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  1. <Hi, sorry just saw your answer Right now .. how About this Sunday ?
  2. Hi, is it possible to Play realtime online ? On Sunday i could Play all day
  3. sure .. but realtime please .. i never tried reltime but could be nice to have a 1 to 1,5 hour bettle :9
  4. sure .. europe time ? Sunday evening not possible ?😄
  5. realtime possible ? i got Battle for normandy (with all expansions) Greetings Andi
  6. Hi, i am looking for realtime battle today or tomorrow ! Battle for Normandy. Any Scenario like you want. I would like to fight over a Little Village :). Greetings Andi
  7. Hi, would like to Play tomorrow or this evening a realtime battle !! I live in Germany (Timezone) Normandy, i got all expansions Greetings
  8. Hi , i would like to take the challenge. hetze.Andreas@gmail.com
  9. Hi, thanks . i got the nvidia changed and everything works well now ! Greetings Andi
  10. Good evening, my menu is always blurred. The game itself when i m in a Mission is fine. Just in the main menu all scripts , writings are not sharp and really blurred. Just when i cklick on a specific Thing ist getting sharp for a Moment. So when i want to create a army of my own choice i can´t see anything sharp . Bets Regards Andi
  11. Good Evening, i am searching for someone to play online against ! On Sunday in realtime or all week with email . Oberst_h3tz3
  12. Allright .. we bought everything :).. see you on the Frontline !
  13. Hi, oh **** .. it is just commenwealth Forces and market garden .. without the game :(.. fail ^^.. think it is possible to change against the CMBN base game ? or buy game also ... hrhrhr 😅 .. i told my brother what to buy ... Best Regards Andi
  14. Hi , my brother and me bought yesterday CMBN +MArket Garden etc. .. when will it be available to download ? can not wait anymore to hit the front ^°.. Best Regards Andi
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