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  1. Thanks for the straw man morality lesson - of course I agree with everything you point out. I hate the Nazis and what they did - more than you could possibly know. The point of my original post was twofold - that films of the use of heavy artillery weapons in the streets of Berlin were pure propaganda produced after the battle was over and - secondly - that people need to be careful about glorifying the communist "liberators." I notice that you make no criticism of the comments above that make jokes about the systematic - and officially permitted - raping of an entire female population - including children. That tells me a lot.
  2. I hope you realize that scenes like these were filmed in Berlin after the battle was over - just wanton destruction for propaganda effect. Then, of course, there was the raping of nearly every women (regardless of age) and girl in Berlin. Can't look at scenes like this without getting sick thinking about the rest. I had a German teacher who I met up with in Berlin - long ago. She had been raised in Berlin, but did not know about the Soviet monument at Treptower Park (below). I told her the story that the communists had circulated about the monument - that a Soviet soldier during the battle for the Reichstag had rescued a German girl wandering in the street and that this represented the Soviet Union leading "the new Germany" (communist East Germany) to the grand socialist future. My teacher, who was quite a reserved and dignified woman, did not hesitate in her response - and I will never forget it: "So when did he find the time to do that, in between raping her mother and her sister?"
  3. This one is not for free, but I'm just finishing it - found it very well-researched, well-written, and entertaining - but no so much if you are a Montgomery or Patton fan...
  4. Correct - it is a U.S. Ford GPA - a good example of Lend-Lease aid to Soviets during Second World War.
  5. Well, I believe that is also what many of them slept in, so not sure that your description is incorrect.
  6. Great shot of the U.S. M29 Weasel (U.S. Lend-Lease) in action.
  7. I find the Washington Post and New York Times far more appropriate as they are already full of ...
  8. I know the subject has been discussed before, but - based on the latest tech available - what is the best software to take screenshots and videos? I have been frustrated in trying this. Thanks.
  9. Haven't seen the movie, but you have definitely perked my interest. With regard to coming out of the woods as it relates to this excellent scenario, I think this shot says it all. Cheers!
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