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  1. I´ve just exchanged ideas with @3j2m7 about depicting the Balkan War or Israeli-Arab conflicts and noticed that I forget to mention this mini mod: Six-Day War Vehicle Collection (Stug, Jagdpanzer, Pz. IV, T-34, T-55, Sherman, all with desert skins) Similar to the Falklands vehicle conversion minimod this was also created. It includes Arab Stug, Jagdpanzer, T-34, and T-55 and the Israeli Sherman. If scenario designers should pick this up, they replace the static T-54 and static T-55 but keep in mind that there is no way to limit the fire arc of the STUG/Jagdpanzer so if you
  2. Newest Release/Technique: Okay a pair of Syrian soldiers and this radar station. Nothing new but look at the ground on the left. Here is a demonstration video what this is: Terrain Cover What it looks like in the editor: This is basically a floating terrain object that allows to cover underground spaces or buildings. Possibilities: - Hide stashes or caches under them in caves which then need to be located by the player - create underground tunnel systems - create underground bunkers and basements - the cover texture can be easily
  3. Ruins Pack Release (WW2 + Modern) High Low Use it so or combine it with visible/invisible Buildings, Walls, Emplacements, Wrecks etc. for LOS/Fire/Movement block and additional cover. Can be customized, textured, resized like all projects here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK
  4. The file is now in the clouds. There is a issue with the commander hatch when opening up it disappears which is probably CM2Tools- and/or Tiger-specific. I´ve contacted @sbobovyc.
  5. Apparently there is an exhibition for captured and improvised vehicles from Syria. An article covering it: https://citeam.org/russias-syria-trophy-exhibition-mistakes-and-manipulation/?lang=en I´ve included some objects into my latest playthrough and made some screenshots: Train Engine Car + Couple Box Cars Truck Pics MOS already made some beautiful billboards. I throw also one in. Warning Sign: I`ll put the texture into slot 2 of the billboard release but will also upload it directly to the clouds. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tvir
  6. Captured/Insurgent M2 HMMWV V4 The M2 HMMWV being one of the few vehicles that can be made accessible to foreign crews in the editor I´ve created a highly randomized insurgent version with a frankensteined appearance to depict the lack of spare parts etc. However main goal was to test how far randomization can be done for a single vehicle. Here is the result: - Will randomly display spare wheel - Will randomly display gunners camo net - Will randomly display makeshift door or other replacement doors in several colors - Will randomly display the hatch in
  7. You´ve made it. The ball is rolling. May the force be with you.
  8. You should be fine with the draw distance when putting the cargo ship into one of these tall/big flavor object slots. However on big maps and very big flavor objects - such as the Cargo Ship - the limited draw distance of all flavor objects still can be noticed and it could be an idea to not use a flavor object slot at all but replace something like mentioned a vehicle (taxi, static t55 etc.) or an emplacement (bunker etc.).
  9. When replacing flavor objects its important to keep the draw distance of the original in mind. Replacing the crate1.mdr with the blackhawk isn´t a good idea as it will go invisible to quick. The biggest draw distance is provided by flavor objects such as "street (traffic) lamp" and "shelter" etc. It can also be an alternative to better replace an unimportant vehicle (taxi) and give it a destroyed condition, as vehicles have excellent draw distances.
