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  1. Just played this one H2H as the US and managed to pull off a major victory despite losing all of my M60’s. Really good scenario, went right down to the wire, kudos to the author. The M60A2’s Shillelagh missiles are great at distance, but their HEAT option for closer engagements is very weak against the T72’s. I was impressed with the M150’s - the AI handles them well and reversed them out of danger after engaging a target. Great fun and recommended as H2H.
  2. Thanks again, fellas. So, I’ve just played the battle “Tank Training 1980” and found out the hard way . Managed a draw on Iron - I had one immobile M60A1 left standing against two degraded T64B’s. That was tough! Spotting isn’t great, even in open desert, so definitely recommend unbuttoned.
  3. Thanks fellas. So Mark I eyeballs it is Also, I’ve just noticed the Tank Training scenarios so I will give those a whizz.
  4. Is it possible, please, for someone to advise on the spotting ability of the various US tanks in Cold War, and whether they are better deployed buttoned or unbuttoned?
  5. Just downloaded and cracked open the first battle, Direction Found. Very excited. Thanks again BF and team.
  6. Great news, Battlefront. Thanks for all your hard work. Can’t wait to get stuck in.
  7. Very impressive. Love the music
  8. Ordered already. Let’s hope lockdown continues long enough for me to enjoy this
  9. Looking forward to purchasing this. Great news indeed!!!
  10. Thanks for all the replies. In this particular case (CMFI/R2V) it’s a German pixeltruppen that’s surrendered. I can tell that one of his colleagues has scarpered due to the icon moving further and further away from the guy who’s surrendering. He’s been hanging around like a bad smell for about 5 or 6 moves, and I’m reluctant to leave him without a guard in case he becomes active again, but it’s really annoying if he’s still sharing contact information. Is there anyway of “silencing” him?
  11. Do surrendering units still share contact information up to the point that they disappear from the map?
  12. I’m playing one of the stock R2V scenarios. They didn’t become available until 25 mins into the battle, so no chance of first turn use. Knowing how inaccurate they can be, I tried a short three launcher salvo (using a TRP) and they actually surprised me as to how close they came to target. Unfortunately I lost my FO before I could call in a second shoot as I was about to go large!
  13. I love the attention to detail in this game, but what a waste of all that HE!
  14. Thanks all for your responses. Yes, correct, just noticed I’ve lost two out of the three team members and only the radio operator is still alive! Damn! I still an HQ team active. Will they be able to call in support? He has the “denied” message as well, so I assume it was only the FO himself that had permission.
  15. Is anyone able to advise on the reload time for Nebelwerfers, please? I have a six launcher battery available and have used a short three launcher salvo, but since the strike further availability has been denied to my FO despite plenty of rockets unused. Nothing in the manual about reload times unfortunately.
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