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  1. - more control for scenario designers when it comes to CMRT pre-planned air support - and/or reassessment of friendly fire strike chances - leaving the current CMRT system in its foundation intact in order to prevent issues for existing scenarios
  2. I guess one must do many things wrong in order to always end up with multi-minute delays just to get his men out of harms way in CM1. The claim that such challenges don´t matter for platoon and company level sounds like an opinion based on the fact that videogames is probably the closest one came to an infantry officer course or actual command. It was obvious beforehand that it is a feature some like some don´t, hence why an optional implementation. Persistent maps were also a great feature.
  3. Switching CMRT´s air support to how the other titles handle it was not the point of the question.
  4. Is there any news that Red Thunder´s air support system will see a rework with Fire & Rubble?
  5. A feature to consider for engine upgrades is the command delay of CM1 being reinstated as an optional setting.
  6. Yes, lets focus on Fire and Rubble, Engine Upgrades and other upcoming CM content. That is more interesting.
  7. My post was meant to support your statement not to question it Good article published by the US Army Medical Department: https://history.amedd.army.mil/booksdocs/wwii/woundblstcs/chapter11.htm On the WW2 US M1 "Some aspects of the value of the M1 helmet are discussed by Beebe and DeBakey in their book on battle casualties.4More recently, Norman Hitchman5 of the Army's Operations Research Office reviewed some of the World War II casualty statistics and reached some important and timely conclusions regarding the value of wearing a helmet in combat. The following observ
  8. I would like to see the source that states that a WW2 steel helmet doesn´t matter too much and only offer a slight reduction in injury when it comes to shrapnel protection.
  9. This was introduced with R2V a year ago and appeared with the recent patches in other CM titles. Might help to distinguish contacts aquired by sharing. Not 100% confirmed.
  10. Distant Ground Texture Modding Experiments & Tutorial Video Playlist for CM 3D Model Editing with Showcases, Workflows, and Tutorials (latter with commentary) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTNgpWGBYSFUCnZK-Sf7SCcl
  11. Many are tweaks and additions. There is an extra mission. From nowadays perspective it can be expected that the revised campaign plays more challenging due to the less experiencied 2/8, more resistant Germans, and less ammo/refit. On the other hand you will have more air support and more variable time at your disposal. I would see it as an alternative to stock Montebourg. Bummer when it comes with wrong uniforms.
  12. The Road to Montebourg revised.cam can now be found in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  13. Outstanding screenshots, is there already a way to download all of these mods and specifically the reshade profile(s), I want to combine it with the Hedge Hell mod.
  14. The games allow modification of what I call "hard data" so the JTS mods are not only cosmetical. While it is technicallly correct that HE does not change hard data, calling it only cosmetical would be the biggest understatement I´ve heard alongside it. To everybody that has the slightest interest I recommend to test it out for yourself. Playing the yot Rat campaign in HE was on of the greatest and most unique experiences I´ve had in recent years in CM. It is remarkable what the team achieved despite CM´s modding restrictions. Which brings me to my point: I do not ask the devs to go
  15. Another recent example is that there were people telling me that they got into CMSF2 because of the Heaven & Earth mod. If I hypothetically had zero interest in CMSF2´s Middle Eastern modern warfare setting but some interest in the Vietnam/Asian setting, I would buy CMSF2 just for it without thinking twice. I mentioned it several times while playing the Year of the Rat campaign on the stream and it was meant serious. I guess I have a lesser threshold than the average to spent money on wargames but if I assume that for some reason I had no interest in the default content of the ot
  16. Also when viewers on my channel ask for recommendation which CM game they should buy, one of the most popular questions they add in is, wether the games come with rich user and mod content.
  17. My first physical copy of IL2 I bought because of German 3rd party historical addon campaigns. I purchased a second digital copy of IL1946 exclusively for the BAT mod. Similar with countless other games. There are dozen games I would´ve never purchased if there would be no modding coming with them.
  18. China modern/near-future PLA as a faction would be interesting. Expanded campaign mechanics aswell.
  19. That a tank in a ditch in front of another one might get later fully aquired but might catch a shot by accident doesn´t seem that unreasonable. I second that. While it a) can stand for a contact report that was received from contact sharing it b) also can stand for "I see an enemy tank but don´t have it fully identified and/or are not ready to engage it yet" There is sometimes no way to distinguish if a contact report is coming from a) or b) and can be of mixed sources but the very strong color points more towards a very strong b) (This limitation is also why I think wh
  20. They decided to move alot of the effects into "legacy" when installing which isn´t downloaded anymore by default but has to be selected manually, perhaps thats the issue.
  21. @37mm The Reshade settings of your latest CMSF2 video, are they available for download?
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