  10. US Marines M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) - Marines´ new infantry rifle, based on the HK416 - wanted to at least once try & create a weapon - blender file includes the M16´s standard ACOG and a front grip as alternative attachments. - the body would look even greater but it doesn´t load its texture located in the m27iar_txt.bmp. I guess this has something to do with UVs but I don´t know much about textures. - the alignment could be refined. - original weapon status icons included but need to me modded. Weapon name can be changed in the strings.tx
  11. Looks similar to this: https://archive3d.net/?a=download&id=fc710073
  12. Damnit why had to come up with this. I was looking for something like them and this idea is too good for CM to let it pass. CM MODULAR BILLBOARD PACK (Modern + WW2 ) Removed Feet (for attaching on buildings and walls) Removed Lights 1) Lights and/or Feet can be quickly removed by switching textures (included) 2) The small yellow stickers can be retextured or quickly removed (included) 3) 5 Billboards included which all call their own dedicated texture. This means you can all 5 give them different posters and use them at the same time. In the
  13. Tents are especially useful as they could see usage in almost every scenario and every Combat Mission game. I offered to create a CH-47 if one goes for the creation of the Battle of Takur Ghar, Afghanistan It also looks like others now gained the skills required and are working on their custom models, so I hope soon to see their work releasing too. If you struggle you´ll find my Discord in one of the posts. I know I said several times that I want to step back but when you come up with a great idea you simply want to test it. I tested motorcycles with a driver & a Schwimmw
  14. Workshop Building (created with the Vietnam mod in mind but kept neutral enough that you also could expect this building in rural Syria or in WW2 Normandy/Italy/everywhere. Use as a pure flavor object or combine it with a building.
  15. Aircraft Carrier (blender file included, resize it to your needs)
  16. Truck Pack + Bus Release Truck Pack comes with 3 Versions: Trailer Truck, Truck only, Trailer Only. All today´s releases as usual in the Cloud + Blender project files (if I did not forget) for reverse engineering. Do/mod whatever you want with them. Truck could be used for driving which just makes sense for without the trailer. But I didn´t invest the work to add a driver seat as I don´t see much demand for this. Only idea that came to me would be creating a VBIED Truck but there are better suited dumpster trucks on CadNav for this if one would dig into this
  17. Train Engine Car (combine with the Train Box Car to build trains) Again this minor texture distortion. Sure it can be mad less noticeable by modifying the texture but it becomes goddamn annoying.
  18. Would be great if you could manage it. Here a Wooden Cart themed for the H&E mod but is also decent enough for something rural Middle Eastern when the texture is modified. Again it has this strange texture distortion issue but still looks decent enough. Now uses the shelter3 as a model base which should be easier to hit in the editor.
  19. I tried to get the free educational license of 3DS Max in order to open .max models to convert them to the free format obj for Blender. For some reason I didn´t hear back from them. Perhaps my initial attempt to register as "John Dong" wasn´t the best idea and they blacklisted me now. If one owns 3DS Max here (or has more luck with registering for the free edition), I would be glad if he could convert this model here from .max to .obj. Its a matter of seconds. http://www.cadnav.com/3d-models/model-10539.html
  20. Looks like you´re missing the blank.bmp. It´s in the download. And @MOS:96B2P sums it up pretty good. Those ships look great by the way. Now I get it what you and @Erwin were talking about. You guys figured this "wrap a flavor object around a building" idea out right from the bat. You can resize all flavor objects released here in Blender with "scale" in matter of minutes. It is also possible to stretch them somewhat into all directions without looking distorted in order to make them fit. Just don´t do it with the base CM2 crate/shelter inside the flavor object as it can cause
  21. Got it. Demonstration video with BF109 and an invisible wall: Tip for scenario makers: Mark the invisible wall with a distinct ground tile in order to find them better, when you´re finished with the placement you can restore the intended ground tile. Walls are one option of many and not always is a invisible wall/wreck required if it can be completely hid in the flavor object.
  22. Not sure if I get what you´ve tested but you can´t change the replaced original model´s internal properities by model swapping/Blender. This is basically true to everything in CM. An Abrams tank will keep its armor, hit zones, cannon, and its ammo no matter if its model looks like a fishing boat, donkey, or like an Nimitz Aircraft Carrier filling the complete map (no joke everything would be possible). A MG bunker will keep its MG, and a replaced flavor object will just keep its basic soft cover attributes. There is some exception to it as you can move driver seats, disembark zones etc so if y
  23. We know that you can place visible wrecks and walls into flavor objects to give them blocking properities. We also know that you can place invisible wrecks and invisible walls into flavor objects to give them blocking properities with blank texture files (For walls I tested and confirmed this) But what about buildings? Buildings + Flavor Objects Ideas Buildings like everything else can placed "in" custom flavor objects. What options and dis-/advantages I came up with: 1) Where walls and wrecks aren´t tall enough multi story buildings could give tall flavo
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