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  1. I´ve played alot of CMSF2 since release and never seen this but its likely because I don´t bring mounted Strykers into close combat. Imagining a RPG team would approach my fully packed Stryker from the flank or rear I definitely would prefer the airguard to open up and engage it with all means. If I do not wish for this behaviour I simply issue a small fire arc command to the mounts which is CM2 games´ equivalent for "hold fire". Nothing to do with fake but common pactice and fundamental game mechanic. CM players come with very different skill levels, approaches, put themselves into
  2. That is an exciting outlook. In case the CMRT Battlepack becomes an option, is it planned to include campaigns?
  3. Thanks I dont´t plan to release it and deleted it but there was not much work put into it anyways. A serious attempt would require some further work and considerations about which vehicle to replace. Latter would also be important when it comes to turret crew visibility and their animation position.
  4. Not meant to be a serious attempt to accurately recreate the vehicle from the picture but just for tutorial purposes.
  5. Furthermore they airburst their HE rounds in front of soft vehicles leaving them unharmed.
  6. Rome to Victory requires Fortress Italy Base Game Engine V4. You have Game Engine V3.
  7. You can rotate model parts which should help getting the NOD idea done. I use the middle mouse button function for that.
  8. Nothing broken here. However I don´t see much use in constantly updating Reshade either. There is a repository for earlier versions: https://reshade.me/forum/general-discussion/294-reshade-repository-new-host
  9. I´ve played it a couple of months ago and while the mission ends in a tactical defeat due to the bugged bridge at least the campaign can be continued. I believed that decompiling a campaign ends up with losing metadata. So is there a way to decompile, modifiy, and recompile a campaign without this downside?
  10. I booted the mission and parked a LAV APC and a LAV-AT in the same spot and the LAV-AT has the reported limited LOS while the LAV APC is fine. 4-5AM, hazy.
  11. R2V Axis & Allies vehicles, artillery and aircraft put together into a small test map. Select the Allies side. - Vehicles were selected by using the equipment section of the R2V manual as a reference. There might be vehicles that aren´t exclusively for R2V or some might be missing - I only found one Jpz38(t)/Hetzer version and couldn´t locate the Jpz IV (Late), it is mentioned in one of the formations but I wasn´t able to select it. Furthermore I didn´t find the StuG IIIG (Latest), the StuH42 (Latest), and the FW-190D9 aircraft. - might require the other FI modules Vid
  12. Its in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  13. I was referring to Kieme´s terrain mods which are used on the "before" screenshots. Nevertheless the olive BMP on the screenshot is by Oleksandr and I can recommend his great mods, I use alot of them on my default installs especially when it comes to CMA and CMBS, check them out. CIA Special Activies Center Special Operations Group Forces - made this in some minutes for an upcoming US vs Drug Cartel/Radicals setting playthrough of the "In Search of a Ghost" campaign. - credits go to the various modders that created the original artwork. - the playthrough wi
  14. This could work. Also Bushes, Hedges, and Trees come with models and could be replaced giving los blocking. However I didn´t work much with foliage models so can´t tell for sure.
  15. Wintermod Collection V3 - reorganized folder structure so people can easier pick/delete parts they want to keep/remove - added further winter skins for BRDM, BMD-1, BMD-2, and BMP-1D (the BMP-1D is a CMA Vehicle) - you need to install these vehicle mods seperately, they will then use the skins, make sure the winter mod comes after the vehicles in z folder hierarchy - all vehicle winter skins could also be used for the origin vehicle in CMBS or CMA without renaming i.e. if you throw the collection´s BMD skin files into your CMA z folder, it will give the vehicles there also
  16. Haha thanks for the kind words but I already have a very fullfilling profession I would´t give away for something else. I use "V2, V3 etc" version numbers on file names in order to visualize updated versions and almost always only keep the most recent version as my Dropbox is completely full and denying me the usage of more space. I started to remove some mods already to make room for new ones. By the way @sbobovyc is it somehow possible to circumvent the "texture missing" error upon exporting, i. e. sometimes you work on models and textures are already assigned but they are not pres
  17. Winter Camo Special Forces, Winter Regulars & Winter Ninjas While I never saw winter camo among Syrian Loyalist/FSA soldiers I still wanted to create some for my winter campaign. Its not unthinkable that at least some Special Forces units would have access to winter coats, and fighters operating in areas such as the Anti-Lebanon mountains could utilize them too. The SOF AK74 got winter camo aswell. Also may come in handy for non-Syrian scenarios. I won´t add them to the Winter mod collection yet as for me some winter camo & snowy vehicles together with regular Syrian uniforms
  18. Syria Wintermod Collection V2 - Collection of various terrain & vehicle winter mods most come from CMBS, credit goes to the original authors. Renamed and substituted missing textures. Added some foliage skins. Syrian or Russian Forces vehicles are converted. When in your z folder any campaign/scenario you boot up will get the winter visuals. When using the Russian Forces mod alongside it the winter mod needs to load last (add zzzz to the wintermod folder for example). - Some of the vehicles shown are optional (Tigr, BTR-80). However I should´ve included winter sk
  19. How to quickly add Custom Models to Scenarios Without Getting Spoilered Adding custom models to scenarios without getting spoilered about friendly and enemy forces composition:- You can add your own custom models to scenarios by opening them in the CM editor. You can navigate and modify map objects without getting spoilered about friendly or enemy forces composition and with some practice it doesn´t take long. Usually I find it rather annoying that you have to access 3 different screens in order to check & modify map and unit placement but for doing on the fly eye candy map e
  20. Is the part of wire which needs to be destroyed in sight/engagement range of player´s forces?
  21. Well then there should be the possibility for me to use modified hedges/bocage/tall bocage as vehicle camo. M48 Patton with Seatchligh V4 Camo + M60 V4 Camo (previous post) - Added woodland camo to the M48. Again nothing professional just a placeholder until one comes up with better skins. I suspect a simple olive paint job with lots of vanilla vehicle gear would look pretty good. By default the M48 replaces the T55MV - Refined the desert camo on the M60 which by default replaces the T62M https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl
  22. To clear up the rather confusing previous answer: 1) I play on Elite difficulty and not in test mode. In test mode there are no different transparency-level icons but all icons are always opaque i. e. have the same color intensity. Furthermore all enemy 3D-models are visible even if nobody has spotted them yet. 2) I use LT. Smash´s CMSF2 floating icons.
  23. Can you make the imrpoved placeholder uniform available for download?
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