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  1. Yeah, CM is never going to adequately (not even close) simulate the Bin Laden raid. The raid is FPS stuff, not tactical combat. You can’t simulate alert level, etc. You get your assault squad waxed making a breach it isn’t (usually) really your fault.
  2. What are the economics when you throw in loitering munitions like the Harpy/Harop which proved pretty effective during the recent Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict? I am not sure if I would use a multi-million dollar (what does it cost?) Harop on a bus full of conscripts but the price point on these things is only going to come down.
  3. Not sure why but I switched VPN servers and now I am back in. So this is resolved but still might be of interest to someone.
  4. Added Later: Ok, I found on the support site FAQ that I do need three profiles so I have answered my own question. I did a quick search and I cannot find a similar question. I have a profile for battlefront.com to access the games I have purchased. I have a seperate profile to post on the forum. Now, I want to submit a ticket in regards to the games I have purchased but when I go to submit a help ticket it asks me to log in. Neither of my other profiles work. Does submitting a help ticket require a third profile? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. To reset your password just try to log in here and hit 'forgot password' or whatever the option is; https://www.battlefront.com/index.php?p=home If it is more involved then just resetting your password I think this is right, look in the top right corner to submit a ticket; https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/
  6. Last night I was reading the Forums on my iPad without issue. Then at some point late last night I started getting a 403 Error 'The request could not be satisfied'. It says 'request blocked'. I can get to the Community webpage but I cant get to the forums themselves on my iPad. Now I am overseas and running through a VPN. But on my laptop (where I am typing this post from), again from overseas and behind the same VPN (VPN service, I haven't compared specific VPN servers between my iPad and laptop yet) I have no issues.
  7. Schrullenhaft, thanks for you advice. I figured it out and it is weird but it’s fixed. For reference; MSI GS65 with NVIDIA GTX1070. For some reason CMBN was defaulting to the integrated graphics rather than the GTX1070. I went into the NVIDIA Control Panel and forced it to use the GTX1070 and all is good with the world again. The weird thing is that CMBN was the only game using the integrated graphics by default.
  8. So I may have the same issue. When selecting a scenario or campaign the text has weird blob like artifacts that replace some letters making stuff almost unreadable. The text is then fine in the scenario briefing but then in the game the same textual artifacts return. Turning on antialiasing did not do anything nor did plugging my display number into the file mentioned in this topic.
  9. Many of those were just combat trials so they don’t need to be included. I’d be semi interested but my first choice would be an entirely new project; early war on both fronts.
  10. This study sounds very flawed. It sounds like they had visible targets they were trying to suppress and the simulator lowered the target if the shot(s) are close enough. So, some points; 1. It seems their ‘suppression algorithm’ is kind of made up. Where is the scientific basis to what results in suppression? In a firefight auditory exclusion and tunnel vision are common. In this state a target might not even know rounds are whipping by in close proximity. 2. If you see the target you shoot to kill it. What this study seems to show that if you miss close enough the target is sup
  11. So serious question here. Why did the Sherman not ever receive (to my knowledge) sloped side armor. Is there a real reason why this never happened? I mean six inches of slope (30 degrees) would have resulted in an armor benefit of around 30%.
  12. If the source said ‘pushing a bag out just before the jumper jumped’ it’s not a source to be trusted. You have to jump with that stuff attached to you and then release a quick release to extend the rope. Let me break it down for you further. Take a 45 or 55 pound bumper plate, attach it to your belt, stand on your roof and throw it off with six feet of rope attached to you. Now throw in a slipstream of 150 mph. Paratroopers were very regimented from what I have read. But I can also see a company or battalion saying ‘screw that’ and carrying more ammo (I doubt less). I spent a good bit of
  13. Interesting scene in this video at 7:15 where a US soldier preps and uses a captured Panzerfaust 60 on a knocked out (is that a Panther, it looks weird?). There is also this delightful scene at like 9:15 where they find an ice cream maker and using a Jeep they make ice cream for the troops. British Pathé Video
  14. A nice array of Brit armor in this one right at the beginning. A Cromwell then a Stuart, then a Cromwell then a OP tank or Stuart command tank? Then a Firefly and another bunch of Cromwells. British Pathé Video
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