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  1. Yes the sound and effects are outstanding. I noticed that some wheeled vehicles seem to be very silent which can be observed in the Bong-Hai Air Cav Video. Its the Marines truck there. Would be handy because alot of good models are only in max format. About Textures in Blender - You can assign textures to every model part in Blender. - bmp files for Combat Mission need to be lower case - save them in 24bit. I use GIMP2 and my export settings are shown below. - even without UV map editing skills everyone with little time effort can assign (
  2. If you load the blender project files directly into blender which are included in the m48 & m60 download releases on my dropbox you will get seperate objects which can be assigned seperate textures. There is also an UV editor in blender but like I said I am not into uv editing and can´t provide feedback about differences or compatibiliy between max and blender. Making Of videos of M48 Part 1: Part 2: Note to Part2: press F6 to open the menu which lets you decide which side should be cut away. You can copy/paste model parts between blender wind
  3. M48 Patton V2 with Searchlight M48 Patton V2 without Searchlight - removed the ugly mg and added 50. cal - fixed some alignment bugs For the time being a simple olive or camo bmp texture would look definitely better. The model doesn´t have UV maps which tells the model which part of the bmp texture should be used where which is required if you want highly detailed textures. I won´t dig into this as textures, uv maps, and skinning is not my speciality. However I recommend to further decorate the model with gear stuff like you did with the IED jeep similar to
  4. M48 Patton Tank In Action: - textures again are vanilla CM textures but you can apply some Camo scheme and a more detailed track texture to make it look better. Textures also can be reassigned in Blender. - track/turret works - commander open up in decent looking place - use it for the T55 and the M60 can be renamed to a T62 replacement - removed cupola and commander MG and reworked the AA MG (can be removed too in blender) - project file included I nearly gave up on this one as turret, hull, and range finder were molded into one piece. I
  5. About the M48 Patton, the model is from the same designer as the M60 shown here so it shouldn´t be that much work to get the M48 done. Removing the commander mg, keeping the aa mg. What about the range finder box, which is covered by the "Rolling Death" dust cover on the picture right? Keep or remove it. Making models out of initiative is sure fun but there are already enough for the time being and I wanted to focus on creating stuff that is definitely in need by active campaign & scenario designers. In other words if you guys plan to use it in one of your H&E scenarios or ca
  6. I´ve made some H&E forces preview videos: You can find additional H&E forces under recent videos.
  7. First thanks for the kind words. Second I fixed the turret on the M60 Tank The turret rotation issue and alot of other scaling/rotation issues that often happen when moving/scaling parts should be fixable with this function which "zeroes" the model part: I tested what happens when you name the new model track wheel "wheel wheel1 wheel2 etc" ... they dissappear" M60 Tank V2 - turret rotation fixed - other issues fixed - commander open up position moved + added a little hatch which opens up https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/A
  8. That was because atm one can´t export metadata on custom models with CM2Tools and Blender which caused issues particulary with wheels. I took an invisible t55 hull as primer (other models/flavor objects like the usual crate would likely work too), moved the t55 crew positions to new hull and turret, and renamed and organized specific parts of the new custom model to "track", "turret", "mount", and "weapon" as the internal game engine recognizes this names thus producing working vehicles without metadata. The best is to check the blender project file to gain an overview about this method.
  9. Alright I´ve just tested the H&E mod and thought about creating something new. M60 Patton Tank (Experimental/Alpha) In Action: - was created in half of an hour so its rough - Has a working track - Texture are vanilla CM supplements but can be modified/changed to something better - has a working turret and muzzle. However the turret is currently rotating in the wrong axis which looks obviously awkward. This should be fixable in blender by modifying/switching the turret axes (the three colored arrows) but I yet don´t know how this can be d
  10. This sounds like a story plot of my liking. Looking forward to it and yes I have MOS´ scenario already on my screen too.
  11. Playing a vs. cartel campaign in the "ruthless war/black ops" mood of movies like Sicario 1/2 would be a dream come true. The cartel faction could be represented well for example by using some of the vanilla combatants/spy combined with the African UNCON mod. Latter may just need minor face texture modification.
  12. Impressive to see how the project is coming along well. Already excited to get my hands on the campaigns. The proposed surface ships & aircraft models look great too.
  13. Welcome to CM modding Geezer. Your knowledge and experience will come in handy for sure. Glad to see several people here getting into custom models modding. About the Glider .obj I´ll send my email contact via pm. If you run into questions or troubles you can also contact me on Discord Aquila#8952 as I am not often around here lately. No worries. You and everyone else feel free to discuss and present your projects or ideas here.
