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  1. @umlaut basically explained everything important. When using the Blackhawk or other bigger custom models you might want to keep this in mind: This thread is indeed long and cluttered with alot. I was thinking about making a new thread "Custom 3D Models Infos & Tutorials" and at least extract the knowledge we´ve collected here. You can tell me if this is a good idea or if we want to better keep everything here. However if we go for the new thread I do not plan to rewrite or sort the information but just extract it to make it easier to access. I think it would also be a good i
  2. I didn´t look through everything but at least the Panzer Aufklärung Batallion 44 has them. Under the formation options select for medium mortar "on map" and then you should see the option mortar halftrack with 250/7 (alt) and (neu).
  3. Lets say you want the Sherman and the burning Sherman wrecks in your scenario and are perfectly sure that you won´t - lets say - use a British Cromwell IV in your scenario/campaign. Then rename the Sherman wreck files to: cromwell-iv [damage].mdr cromwell-iv-lod-1,2,3,4 [damage].mdr Then in the scenario editor set the [damage] modtag and place some Cromwell-iv wrecks there and they will look like your Sherman wreck, provide cover, LOS/LOF blocking, and burn, etc. while you still can use the regular Shermans as "alive" tanks for the player/enemy side. In this example the ch
  4. +1 Larger max map sizes would be a great addition.
  5. Link is working. By renaming the mdr files to whatever vehicle that is not needed in a specific scenario, designers can use the wrecks along working vehicles of the same type.
  6. Are there more of these ~4hr scenarios like TOC, Coup d'état, or Mission to Maas that basically play like campaigns? It doesn´t have to come with a big OOB.
  7. I am looking for the Kieme CMBS additional flavor objects (civilian vehicles) mod for a TOC playthrough. Can somebody please provide a link or send it to me. Edit: found it and uploaded it to my Dropbox if someone else needs it https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  8. I identified two issues: 1) metadata checkmark was missed upon import or export (wheels/tracks disappear or behave strange) 2) the already mentioned naming extension mechanism of Blender (vehicle functions cease to work properly) I used this to make a tutorial video in how to identify, prevent this issues and on how to recover bugged projects with minimal lost work
  9. Lets see what comes to my mind - Are you using Nvidia or AMD? - I run most settings in the driver on default except AA and AF, do you have special settings there? - empy your complete Z folders and see if it goes away - In the settings menu shaders on?
  10. I don´t think its the mounting points. There is a interference when using this method when loading multiple vehicles into the same Blender application instance. No matter if recent items are present or not it might attach those x.001 x.002 extensions to model parts which can cause issues. Good news is that it shouldn´t be hard to recover it, let me see if it can be done.
  11. Wacht Am Rapido.cam https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  12. Instructions included on how to make it quickly fully compatible with CMRT and likely other CM titles:
  13. It seems that the hit is not exactly tied to the 3D model of the soldier. I observed what might looked like shots that went through the limbs of soldiers without doing harm. To me it seemed to require something close to a "center mass" hit in order to have an effect and it is also very dependant on angle when using area fire.
  14. I did further testing with removed windows/doors and depressed terrain behind the building and b) infantry located on higher floors. There is also further details in the video description Despite all of this it was quiet surprising to see that at least the M10´s AP shells seem to come with considerable effectiveness against infantry on ground level inside buildings. On some occasions casualty rates around 50% were inflicted upon with a single AP shell detonated inside this building. Beforehand I ruled AP shells being rather a pointless waste of ammo in this type of situation. However it r
  15. Movement along the railway was possible but due the tank´s elevated exposed position it was taken out by the AT gun quickly.
  16. I observed regular AP shells neutralizing infantry in buildings several times. However the shell usually has to impact into personell almost directly.
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