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  1. With ya all the way there Kohlenklau! Someone mentioned OvGME, apparently an improved version, but JSGME seems to do all I need.
  2. Am learning that, and for the most part think it's good, but I would also think, if he can accept orders, even ones to fire on the enemy, he should surely be able to just xfer the ammo to his gun crew, his primary duty. After all, that is his primary job and surely involves less risk than the orders. Anyho, if he continues to 'cling to his ammo', I'll send him off to get a jeep, so I can move the gun to a better position altogether
  3. He was part of the original, two-man ammo bearer team. The crew is still intact and manning the gun, but have fired off all their inherent HE. The rest of the story is as written. He has recovered some from an Exhausted and Shaken condition, and I can control him; hence why he's back, adjacent to the gun crew he serves, just no ammo xfer. I tried having the crew fire at infantry a couple of times, but they used their AP ammo, so it wasn't like he would xfer the HE as they fired it.
  4. Yes, this is the original ammo bearer for that unit and gun. He and his partner took a pretty bad hit early on and he ran off though. Having now managed to get him to rejoin the unit, he is sticking around, albeit still Tired and Rattled - does that have anything to do with it? Interesting about not seeing their ammo allotment increase. For the time being, I've had them hidden, so not firing while waiting for the ammo xfer. That may well be the issue then. I absolutely agree with chuckdyke - one thing missing from this game so far is the ability to pickup any abandoned weapons and am
  5. They are pretty flat trajectory, and I've endured that same frustration in Lonsdale's Block with the British Airborne howitzers. It does seem like they're best suited for direct fire roles unless you can get them in a very wide open space where they're not going to just blast off the treetops or buildings around them if employed in indirect role. That said, if you start out thinking in terms of direct fire, they can really be pretty devastating and reach out from a long range
  6. So this is utterly maddening! 20min into the fight now, and I've managed to get the ammo bearer to recover and rejoin his ATG; HOWEVER, he still won't give up the 7 rounds of HE that the game says he's carrying! At this point, he is kneeling, literally right next to them, and they still 'have no more HE ammo'. Am I missing something! I'm also noticing an issue with buddy aid in general during this battle - 9mm ammo supply is a major issue for the airborne, so I've moved up units/teams that still have plenty of it next to units that are out, but there absolutely no transfer taking place wh
  7. Agreed. The only way I've found to work it, as one would in reality, is pop the smoke in the first minute and then just wait, since it takes about a min for the plume to develop anyway, then issue the 'charge' command in the next order phase. Problem being...a whole lot can happen in that minute that one is waiting!
  8. So, doesn't seem like there's a way to really make the Pause not a primary order, by which I mean: - Pop Smoke - (pause) wait 30secs - then charge (or whatever) Similarly if I wanted a unit to lay down covering fire for say 30secs then charge? Seems like the pause command is always primary; ie. every other order waits for the prescribed pause time, right?
  9. Ah ok, thanks all. I knew I'd read it somewhere but couldn't find it when I needed to refresh my memory!
  10. I remember reading about this once, but can't find it in the manuals now. There's an orange 'light' that, sometimes illuminates in the bottom-right of the pinned window. What does that signify?
  11. That might be it then (per my PM to ya). There's a scenario by a very similar name in the regular game, but it's a completely different battle.
  12. Right. Which one is The Roadblock?
  13. Yeh, I have the Task Force Raff stuff. This was another one, and by far the toughest. It a much bigger map with two, maybe three companies of US troops against dug in Wehrmacht who are decidedly not inclined to fail! Its Briefing is a long one, going into the exact tactics developed by a certain US army officer (can't remember the name) for dealing with German hedgerow/bocage defense, so that the player can employ similar tactics. I was not doing well to say the least, and figured I'd try again once the full game was installed; however...
  14. Maybe it was Road to Berlin then. Linking Up and Breaking Out was the one with the SS holding a village for escaping units. I've downloaded a bunch of scenarios from various websites, but I don't have Road to Berlin and unfortunately, the demo files won't play in v4.03, since they were engine 3 based. You happen to know if it's available in v4 somewhere?
  15. Nothing related to the demo scenarios unfortunately
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