we don't, in which case they fire off all their limited and precious LATW ammo at the first thing, usually infantry, that pops its head up. Consequently, when actual AFV's show up, they've got nothing left Granted, it may be hard to model for the AI, and certainly morale state should play a role in this (the more upset they are, the more likely they are to just fire off whatever is to hand!), but in general terms, could there not be a way to set a general, armoured-targets restriction while still leaving them free to normally engage with small arms? Maybe be able to set both armoured and normal target arcs? Either that, or please loosen up the present, seemingly overly strict limits on their firing at non-AFV targets. Maybe a 10 or 15mtr range, or make that a variable, allowing the player to set their small-arms engagement range, assuming they're in good order of course?
  6. So the only thing with this is that one still has to 'export as' to make it a .bmp, and that seems to be where the hang up continues - Now I'm getting a black box in the game instead of a black-n-white mortar triangle for SS
  7. Soo, unfortunately, after I switched the colours around for SS (Black n white iso the grey and black, I now just get a black box in the game for the icon Will keep experimenting and also check out @bill_sp 's suggestion too, but if you have any further insight...?
  8. Sweet. Nice work and thank you. Good insight. Time to start editing again! 😅
  9. Here ya go. It's from Juju's icon mod icon german red mortar 1.bmp
  10. Done. It's a little rough, but I just opened the original icon file, filled in the mortar image and the gray background around it. At this point, any exporting creates a black square in the game rather than retaining the original triangle shape. icon german red mortar 1.xcf
  11. Ahh yes. Ok, I did check, and the exterior of the icon was, indeed completely black. Not really surprising, since all I'd done was open the original icon file and change the colours. So yeh, I think it's GIMP issue.
  12. Interesting, I will definitely check that. When I selected 'transparent' in GIMP for that area, it showed in GIMP as transparent, but that may not be true once it's converted into bmp for the game. As you, it has to be true black. Tks
  13. No offense taken; I appreciate your taking the time to reply. I did quite a bit of Photoshop in the day, but that was a long time ago. I did figure out the off-centre issue which was in the export settings. Under 'Compatibility Options', I had to select 'Do not write color space info', and that got the image centred. I wasn't able however, to recreate the transparent masks, such as Juju did for his triangle mortar icons. Thoughts? I tried creating an Alpha channel for transparency on the outside, black area, but that just turned the entire icon black in the game. Gave up at that point. Since you use GIMP, how would you go about editing say, just the colours and border transparency for these icons then? I thought it would be a simply enough issue of using the bucket to fill the imported image and/or the background and then, just export the result as a bmp; however, that turned out to not be the case. Must say the nice thing about GIMP is that it is pretty easy to start learning and very easy to do internet searched for any questions or issues, plus a really good, community-forum support.
  14. Since this is a 'wishlist' after all... Changes to 3D models for destroyed pillboxes and bunkers in particular as well as vehicles. Someone did a mod a while back to mod certain, wrecked PzIV's and Sherman II's, but that's been it to date, as far as I know. From a practical standpoint, would help to see what's destroyed v's abandoned, but would also, greatly add to the visual effects.
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