  14. It doesn´t show up with the new stuff because you´re likely didn´t replaced the lod mdr files. Without replacing the lods, the vehicle will show up as the old one from anything than very close camera distance. Simplest way is like 37mm explained to make copies of your new model .mdr and name them lod-2 lod-4 etc. You can invest some work and create dumbed down lod models of your custom model but I do not see a real demand for this. I estimate that there is an performance impact but I myself didn´t notice any noticeable performance degradation from using the original mdr for the mdr files
  15. A possible cause of it not working would be that you´re using another mod that is overwriting the invisible textures in hierarchy such as "Kieme´s CMSF HD Walls". To prevent this I always test/use new stuff in a "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzExperiments" folder inside the Z modfolder. The plenty "zzz" ensure that everything in this folder is loaded last. I did check the "walls" folder and couldn´t locate mdr files of any walls at least in the CMSF2 files. However there are plenty of mdr files of bocage, hedge, and fences probably not in use by CMSF2 but other CM2 games. So your idea to replace a wall/ob
  16. Use either walls, fortifications, or wrecks placed into the hesco barriers. Walls may naturally be the best choice. You can turn anything inivisible by using a blank.bmp file (attached). Rename it to the texture you want to make invisible. Example: in order to make the brick wall invisible make two copies of the blank.bmp and rename them to "brick wall model top.bmp" and "brick wall model.bmp" . Put them into your z folder. Obviously its hard to work with invisible walls in the editor. So either mark the ground tiles beneath the walls temporarily with a special tile so you can identi
  17. They work pretty well and I don´t see much performance issues caused by them. The only issue that causes minor disturbance is the fact that the original flavor objects have a limited FOV attached to them. When you turn the camera away far enough they are programmed "to disappear". Due to this mechanic bigger custom flavor objects may prematurely disappear when the camera is close to them and turned away from their center because they inherit this limited FOV programming from them. Too complicate to explain in detail, simply test the cargo ship and go close with the camera and you will see
  18. You don´t need to rethink your scenario planning. Do not replace the Hesco barrier for the shelter (or other wide flavor objects) as this will cause collision issues due to the shelter´s big size. Again custom models inherit the attributes of the replaced object. For the Hesco and other touching objects its best to replace streetlamp traffic lights and telefonpoles. These objects are slim and won´t cause collision issues. Name the Hescos for example trafficlight1.mdr and you will see that they can be placed tight and "touched". I know there are shelter files in the download.
  19. No causality implied but also good to keep in mind that the affected object is the most numerous flavor object on the map. Was your map "just" large or did it also feature a ton of flavor objects either of a specific given type or in overall quantity?
  20. It is extremely unlikely that this has anything to do with flavor object editing. I have the impression that your city project is probably the map project with the most flavor objects yet seen in CM. Is this correct? It doesn´t imply that the presented issue has something to do with this but if true we should simply keep that in mind while you navigate new uncharted map creation territory. Interesting is that this is limited to one specific map and one "older" part of this map edited months ago and the fact that only some but not all flavor objects of a given type changed. Also did t
  21. WINSPMBT/WINSPWW2: Active development, 2D, turn-based. On first glance graphics, menues, and controls have an (too) ancient feeling but you quickly realize that its mechanics are pretty good. Probably the biggest nation and vehicle database I´ve seen ever in a ground wargame. In these two games you´ll find almost any vehicle from late WW1/early WW2 up to Future/Planned 2025. Tons of campaigns and scenarios you´ll find something about any (post-)WW2 conflict there. Dynamic campaign generator. Mechanic-wise not as deep as CM but still some sort of Combat Mission 2D as you need to apply authentic
  22. Relax in the Sand Method Also known as IED Incident / Surprise Explosion Method Imagine you playing casually CMSF2 managing your units at the FOB and suddenly a big explosion happens somewhere on the map. What was that? Should we send a patrol to check out? How to setup: 1) Setup a pile of enemy IEDs and Spotters or setup a VBIED on a specific spot. 2) set a friendly vehicle/infantry as reinforcement (it can be also a BLUEFOR Taxi, Pickup, Ural Truck so when your units reach the scene it looks more authentic), set the time according to your preference. Place
  23. Yes both methods are possible: 1) This was done with "Destroy BF109" objectives but as you can guess you can do it with everything. 2) The destroyed objective was a Bedford Truck replaced by a BF109. Make copies of the custommodel.mdr of your choice and replace the main mdr and lod mdr files. For weapon caches you can simply take the vanila "crate1.mdr" and rename it to "vehicle-taxi.mdr", then make copies from it and add "-lod1" up to "-lod4" to it. You could also replace the VBIED vehicle as I believe these have a chance to explode when fired upon, so players would
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