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  1. I wonder if negative scores for objectives would work? Could have a hidden touch objective surrounding the extra forces that will trip when a player moves units out.
  2. Community maps are possible, you can't copy paste but you can reduce the size of a map to what you want to use. It's basically how master maps are right now. Maps that large are incredibly hard to make detailed however, mostly because as you build more and more elevation data into the map the editing process grinds to a halt as the game re-calculates every. single. point. Well it kind of resembles the cliffs in Dinant... which is kind of in the Ardennes! Would probably make an interesting "what-if" scenario...
  3. Building off Bulletpoint, I think the aspect of having to make a less then perfect decision amplifies that satisfaction even more. The terrain of a map plays a huge role in this, because it is the one thing you have no influence over. Real life commanders never had the perfect support by fire position or covered routes into the enemies rear, they had to deal with the hand their were dealt, both on offense and defense. The terrain was as much of an enemy sometimes as the man on the pointy end of your rifle. It's why the first step of almost any military planning process is to analyze the terrai
  4. Try my CMRT "Assault Position" and "Pastureland" for examples of how open fields can be tweaked to create interesting tactical situations! Pastureland takes place pretty much entirely in an "open" field. The only cover you have is the folds you find in the terrain. Also check this out: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=AD+Waldbillig+Waltz.btt It's a scenario I was never able to get over the goal line due to other commitments, but I think it's probably one of my better maps. It has the size and terrain you are looking for and is based heavily off the real thing. Also, r
  5. On elevations, I will say don't be afraid to create that dead ground. Hike through the hills and you'll see dead space is a common issue defending units would have to deal with in real life. Going out of your way to create clear lines of sight creates the tabletop gaming look you are actually trying to avoid. Natural hills have undulations and numerous draws and spurs that create difficulties for the defender and opportunities for the attacker. I don't think any attacking infantry force would ever have taken a hilltop defensive position if those natural dead spaces didn't exist in real life. Y
  6. @ebphotoTry this link! https://www.dropbox.com/s/tr4lgsdlo6sehnl/AD CMRT Terrain Mod.zip?dl=0
  7. This map looks fantastic - one of the very few urban settings I've seen done well. Most look sterile and repetitive, you've really taken it to the next level!
  8. Those uncons look perfect to model US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces up against pro-Assad Regime forces. They've clashed a couple times in the Deir ez Zor region, would probably make perfect CMSF2 scenarios.
  9. I'm going to offer my own, un-solicited advice on map making... Use the light forest tile under trees, fences, hedges, roads, buildings, any sort of man-made "divider" - its represents well the undergrowth that builds up on these less traveled/less maintained areas. Look at pictures of rural fences and such and you'll see shrubbery/grass growing taller then the immediate surrounding foliage It also serves as an eye pleasing way to "break up" large chunks of terrain, especially when you're zoomed out - where most players actually play the game - and the fences start to blend in with the s
  10. @Kaunitz, don't stress the details man. No one is going to armchair quarterback the likelihood of the background for your scenario, because no one actually knows what would happen... The scenario you have is plausible. The enemy is guarding the woods, whether it be for recon purposes or to provide direct fire over a minefield, it doesn't truly matter. The enemy has their own reasons for being places and you can't understand it all the time. But the enemy is there. Your commander wants you to take it out. Maybe they are calling for fire on the decisive effort. Maybe the battalion commander real
  11. Your "Amongst the Ruins" map for CM:RT is truly brilliant. :wub:

    1. SeinfeldRules


      Thank you! I hope it has inspired you. :D

  12. First - Combatintman, thank you for the plug, I appreciate the kind words. Second - Kaunitz, if this is your first map, 2.5km x 4km is biting off way more then you can chew! Trust me on this one! You need to scale it back! 1000x1400 would be a much more suitable size for your engagement, and is much more manageable in the editor to boot. The narrative you've built for your scenario is excellent. Just enough background detail to get the point across. The minefield is a very credible threat, severely impacting the ability for wheeled vehicles to use that avenue- maybe not worthy of a s
  13. With US artillery, assuming you've accounted for all non-standard conditions, you will still have a "beaten zone" or around 80-120m long and 40m wide. This for a point target, both in game and in real life. A while ago I did some tests, and the game results were actually quite similar to data pulled from the US TFTs for a range of around 12,000-15,000m. I had the exact data written down, but it's gone now. I don't know what your "beaten zone" looks like in this particular case but modern artillery isn't a sniper rifle.
  14. Fall foliage is one of the hardest things for me to mod. I believe it has to do with the way the LODs are drawn in this game. At close distance, a multi-colored tree looks great and super realistic... but as soon as you back off and start actually playing the game, the LODs start kicking in and it's almost impossible to get the art to match color wise... and hence you get that super distracting POP as trees come in and out of LOD distance and the color changes. So I settled for the multi colored look by just giving every tree a different fall color. The coloring for fall foliage is also e
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