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  1. Upgraded to 4.04 and still can't see it. Got it, installed to wrong spot, its now working. All good.
  2. Anyone know why the new .cam file isn't showing up as a selection? (v4.03)
  3. @MikeyD this file is missing from the 2.00 to 2.02 patch on the Battlefield website which I downloaded this morning. It is included in the FULL install up to 2.02. There is a discrepancy.
  4. I have a two computers as follows: laptop with a RT install which has a v201.brz file. Going from memory, this was a full install. desktop PC which has no v201.brz. file After upgrading from GE 4 v2.00 to v.2.02 There is no v201.brz data file in the packed files from the Battlefront website when using the patch to upgrade from V2.00 to 2.02. This is the download labelled "CMRT Engine 4 (v2.0 through v2.02)". Can I just shove the missing file in or do I have to do a full reinstall?
  5. @arpella72 I had a problem with mods crashing this specific scenario: HERE I think I was able to put them back in after turn 5 was processed or after the scenario and continue the campaign and everything continued working. Hope this helps.
  6. Are you saying a hit to the gun tube cannot knock out a main gun in the game? EDIT: Just the muzzle break?
  7. You could try Jason D Mark's, Island of Fire, it was recently re-released. Half way through it switches and provides more detail from the Soviet perspective at the level you are looking for. Bloody Streets looks good. Thanks, it available cheap on Kindle at the moment. Yes, similar format. You have a LOT of reading to do. The books are massive. Watch out for book 3 is split into two parts/books, I was caught out by this. Some good third party maps and/or a magnifying glass are useful. There was a website that I used that had all of the Wehrmacht maps day by day but they seem to have taken them all down.
  8. I like playing war games and this is the best tactical 3D game I have found so far. Sure it has flaws like most things and sometimes it frustrates me. I have reviewed my battle results screen. The odds are 3:1 (649men:200men) in this battle, in the attackers favour. Plus they have armour support. Your first paragraph above is not factually correct. This undermines your whole view. I can easily pick apart many of your other points from a GAME perspective but I will leave it there.
  9. I recently played through the first three battles of this campaign and I am working through the fourth battle at the moment. The first and third battles are tough principally from a micro management and attention to detail point of view. I also found spotting very difficult. The campaign is playable. The enemy forces are not too strong. You can achieve the best victory results as long as you are willing to micro manage your forces. If anyone wants/needs a write up of how to win the first and/or third battle then let me know. EDIT: Cant help with how to conduct a historical attack by a Soviet battalion.
  10. I have a view similar to yours. The leaders tend to get hit more than other soldiers. I also perceive that gunners and AT weapon bearers tend to get hit a lot more as well. I did a count on two battles but the results were inconclusive. The sample is just way to low. It probably brought me more towards the view that it is random than the other way. I have the stats if you want them. As some other posters pointed out I am not unhappy if leaders and other high value targets are getting prioritized by the AI.
  11. I think its always been there but rare compared to this bocage problem. This morning in a FB urban battle a single soldier hiding behind a tall wall ran towards the enemy and my artillery barrage. He panicked when a shell landed on the other side of the wall ran towards the enemy stopped in open ground and was shot by the enemy. There was another time where one of my ammo bearers in a two man team just ran straight at the enemy in a RT battle even though he was under no duress. Similar to what you have described.
  12. Like the Wehrmacht attack into the Netherlands 1940. Very similar to Market Garden, bust the Meuse and other defences, send a Panzer Division through, airborne forces take the bridges at Moerdijk, Doerdrecht and Rotterdam. Would have been a bridge too far without the Dutch surrender. Airborne casualties were very high and could have been a lot worse.
  13. Thanks for letting me know. Sounds like it will break the whole campaign. Now I can see why it isn't an EASY fix.
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