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  1. I Don't have a map in particular and ill have to look around tomorrow after work. To give an example there has been plenty of times I have spent a good amount of time building a nice troop composition as the attacker just for the enemy defense plan to be two huge groups hiding in the forest not near the objectives. Attached isn't a great example but I find on new maps (especially new games) this doesn't happen as much and the AI plans are more fleshed out.
  2. I have 482. I will do a full reinstall and update if it changes.
  3. Did Rome to Victory add a lot of QB maps? When ever I launch a quick battle and look through the maps I don't see many new ones. I see that some of the maps now have R2V as a requirement, but the maps themselves are not new. Same with GL, I only see a small handful of QB maps. Looking at the store pages I see that both R2V and GL mention adding quick battle maps. I only ask because I seldomly play against real people and I find that the AI plans in DLC maps are far better.
  4. I agree, it'll have been 1 year at the end of the month since each of the new modules were originally teased.
  5. Any word on the update, i'm fiending for more CM content.
  6. I'm just a little curious if any of you feel the same way as me on how quick gunners from half tracks, mobile AA, tanks, ETC, get killed from small arms fire. I know they're sitting ducks but a lot of times when I roll them into a position after 1 or 2 rounds they get hit and killed(sometimes the first). This is frustrating because I find its only with gunners or crew sticking out, i can move a infantry squad or a crewed weapon in the same spot and somehow the enemy misses more and they're survivability is much higher. Is anyone experiencing this/ is this supposed to happen or am i just really unlucky. Mark.
  7. I wasnt able to find a 'SMG' squad but there is the squads that consist of nothing but STG's. The month has to be September and the German (heer) formation is called "Panzergrenadier Battalion (Panzer Brigade).
  8. As Mord said earlier one of the big differences is lethality of everything. I find that my soldiers are alot more likely to get killed by shrapnel from an explosion (near and far) or a single shot from a small arm. I find at the end of one of my games in BS or SF i have a lot more lightly wounded soldiers where in all the WW2 titles usually they're critically wounded or dead. And tank warfare is very different with slower turret turn times and a much worse spotting ability which really adds to the realism and excitement in a match. I do think its worth it if you do have the slightest interest in the Second World War, some of the battles get very intense and bloody.
  9. Yes sir, lost a little more than i would've liked to but that's war. I agree, in the picture of the pz4 and the burning panther the house looks almost out of place.
  10. 19th Panzer Division counter attacks north of Radzymin. Poland, 1944.
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